Natick High School 2017-2018 School Profile Administration

Dr. Peter Sanchioni, Superintendent Mr. Brian Harrigan, Principal Ms. Rose Bertucci, Dean Ms. Margaret Boudreau, Vice Principal Mr. Zachary Galvin, Vice Principal

Natick High Guidance Department Karen Dalton-Thomas, Dept. Head [email protected] 508.647.6616 Aimee Cairney, Counselor [email protected] 508-647-6400 Ext. 1695 Elizabeth Finocchi, Counselor [email protected] 508.647.6400 Ext. 1718 Jane Gardner, Counselor [email protected] 508.647.6400 Ext. 1719 Randy Garry, Counselor [email protected] 508.647.6400 Ext. 1717 Alison Gilroy, Counselor [email protected] 508.647.6400 Ext. 1716 Sharon Greenholt, Counselor [email protected] 508.647.6400 Ext. 1656 Brittany Hanna, Guidance/Career Counselor [email protected] 508.647.6400 Ext. 1744 Matthew Strother, Counselor [email protected] 508.647.6400 Ext. 1710 Suzanne DiRienzo, Admin. Assist. [email protected] 508.647.6612 Donna Slattery, Admin. Assist. [email protected] 508.647.6642 College admissions representatives should contact Donna Slattery to schedule meetings with students and/or counselors. 15 West Street Natick, Massachusetts 01760-4396 Main Office Phone: (508) 647-6600 Guidance & Counseling Department Phone: (508) 647-6612 Guidance & Counseling Department Fax: (508) 651-7145

Our Community

Our School

Natick is a suburban town with a largely middleincome community. It is located near the center of the MetroWest region, in the Middlesex County of Massachusetts and has a population of 33,006 (2010 census). As Natick is only 15 miles west of Boston, it is considered part of the Greater Boston area. The former high school, established in 1954, has been superseded by a new, state-of-the-art construction, opened in 2012. The building is home to one of the first 1:1 laptop environments on the East Coast. Learning in Natick has been transformed, as each student across grades 8-12 has personal access to technology to share, connect, and seek out information, thereby enhancing their educational experience. Students from five elementary schools (K-4) and two middle schools (5-8) complete their education at Natick High, home of the Red Hawks. ___________________________________________________________

Grading System

A+ B+ C+ D+

97 – 100 87 – 89 77 – 79 67 – 69


93 – 96 83 – 86 73 – 76 63 – 66


90 – 92 80 – 82 70 – 72 60 – 62

Passing Grade D- or better Honor Roll Grades A- (High), B F Below 60 – failing P Passing W Withdrawn MW Medical Waiver

*Natick High School does not rank students. Natick High School GPA (5.0 scale) A weighted GPA is calculated on a 5.0 scale and includes all courses. No course is given more than 2.5 credits in the calculation. See GPA chart for details. This GPA is located on the transcript and on the top of the student’s GPA chart.

College GPA (4.0 scale) An additional weighted GPA is calculated on a 4.0 scale according to the Mass. Board of Higher Education formula, which includes all courses, with an additional .5 value for Honors courses and an additional 1.0 value for AP courses. This GPA is located on the transcript. NOTE: Starting in 2017-2018, students are limited to taking a max of 7 classes, including online courses.

CEEB code: 221475 Accreditation:  Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education  New England Association of Schools and Colleges Enrollment of 1606 students as of 9/26/17 Class of 2018 399 Class of 2019 375 Class of 2020 432 Class of 2021 400 Sp. Ed. 12+ 11 Student to Staff Ratio Teaching Staff 14.2 : 1 Guidance Counselor 203 : 1 Student Schedule All courses meet twice in a 4-day cycle for 80 minutes per period. All students are required to take 7 courses per semester. Seniors may take 1 less course. ________________________________________________________

Graduation Requirements

Credits #Years English 20 4 Global Awareness 5 1 U.S. History 5 1 Civics (Class of 2020+) 2.5 .5 Social Studies electives 2.5 .5 Mathematics 20 4 Science 15 3 Foreign Language 10 2 Physical Education/Health 12.5 4 Fine Arts 5 1 Elective Subjects 32.5 Community Service Program 30 hours MCAS Passing Scores *130 credits are required to graduate. Highest Level of World Languages Offered AP Spanish 50 AP French 50 Latin 40 German 40 Mandarin Chinese 50 Standard Science Course Sequence Grade 9: Physics Grade 10: Chemistry Grade 11: Biology Grade 12: Science Elective *All Science and Engineering courses are lab courses.

Course Coding The first digit following the course title indicates when the course is first offered (with exceptions): Digit 1 2 3 4 5 SS TEC TECCL

Grade 9 Grade 9 or 10 Grade 10 or 11 Grade 11 or 12 Grade 12 Summer School TEC Online Academy TEC Connections Learning Online Courses

The second digit following the course title indicates the level of difficulty of the course: Digit 0 Advanced Placement 0 Honors 1 Advanced College Prep 2 College Prep 4 Heterogeneous Group L Lab Note: Students may begin the study of Algebra and French, Spanish or Mandarin in Middle School and complete the five-year sequence of study by Grade 12.

________________________________________ Post-Secondary Education Plans for the Class of 2017

96.15% of graduates went on to further education Four-year College 85.44% Two-year College 9.61% Trade/Technical 0.00% Specialized 0.55% Prep School 0.55% Armed Forces 0.00% Work 3.85%

________________________________________ Special Programs/Services

Joseph P. Keefe Technical School; Business/Industry Partnerships; Work-Study; Foreign Language Lab and Exchange Programs; Senior Internships; Cambridge Institute of International Education (Student Program); NorthStar/Compass: Alternative School Programs; *TEC Connections Learning Online Courses (TECCL) *TEC Online Academy (TEC) & Internships; *Dual Enrollment classes with Massachusetts Bay Community College taught on-site (’15-’16). *Courses taken through these venues are included in GPA.

Testing Scholastic Assessment Test Class of 2017: 84% (307 students of 364) in the class took the SAT. Natick Reading/Writing mean 593 Math mean 593



553 550

538 533

All students are encouraged to take the SAT with Writing or the ACT with Writing. ACT Testing Class of 2017: 54% (197 students of 364) in the class took the ACT with an average composite score of 25.9.

_______________________________________ Advanced Placement Courses

English Literature, English Language, World History, US History, Psychology, Government, US Government & Politics, Comparative Government & Politics, Micro/Macro Economics, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, French Language, Spanish Language, Biology, Environmental Science, Physics C E&M/Physics C Mechanical, Physics I, Chemistry, Statistics, Computer Science, Studio Art. (21 total)  No limit on number of AP courses. AP Exam information 888 AP Exams administered in May 2017. Students may take an AP exam without taking the course. Results of the 2017 AP Exams: (417 students) Score Percentage of all scores 5 28% 4 30% 3 25% 2 11% 1 7% AP Scholars - Spring 2017 – at least 3 exams taken # of students National AP Scholar (4.85 avg.) AP Scholars with distinction (4.31 avg.) AP Scholars with honor (4.00 avg.) AP Scholars (3.64 avg.) Total Scholars

6 56 31 57 150

ENGLISH English 9 (H, ACP, CP) English 10 (H, ACP, CP) English 11 (H, ACP, CP) English 12 (H, ACP, CP) AP English Literature & Composition (AP) AP English Language & Composition (AP) Creative Writing (ACP) Science Fiction (ACP) Pulp Fiction (ACP) ** At the Movies (ACP) Communications (ACP) ELL English 1, 2, 3 (CP) SOCIAL STUDIES Global Awareness (ACP) US History (H, ACP, CP) Civics (H, ACP) AP United States History (AP) AP World History (AP) AP Psychology (AP) AP Government (AP) Gr. 12 AP US Government (AP) Gr. 10 AP Comparative Gov’t & Politics (AP) AP Economics (AP) Psychology (ACP) Sociology (H, ACP) Humanities (H, ACP) Intro to Law I (ACP) Law II (ACP) African American History I & II (ACP) Maritime Hist-Pirates & Priva (ACP) ** Modern American History (H, ACP) Modern Middle East History (ACP) ** Modern Military History (H, ACP) Holocaust & Genocide (H, ACP) Genocide & Human Rights (H, ACP) Anthropology (H, ACP, CP) History of Sports & Society (H, ACP, CP) Social/Political Issues/Popular Music (H, ACP, CP) Philosophy (H, ACP, CP) Intro Economics (ACP, CP) Gender Studies (H, ACP, CP) ** ELL United States History II (CP)

The Academic Program 2017-2018 AP – Advanced Placement H – Honors ACP – Advanced College Prep CP – College Prep L - Lab SCIENCE Physics L (H, ACP, CP) Chemistry L (H, ACP, CP) Biology L (H, ACP, CP) AP Physics I (AP) AP Physics C Mechanical L (AP) AP Physics C E&M L (AP) AP Biology L (AP) AP Chemistry L (AP) ** AP Environmental Science L (AP) Themes in Biology L (H) Anatomy & Physiology L (ACP) Environmental Science L (ACP, CP) Engineering Projects L (ACP) Civil Engineering & Architecture L (ACP) Exploration Mech.Engrg. (ACP) Green Engineering L (ACP) Disease & Medicine L (ACP) Science at the Movies L (ACP) ** Physics for Engineers L (ACP) ** A+ Certification L (H) Forensics (ACP) Adventures in Aeronautical Engineering (ACP) MAC+ Certification L (H) ** Astronomy (ACP) Robotics L (ACP) Advanced Inventive Robotics L (ACP) ELL Science II (CP) MATHEMATICS Algebra I (H, ACP, CP) Geometry (H, ACP, CP) Algebra II (H, ACP, CP) Pre-Calculus (H, ACP, CP) AP Calculus BC (AP) AP Calculus AB (AP) AP Computer Science (AP) AP Statistics (AP) Multivariable Calculus (H, Calculated as an AP course in GPA)

Differential Equations (H, Calculated as an AP course in GPA) ** Intro Computer Science (ACP) Calculus (H) Intro Calculus (ACP) Advanced Algebra (CP) Probability & Statistics (ACP, CP) Financial Accounting (ACP) Managerial Accounting (ACP) ** Financial Literacy (ACP) DECA & DECA II (H, ACP) ELL Pre-Algebra (CP) ELL Algebra I (ACP) ELL Integrated Alg. I & Geom. (CP) ELL Intro Geometry (CP) ELL Geometry (CP) ELL Intro Algebra II (CP) ELL Algebra II (ACP) ELL Supplemental Math (ACP) FOREIGN LANGUAGE French 1 (ACP) French 2 (H, ACP, CP) French 3 (H, ACP, CP) French 4 (H, ACP, CP) French 5 (H, ACP) AP French 5 (AP) Spanish 1 (ACP, CP) Spanish 2 (H, ACP, CP) Spanish 3 (H, ACP, CP) Spanish 4 (H, ACP, CP) Spanish 5 (H, ACP) AP Spanish 5 (AP) German 1 (ACP) German 2 (H, ACP, CP) German 3 (H, ACP, CP) German 4 (H, ACP, CP) Latin 1 (ACP) Latin 2 (H, ACP) Latin 3 (H, ACP) Latin 4 (H, ACP) Mandarin Chinese 1 (ACP) ** Mandarin Chinese 2 (H, ACP) Mandarin Chinese 3 (H, ACP) Mandarin Chinese 4 (H, ACP) Mandarin Chinese 5 (H, ACP) ** Course is not offered in 20172018

VISUAL ARTS Intro to Art (ACP) Printmaking (ACP) Graphic Design (ACP) Advanced Graphic Design (ACP) Advanced Graphic Design II (H) Digital Photography (ACP) Sketchbooking (ACP) Advanced Sketchbooking (ACP) Drawing/Painting I & II (ACP) Ceramics I, II, III (ACP) Honors Portfolio 2D (H) AP Studio Art (AP) THEATRE ARTS Theatre GSS (ACP) Theatre PEI (ACP) MUSIC Symphonic Band (H, ACP) Jazz Ensemble Concert Choir (ACP) Advanced Concert Choir (H, ACP) Chamber Singers Men’s Choir Music Theory & Technology (ACP) Piano (ACP) School of Rock (ACP) MEDIA ARTS Intro to Web Design (ACP) Advanced Web Design I (ACP) Advanced Web Design II (H) Video Production (ACP) Electronic Music (ACP) Intro to Animation (ACP) Television Broadcasting (ACP) Adv. Television Broadcasting (ACP) Advanced Media Production (ACP) ** iPad Publishing (ACP) ** Game Design & Development (ACP) Adv. Game Design & Animation (H, ACP) Yearbook/Advanced Yearbook (ACP)

FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE Intro Child Development (ACP) Intro to Family Living (ACP) Child Growth & Development (H, ACP) Early Childhood Education (H, ACP) Community Connections (ACP) WELLNESS Freshman Fitness PE Grade 10 ** Wellness I Wellness II Health (ACP) Group Fitness Recreational Activities for Life Team Sports Personal Fitness Awake Personal Fitness Intro to Strength Training Cooperative Wellness

** Course is not offered in 20172018

School Profile - Natick High School

Brittany Hanna, Career Counselor [email protected] ... has personal access to technology to share, connect, and seek out information, thereby enhancing their ...

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