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SCHOOL COMMUNITY IN MOURNING December 15, 2013 Dear Families: We want you to be aware of a tragedy that has occurred for one of our Southern Door families. Jenna, the youngest child of Bob and Jean Barancyzk, died unexpectedly Saturday morning from a medical condition. Our hearts go out to them during this sad and most difficult of times. Jenna has an older sister, Abby, who is a junior in the high school. She also has two older brothers, Ben and Jake. Tomorrow, staff will be discussing the situation with students; some classes more than others depending on how much contact they have with the Barancyzk family. We will have caring adults available for any child who wants to talk. If you anticipate that this news will be especially difficult for your child, please let us know ahead of time so we can be there for you and your family. Although we always want to protect our children from the painful and difficult things in life, we cannot hide from the pain associated with losing a loved one, especially when it is a classmate. It is our belief that the best things we can do is to provide children with honest and accurate information at their level of understanding. They also need to understand that people grieve in many different ways. You as parents, your family clergy or our school personnel will be suggested as possible adults who might be able to help with any questions. You may want to spend some time at home this evening reassuring your child as well. This link has a number of resources for children and family:

Funeral arrangements can be found at this link: Additional information about how to help your child deal with situations like this is available on the Announcements page of the school district website: School Community in Mourning. Situations like these may bring back memories for you or your child of loved ones that you have lost. We are here for you and your family. Please join us in keeping the families involved in this tragedy in your thoughts and prayers. Sincerely yours,

Patti Patricia Vickman, Superintendent

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