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What’s on in

SAI KUNG! Sat 25 J an 3:45 pmuary ~ Sai Kun g Sat Ha Walk, jog sh or

Mon 3rd February 9am - Mid-day Outside the Tin Hau Temple, Sai Kung Town (see map).

An event Not to be missed !

Sat 25 January ~ 9am - 3pm 2nd Winter Garage Sale & Market

run those Ch off a few of ristm pounds and hav as e fun too Kids Everyon , Dogs, Granny - . e welcom e Pagoda opposite . Meet at the Butcher King. 9307 20

at HKUST LG3 Carp ark. Admission free. Food , Drinks & Parking available. Fun for all the Fami ly. Details 9045 5942


[email protected]

CNY Flower Market in the Square

ts ~ SK’s Quiz Nigh ome Everyone welc lls brain ce Shakeup those gether to & get a team

( see m a p)

Wed 29 Jan Thurs 2 3 Jan 8:30pm 8pm at the

Agua P lus, Sai Kun g call 279 1


newly renovated, Hebe One O One in Pak Sha Wan for details call

2335 5515

LIVE MUSIriCday Every F at Bacco


2574 74


To advertise in the supplement or to let us know about an upcoming event in Sai Kung, please contact: Email: [email protected] • Tel: 6531 8215.

Queen’s Castle Organic Day Spa We use 100% Organic Oil for Massage; You can feel the difference!



Business Hours: Mon – Sat 09:30 to 21:00

Tel: (852) 2719-4444 Shop 9, 1/F Dairy Farm Shopping Centre, 8 Razor Hill Road, Clear Water Bay

Aromatherapy Massage : $240/60 minutes $340/90 minutes * Deep Tissue Massage : $240/60 minutes $340/90 minutes * * for first time customer

Sri Lankan Crab Curry Night!

HANDYMAN SERVICES Wooden Ceiling and Wooden Living Room Design

• Painting • Hanging Pictures • Shelf, Ceiling Fan, Air-Con Installations • Electrical Repairs • Carpentry • Plumbing • Light Systems • Furniture Assemble or Repair • Door Locks Installations etc.

ENJOY Every Thursday Night from 6pm (Starting from 06th Feb) In addition to our full dinner menu, we will be serving imported Sri Lankan Crab Curry, roll up your sleeves coz this could get messy!

Reservations are required, reserve your crab today!

Call us for more info. Phone: 2792 2555 Facebook : AJsSriLankanCuisine Address : G/F, 14 Sai Kung Hoi Pong St, Sai Kung, N.T.

Persian & Oriental Carpets Washing & Repair Done by hand & by very expert people!!

edge Fix new ✔ s e g ew frin arpets ✔ Fix n pair for c e r f o d We Are ✔ All kin Mobile : 6321 1040 Office : 2623 0499 Email : [email protected]

Selling Very Nice Pakistani, Persian & Afghani Carpets

G/F, House 201, Wong Chuk Wan, Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung

Contact RJ for a free quote. Tel: 5182 6234, [email protected]

Michael Cheuk Optical Co. We are an optical shop located in Sai Kung Town Center for fourteen years, providing optical-related services to people in need. Services of optometrists, opticians and contact lens practitioners including: Eye prescription test for adults and children over eight years old Variety of frames, sunglasses and contact lenses selections Spectacle-related maintenance (For eye diseases or unusual conditions, please go to eye specialists for appropriate check up.)

Business Hours : Mondays to Sundays and Public Holidays 10:00 – 20:00; Wednesdays: closed Address Tel Email

: No.69, G/F, Sai Kung Town Center, Chan Man Street, Sai Kung : 2792 0929, 2791 5029 : [email protected]

Icelandic Seafood Delivery in HK Unit B2-3, 8 Floor, Seapower Industrial Ctr, Kwun Tong, Kln, HK T: 8170-0104 E: [email protected] th

Fresh • Healthy • Inexpensive Go to for more information

D’Oli French Gourmet Shop – We sell French Wine & Cheeses. Free Tasting everyday except Tuesdays. Located in Sai Kung Old Town. Open from 10AM til 7:30PM • Tel. 9314 5925 • FANTASTIC FUN FOR KIDS PARTIES! Magic, princesses, supeheroes, dancing, glitter and so much more! Call:  2705 9556, Email: [email protected] or check out our Website: Girls Jewellery Birthday Parties and Craft Parties for boys/ girls. Contact Julie thru (formerly Beads Galore HK).

Lifelong care for lifelong friends … G/F, 6 Hoi Pong St., Sai Kung, H.K. Tel. 2792 8555

Salsa, Tango, Waltz Lessons in Saikung town with Sunshine & Keith, Tel: 9486 4984 Classroom for rent $298/h

Sai Kung Cooking School presents Cooking Workshops for Domestic Helpers - Five mornings covering: dinner party preparation, children’s pack lunches, popular family recipes, vegetarian, low GI and kitchen and fridge management. Contact Caroline at [email protected]

ADVERTISE HERE ~ only $150 for 10 words, $2 for each extra word, ($30 for box,optional).

B A L L E T a n d H I P H O P c l a s s e s a t T I N A’ S DA N C E S T U D I O , c a l l Ti n a 9 3 0 1 6 8 2 8 o r e m a i l [email protected] PODIATRIST- NOW AVAILABLE ON SATURDAYS in SAI KUNG. Professional treatment of foot problems including ingrown toenails and nail deformities, corns and callosities. Bunions, flat feet, toe deformities, warts, fungal infections, diabetic foot problems etc. Home visits also available. Contact: Heidi Corcoran Podiatrist Tel: 6255 0088 for appointment booking.

Wanted ~Used Clothing, Shoes, Toys & Books. Please donate to D’Oli Charity – call 9314 5925

Let’ Jam

HELP NEEDED - URGENTLY Sai Kung Stray Friends desperately needs help

Currently home to around 60 Dogs, the Kennel in Tai Lam Wu, Sai Kung is being closed on 1st April. due to the sale of the land. New premises are yet to be found. If you can FOSTER or HOME a dog or can give a Donation (no matter how small, every little helps) please contact Narelle or Catherine on

9199 2340 /6799 7530 Look out for their Homing Spot - Every Saturdays outside Starbucks.

Facebook Page SaiKung StrayFriends

This little cafe opened in September 2013. Run by the Yip family, it is centered around their Home Made Jam. The food is western and each dish is designed to go with Jam, even their Sodas are made with Jam ! The Menu features Tea-sets, Wagu Burger, Ribs, Salads, Sodas & Tea - but no coffee as it doesn’t go with Jam ! G/F, 9 See Cheung Street, Sai Kung

2791 9888

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