Ralph C. Mahar Regional School District 507 South Main Street P.O. Box 680 Orange, Massachusetts 01364 Telephone: 978/544-2920 Fax: 978/544-8383 Michael R. Baldassarre Superintendent

December 17, 2012 Dear Ralph C. Mahar Regional School Community Members: In the telephone message that was sent to your home on Sunday morning, December 16, 2012 I indicated that safety protocols would be posted on line and available in our offices. I learned later in the day that the safety drills and procedures practiced regularly and followed by our students and staff was already available on the Mahar website. Principal Tabales and I both felt that the level of detail provided could pose a threat to the safety of our students and staff. This morning I met with the Chiefs of Police from Petersham and Orange, our School Resource Officer, Counselors, and other Administrative Personnel. I am also planning to work regionally with Franklin County Sheriff, Chris Donelan in maintaining the sense of safety and security that exists in all of our schools. I feel that it is important that you be made aware of the safety protocols currently in place: They include: 1. Full-time Resource Officer who is vigilant within our hallways, cafeteria, and wherever he is needed 2. Administrators and support personnel are equipped with two way radios to communicate with the Resource Officer and each other at all times 3. An Emergency phone system that reaches our offices with a distinct ring tone so that all are made aware of a call that must be answered immediately 4. 32 Cameras throughout the building and in some exterior locations 5. Video monitors at our offices so that administrative support personnel only “buzz in” appropriate visitors

6. Students and staff regularly practice and participate in secure in place and evacuation drills It is recognized that even with all that we do, there is always room for improvement and our goal is to create the greatest sense of safety in our school community. I will continue to post information this website as it becomes available. As always if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to E mail me at [email protected] or call my office at 978-544-2920. Sincerely, Michael R. Baldassarre Superintendent of Schools


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