Vincent Dubourg Research engineer in probabilistic mechanics Updated on January 15, 2012

Born August 8, 1984, French citizenship H +33 (0)6 35 96 10 63 B [email protected]

Education 2008–2011

Ph. D. thesis, Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrand, France. Adaptive surrogate models for reliability analysis and reliability-based design optimization. This thesis was concerned with the development of techniques for the optimal design of mechanical structures under uncertainty. These techniques were eventually applied to the optimal design of an imperfect submarine hull prone to buckling.


Diplomed engineer, French Institute of Advanced Mechanics, Clermont-Ferrand, France. Structural mechanics • Strength of materials • Structural design and optimization • Structural reliability • Probability & statistics.


Competitive entrance examinations for the French Engineering High Schools, Lycée Benjamin Franklin (Preparatory classes), Orléans, France. Advanced maths • Physics • Technology (Engineering mechanics).


French Baccalauréat in Engineering sciences, Lycée Grandmont (High school), Tours, France. Basics in maths • Physics • Technology (Engineering mechanics).

Experience Occupations 2011–Today

Research engineer, Phimeca Engineering S.A., Cournon d’Auvergne, France. My current position includes working on applied studies and research projects in applied maths and physics, preparing and animating continuing education courses for engineers.


Engineer/Ph. D. student, Phimeca Engineering S.A., Cournon d’Auvergne, France. In parallel of my PhD. thesis, I was involved in some industrial and research projects about probability & statistics applied to mechanical design.


Supply teacher, Institut Français de Mécanique Avancée, Clermont-Ferrand, France. In parallel of my PhD. thesis, I was partially hired as a supply teacher for lab work in structural design optimization (24 h/year).

Internships 2007

Assistant engineer, EADS GmbH - Defence & Security - Military Air Systems, Manching, Allemagne. I built a parametric finite element model of a ring stiffened fuselage for the computation of stress intensity factors (SIF). I implemented an MS Excel VBA interface for the automatic computation of SIF curves depending on macro scale geometric parameters and crack configurations.


Visiting student, UBC, Civil Engineering & Mechanical Engineering Dpt., Vancouver, Canada. I implemented an algorithm in the FERUM Matlab toolbox to solve the reliability-based design optimization problem under the supervision of PhD. T. Haukaas. This was an introduction to my Ph. D. thesis.


Training engineer, Cabinet H&R, Saint-Cyr sur Loire, France. Application of the French standards for the design of reinforced concrete structural elements (BAEL 1992).

Languages French

Mother tongue


Proficient user


Independent user

Speaking: 5 months in Vancouver (Canada) + International conferences Reading & writing: Ph. D. thesis + Publications 5 months in Munich (Germany).

Scientific computing Computer skills Operating systems

Linux, MS Windows

Scientific computing

Matlab and Matlab-like, Python, R, OpenTURNS

Spreadsheet computing

Finite Element analysis

Code_Aster, Ansys, Abaqus, Stress Check

Development tools

Publishing tools

LATEX, MS Word, Open Office Excel (VBA), Open Office VCS (svn, git), Python test-suites

Scientific software development FERUM • Finite Element and Reliability Using Mat-

lab is a Matlab toolbox under GPL license. It provides tools for uncertainty quantification: distribution analysis, reliability and reliability sensitivity analysis, reliabilitybased design optimization and global sensitivity analysis. The project was initiated at UC Berkeley by A. Der Kiureghian and T. Haukaas. It was then forked at IFMA/LaMI under the supervision of J.-M. Bourinet. scikit-learn • This is a Python software under BSD license. It

provides tools for both supervised and unsupervised machine learning. I contributed to the Gaussian process subpackage.

Others French driving license.

Research engineer in probabilistic mechanics

Jan 15, 2012 - Adaptive surrogate models for reliability analysis and reliability-based design optimization. ... Scientific software development. FERUM ...

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