Administrative Procedure 290 - Appendix

REQUIREMENTS FOR RESEARCH PROPOSALS The following itemizes the district’s requirements for research to be conducted within the district. ●

Application to Conduct Research – completed, signed, and dated.

Research Proposal submitted.

Purpose of research. (Education, publication, internal or external)

If part of a university program provide a letter from the graduate supervisor or professor indicating that the project is part of a particular course requirement if the research is merely part of an individual course requirement. OR A letter of approval from a university’s ethics approval committee if the research is part of a thesis for a Masters or Doctoral program.

In addition, the following are required if research requires access to personal information: ●

Proposal to Access Personal Information for Research or Statistical Purposes (Form 290-2) – completed, signed, and dated.

Agreement for Access to Personal Information for Research or Statistical Purposes (Form 290-3) – completed, signed, and dated.

Indicate clearly if no access to personal information is required.

Once the proposal is approved; the Researcher must provide a Police Check Clearance if the Researcher requires direct access to students and is not an employee of the district.

Once all the above documents are received, the research request will be reviewed by the Research Committee approximately every two months and a decision made regarding district approval.

Please forward all correspondence and inquiries to: Calgary Catholic School District Research Submission 12th Floor, 1000 Fifth Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 4T9 Approval Date:

April 12, 2016

Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 1 Administrative Procedures Manual

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Apr 12, 2016 - REQUIREMENTS FOR RESEARCH PROPOSALS. The following itemizes the district's requirements for research to be conducted within the ...

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