Request for Proposals (RFP) for Design-Build Team For the Development of a Two-Unit Residential Building Section 1 – Introduction and Site The City of Mobile, Alabama’s Community Planning and Development (CPD) Department is seeking a professional and qualified Design-Build team to provide development services for the design, documentation, engineering services, and construction of one structure housing two connected residential units to be located at 906 Delaware Street, Mobile, AL 36604. The subject site is approximately 72 feet wide and 91 feet deep. Costs for this project will be paid for with federal dollars that the City of Mobile receives from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME). Successful bidders must be able to commence work by October 15, 2014 and complete the entire project no later than April 30, 2015. A quicker project completion schedule is preferred and will be a factor in bid evaluation. Payment penalties will be included in the contract for the successful bidder if the awarded bidder is unable to meet deadlines. The site is currently a vacant parcel of land that is zoned R-3. CPD is working with the City’s Urban Development Department to prepare the site for the planned development. The site is on the July 7, 2014 agenda of the Board of Zoning Adjustment for bulk and site variances, and the site is also on the July 3, 2014 agenda of the Planning Commission for the creation of a one-lot subdivision. CPD will be responsible for seeing that these steps are successfully accomplished. For the purposes of those applications, a preliminary site plan was developed which is attached to this RFP for reference. Nothing in this RFP shall be construed to create any legal obligation on the part of CPD or any respondents. CPD reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend, suspend, terminate, or reissue the RFP in whole or in part, at any stage. In no event shall CPD be liable to respondents for any cost or damages incurred in connection with the RFP process, including but not limited to, any and all costs of preparing a response to this RFP or any other costs incurred in reliance on this RFP. No respondent shall be entitled to repayment from CPD for any costs, expenses, or fees related to this RFP. All supporting documentation submitted in response to this RFP will become the sole property of CPD. Respondents may also withdraw their interest in the RFP, in writing, at any point in time as more information becomes known. This RFP is being emailed to prospective bidders, will be posted on the City of Mobile website (, and will be advertised in the Mobile Press Register. CPD encourages qualified firms and teams to apply. 1

Section 2 – Submission Information Any Requests for Information (RFI) regarding this RFP must be submitted in writing either to the address below or by email to Kristina Stone at [email protected] RFIs shall be accepted no later than July 3, 2014 at 4:00 pm. A final Supplemental Instructions shall be issued no later than July 8, 2014 concerning any RFIs received. Kristina Stone, Assistant Director City of Mobile, CPD Department 205 Government Street 5th Floor South Tower, Suite 515 Mobile, AL 36602

All proposals must be received by July 18, 2014 by 4:00 pm at the address shown above. Please submit 3 copies of your proposal with all attachments. Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope and shall be labeled, “Proposal to Provide Design-Build Services for CPD.” Contractors will be required to comply with all applicable federal and state equal opportunity, affirmative action, and Section 3 requirements as well as all federal requirements associated with HOME funds. All respondents will be required to certify that they are not on HUD’s list of debarred contractors and are not in default on any obligations due to the State of Alabama including, but not limited to, payment of taxes, fines, penalties, or other monies due. Selected contractor will also have to provide evidence of required insurance, a City of Mobile business license, and enrollment in the EVerify program. Section 3 – Design Concept 1. The single structure should be built in the style of a New Orleans double shotgun with each of the two units containing two bedrooms and one bathroom. See attached photos for representative examples of desired style. 2. Contractor is strongly encouraged to employ the use of prefabricated, modular, or other panelized construction techniques. The Design Team is to coordinate the overall dimensions of the structure with existing site conditions as well as applicable codes and ordinances. Setbacks shall be per the current zoning ordinance and no further variances shall be requested unless necessary due to special conditions. Any extraordinary conditions that may warrant the need for an additional setback variance shall be addressed with CPD prior to action. 3. All products, design elements, and systems shall comply with the respective standards, guidelines, and manufacturer’s recommendations for each item. 2

4. Exterior design elements and color palette should complement the existing neighborhood and shall incorporate a covered front porch. 5. The site will have a common parking area to the east of the structure. Contractor will be responsible for final approval from the City as part of the permitting process. 6. The site should be landscaped in a relatively low maintenance but attractive manner and shall include at least two (2) two-year-old, dwarf or semi-dwarf fruit trees at the rear of the property and two (2) medium or standard, two-year-old crepe myrtles on the front or sides of the property. Fruit tree varieties and final locations to be approved by CPD. 7. Both units should include a refrigerator, stove, exhaust hood, dishwasher, and stackable washer/dryer combo which will be provided and installed by the general contractor. All appliances should be ENERGY STAR. 8. Units will be built to be in conformance with all applicable codes and ordinances. Contractor assumes responsibility to ensure compliance. 9. Major interior components should have durable, sustainable, and easy to clean finishes with a minimum of a 15-year life span. 10. Finish flooring for all areas except kitchen and bathrooms shall be engineered wood or approved equal. Flooring in kitchen and bathroom areas shall be glazed ceramic tile with glazed ceramic wall tile in the bathroom areas to 54” AFF. 11. Walls shall be two-coat painted gypsum board with 5 ¼” painted wood base. 12. Doors shall receive a 3 ¼” painted wood casing. Windows shall receive a 3 ¼” painted wood casing with painted sill and apron. 13. Ceilings are to be painted gypsum board. 14. Provide one ladder access stair hatch for each unit. 15. Provide an unpainted 4’ dog-ear shadowbox wood fence at the rear of the property and on each side of the property up as shown on the preliminary site plan. 16. All smoke and CO detectors shall be provided per code. 17. Green building practices and design elements which promote energy efficiency are encouraged. 18. Exterior finish should be of high quality and easy to maintain and consist of either painted fiber cement, painted wood, or vinyl siding. 19. Porch railings and stairs shall be painted wood and shall coordinate with the style of the building. 20. Exterior doors shall be painted wood or fiberglass with insulated glazing. 21. Exterior windows shall be aluminum-clad wood or vinyl single-hung or casement windows with insulated glazing. Structural panels and their means of connection for wind-borne debris protection shall be provided by the team and stored in the attic of each unit. Interiors of windows shall be primed and painted. 22. Roofing shall be an Architectural Shingle system providing a minimum of a 20-year warranty. Provide attic venting as needed. 23. Provide one five-blade ceiling fan with light kit in each bedroom. 24. Provide surface-mount fluorescent light fixtures in the kitchen area and recessed cans in any living/dining area. Bedrooms shall receive a switched light kit at the fans. Bathrooms shall receive a 3 or 4-lamp wall-mount vanity fixture. 3

25. Interior doors shall be painted wood 4 or 5-panel solid core doors with heavy duty residential hardware. 26. Provide a stackable washer/dryer in its own dedicated closet in each unit. 27. Provide a minimum of R13 insulation in all walls and a minimum of R30 insulation in the attic space. 28. Bedroom and coat closets shall contain typical combination wire shelving/clothes rods. All other closets shall contain only wire shelving. 29. Bathrooms shall feature a fiberglass tub and shower surround with integral soap tray, faucet/shower head, standard-height white porcelain water closet and plastic laminate vanity cabinet with plastic laminate countertop. Lavatory sink shall be white porcelain drop-in. Toilet accessories to be included shall be one (1) white porcelain toilet paper holder, two (2) 24” white towel rods, and one (1) stainless steel or white robe hook. 30. Kitchen cabinets shall be plastic laminate over MDF or plywood carcasses with 4” brushed metal pulls. Provide base and wall cabinets per eventual kitchen layout. Doors shall be flush overlay style with concealed hinges. Countertop and back/side splash shall be plastic laminate. Counter edge shall be square edge. Kitchen sink shall be a drop-in stainless steel double bowl with gooseneck faucet with an included spray. Provide a garbage disposal at each kitchen sink. 31. Outside condensing units shall have a painted metal, lockable cage to prevent theft. 32. Proposal should include preparation of the site, all site work, and establishment of the foundation along with landscaping.

CPD will consider for approval any substitutions of materials and finishes that are of equal or improved quality and performance. CPD will also work with the selected contractor to modify the design concept as necessary to accommodate modular construction techniques and the project’s budget.


Section 4 – Proposal Requirements All proposals shall be organized in the following manner: A. Contact Information Name, address, phone number, and email of the individual and/or firm(s). If a firm, the name and title of the individual authorized to negotiate contract terms and make binding commitments shall be included and identified. If proposers bid as a team, bidder must identify team members as well as the key point of contact for CPD staff. Each person’s role and responsibilities must be identified. B. Table of Contents The table of contents should include a list of all sections and appendices in the RFP response and indicate corresponding page numbers or tabs, if appropriate. C. Experience (1) Description of the firm or team’s resources – Please provide the names of all personnel (including all firms/known contractors and associated personnel partnering in this project) who will be assigned to work with CPD, including education and previous experience. (2) Years of operation – State the number of years your firm has been involved in the modular industry, and the volume of units built and delivered over the last five years. (3) Provide images and description of past projects to demonstration experience with projects of a similar nature. Also describe your experience working with local municipalities to secure building permits and working with local inspectors to obtain Certificates of Occupancy. (4) Accreditation or related licenses – Describe any relevant accreditations or licenses held with regard to this project or to the production of modular housing. Include copies of any professional certifications with the proposal. (5) News or press – Include any recent press or news articles regarding your company’s projects or initiatives. D. Financial Soundness Provide a copy of the most recent audited financial statements of the firm. If not available, provide a current balance sheet and recent operating statement. Also identify key financial personnel who will be responsible for assembling and submitting payment requests to CPD.


E. Description of Proposed Services and Specifications Describe your firm’s approach to managing this project and completing it within the requested timeframe. To allow CPD to evaluate bidder’s concepts and capacity, bidders should provide the following preliminary draft renderings/drawings/sketches: (1) Proposed front, side, and rear unit elevation; and (2) Proposed floor plan Bidders may also provide additional renderings or plans which clearly communicate their design ideas and plan for the development of the structure as well as a narrative outline specification. The attached preliminary site plan is provided for reference. CPD reserves the right to work with the selected contractor to make any modifications to this site plan which would improve the project but not necessitate additional approvals from either the Board of Zoning Adjustment or the Planning Commission. F. Total Development Budget Provide a complete project development budget. This should include all professional services, site preparation, construction and delivery, installation and finishing, fees, and all other soft and hard costs related to the completion of the entire project. G. Project Timeline Provide a projected schedule for completion with key milestones identified, including but not limited to meetings related to final design and plans, submission for permit, site preparation, foundation work, delivery and installation of units, final inspections, receipt of Certificate of Occupancy, and final payment request. H. References Provide a minimum of two complete references (name, title, address, phone number, and email) whom CPD may contact to verify services rendered or currently being provided. After written proposals have been reviewed, discussions with prospective firms may or may not be required to clarify any portions of the proposal. Each bidder should visit the site of the proposed work and fully acquaint themselves with the existing conditions and the neighborhood.


Section 5 – Evaluation and Anticipated Schedule The proposals received will be fully reviewed by an evaluation team, and responses will be considered in the following categories: (1) Responsiveness 10% Quality of the information submitted in the proposal based on completeness, relevance, conciseness, and organization of material presented. (2) Experience 25% Team members have experience completing projects of a similar size and scope, experience with affordable housing and working with municipalities, and experience in the modular industry. References also report positive experience. (3) Design 20% Aesthetic quality of design proposed, including both the structure and the site. (4) Price 20% Analysis of cost competitiveness, including budget and cost justifications, and quality of materials proposed. (5) Efficiency 15% Inclusion of energy efficient or green technology features which will lower future utility and maintenance costs. (6) Schedule 10% A complete and realistic project schedule which meets requested deadline. CPD reserves the right to negotiate with the selected contractor on both design and budget issues to ensure compliance with City of Mobile building codes and cost considerations of the HOME Program. CPD shall not be obligated to accept the lowest priced proposal, but shall make an award in the best interest of the project. This RFP will be governed by the following schedule: Requests for Information Due Proposals Due Notification of Award Execution of Contract Commencement of Work

July 3, 2014 July 18, 2014 by 4:00 pm August 8, 2014 (anticipated) August 20, 2014 (anticipated) October 15, 2014

Proposals must be submitted in accordance with the instructions in Section 2 of this RFP. Incomplete proposals and proposals received after the deadline will not be considered.


Photos of the Site (906 Delaware Street, Mobile, AL 36604) (Photos below are from May 16, 2014.)

From southwest corner of lot

From southeast corner of lot

Large tree in southeast corner of lot

From across Delaware Street, looking north


Sample Photos of Desired Style


Request for Proposals (RFP) for Design-Build Team ... - City of Mobile

16. All smoke and CO detectors shall be provided per code. 17. Green building practices and design elements which promote energy efficiency are encouraged.

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