Recommended Winter Weekend Camping List Food Bring a snack for Friday night cracker barrel (shared) Your own soda if desired Clothes One extra set of clothes if those get wet Extra socks/shoes Long underwear Warm winter jacket Gloves/mittens/hats Warm winter socks Winter Boots Gear Sleeping bag Pillow Water bottle Mess kit/silverware Insulated cup/mug Compass Pocket knife (need to earn a Tote N Chip card for proper knife handling/saw/axe) Scout Book (to get stuff signed off) Flashlight Chemical hand warmers Personal Hygiene Toothbrush/paste Wash cloth and towel Any medications needed Extra glasses (old pair) or contacts Ideas for Misc. Extra Items for Fun Small musical instrument: Flute, recorder, harmonica . . . Sled Ice Skates Snow Shoes Ice fishing gear Playing cards Games: Risk, Sorry, Monopoly, Uno . . .


Recommended Winter Weekend Camping List.pdf

Mess kit/silverware. Insulated cup/mug. Compass. Pocket knife (need to earn a Tote N Chip card for proper knife handling/saw/axe). Scout Book (to get stuff ...

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End-to-End QoS Network Design. IP Quality of Service. MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS. Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures: Foundation.

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Woland. Sustainable Sites Handbook / Calkins. TimeSaver Standards for Landscape Architects, 2nd Edition / Harris and Dines. Landscape Architect's Portable Handbook / Dines and Brown. Updated February 7, 2017. REMOVED: Ready, Set, Practice: Elements o

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Campfire Biscuits. 33. Campfire Cinnamon Coffeecake. 34. Campfire Coffee. 35. Campfire Fondue. 36. Campfire Fried Rice. 37. Campfire Hash. 38. Campfire Pork And Beans. 39. Campfire Recipes 1. 40. Campfire Recipes 2. 41. Campfire Recipes 3. 42. Campfi

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IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications
James J. Longbucco. Dieter Look. John Lord. Stan Magee. David Maibor. Harold Mains. Robert A. Martin. Tomoo Matsubara. Mike McAndrew. Patrick D. McCray.

Camping Permission slip
Special Instructions: All Beacon rules will be maintained. Group tents will be setup and at least one advisor per tent ... to receive emergency medical treatment.

Pizza Hot Dish. 89. Polish Sausage And Cabbage. 90. Power Bars. 91. Pumpkin Indian Cakes. 92. Rice Krispie Squares. 93. Roast Corn. 94. Russian Tea #2.

Bus Duty -. Junior High 2014-2015 School Year. Extra Duty. Renee DelMissier. Mentor -1 st. Year. Elementary 2014-2015 School Year. Extra Duty. Linda Gorrell.

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Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83815. Phone:(208)765-4969 Fax:(208)765 -3168 Email:[email protected] Page 1 of 1. 2017 NISF Camping Agreement.pdf.

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Page 1 of 1. I D E A S TO. Quick list. UNPLUG YOUR WKND. Outside. Social. Host a murder mystery dinner. Host game night. Host a progressive dinner.

recommended protocols for sampling macrofungi
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