Job Announcement Position/Appointment: Associate Research Scientist / Full Time Company: Real Time Research, Inc. (RTR) is a growing small business located in Bend, Oregon that specializes in biological field studies, data collection and analysis. RTR employees have been conducting fish and wildlife research in the Columbia River basin and elsewhere for more than 20 years. Research projects involve study design and planning, biotelemetry, fish injury and survival investigations, mark-recapture computer modeling, among other areas of expertise. In addition to our fish and wildlife research projects, RTR is a regional leader in modern data collection and management systems, including the use of mobile hand-held computers, cloud-based data storage systems, and the use of geospatial technologies and software. Job Description: Real Time Research, Inc. is seeking a self-motivated professional interested in being part of a research team that is at the forefront of studies aimed at salmon recovery in the Columbia River basin. This position requires proficiency in computer modelling techniques and multivariate statistical analyses as well as study design and project management. This individual will work in both the field (10-20%) and office (80-90%) and will likely be in a supervisory role. Field work may include travel to remote locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Office work will include, but is not limited to, proposal/grant writing, data analysis, report writing, and oral presentations of project results. Desired Qualifications:     

Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Fisheries or Statistics Ability to design and lead fisheries studies Experience with fish survival modeling Proficiency in statistical programs (e.g., R, SAS, Program MARK) Working knowledge of modern fish tagging/tracking techniques (e.g., PIT, JSAT)

Tentative Starting Date: April 2014 Compensation: $58,000 - $68,000 (depending on qualifications), with health and retirement benefits To apply: Send cover letter, resume, and list of references to Ken Collis at [email protected]

Real Time Research

including the use of mobile hand-held computers, cloud-based data storage ... computer modelling techniques and multivariate statistical analyses as well as ...

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