PTC Meeting Minutes November 12th, 2013   Present:

Laurie Gerard

JoJo Dryden

Christine Gonneville

Robin Tower

Casey Marcotte

Sandy Farrar

Dianna Sharron

Marissa Trudeau

Susan Gluck

Marianne Tozier

Mr. Perkins

Call To Order – 3:15pm

Treasurer’s Report

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Fund Requests – Mrs. Tozier spoke to the group regarding the fund request for Lynn Lyons, a specialist in anxiety who presents information on bullying in schools. Mrs. Tozier attended a presentation at Kennebunk Middle School and feels that Lynn could provide some great information for our students, teachers and parents. Because of the amount of the request ($2000), questions were raised by the group regarding if the content is appropriate for our grade levels. It was agreed that the older students (4th & 5th grade) may benefit more than the lower grades. Mrs. Tozier stated that Lynn could customize her presentation as well, which would change the cost. After much discussion, it was agreed that this would be an excellent topic for a Parent Night. The idea was brought up to possible open it up to the district and cost share. In terms of space, we could use the Middle School or the High School. Mrs. Tozier will look into the cost of having Lynn present to parents on an evening in the Spring. She will get back to PTC with this information. Lynn’s website is for anyone who would like additional information. Apple Fundraiser – Nick Hammond – Our community was able to raise $459.00 to help Nick with his trip with People To People – Ambassador Program….Great job!!!

Movie Night – Movie night was a great success! We will hold our next movie night on Friday, December 13th. A movie will be chosen as the time gets closer. We will have pizza and snacks again. Kelly Roy Photography Fundraiser – All slots are filled! Kelly will be taking photos for families who signed up on Saturday November 16th. L. Gerard and J. Dryden will be at the school to help facilitate. J. Dryden will call all families who have signed up on Thursday to confirm appts. All funds raised will go directly to PTC. Thank you Kelly for volunteering your time, skills and equipment!! Parent/Teacher Conferences – This year, students will be involved in their Parent/Teacher Conference. Administration has asked that only parents and the student be in the room for the conference. Therefore, PTC will be providing babysitting for siblings. Spirit Week – Parents have raised questions regarding “Spirit” days, week or activities that we might be able hold throughout the school year. L. Gerard, J. Dryden and Mr. Perkins are scheduled to meet on Monday November 18th to discuss things we can and cannot do. R. Tower suggested celebrating the 100th day of school with ALL the grades. She also suggested maybe wearing one color sock to represent the 1st half of the year, and another color to represent the 2nd half of the year. Parents Night Out – This was not a huge hit last year. The group decided not to offer again this year. Jump Into January was another fun and profitable fundraiser. D. Sharron has worked with Magical Moonwalks to begin planning. The date will be Saturday January 18th. We need lots of volunteers for this event. J. Dryden will put a reminder on the PTC Facebook page, Mr. Perkins will send reminders in his weekly emails, and a notice will go in green folders the first week of January. Tickets will be $6/person in advance and $8/person at the door. We will also sell tickets for $.50/each or 3 for $1. More details to come as it gets closer. Winter Jam (Formerly known as Winter Ball) – Mark your calendars! The tentative date for Winter Jam is February 28th. More details to follow once planning is underway! Family Directory – J. Dryden sent home a notice in green folders regarding the Family Directory. We have not had a huge turnout so far. Once all data is collected, the books will be put together and distributed by L. McAvoy and J. Dryden. Toners – The school received a donation of multiple toners and print cartridges. J. Dryden compiled a list of the model numbers and retail price of each. We will ask anyone interested in taking them to make a donation to the PTC. Members were asked to help spread the word. Mr. Perkins will post in his newsletter. We have sold 4 toners and received a total of $190. This money goes directly to PTC. For more information, contact J. Dryden. Box Tops – Congratulations to Mrs. Townsend’s 3rd grade class who won the Ice Cream Social (sponsored by PTC) for turning in the most Box Tops!!! The next deadline for turning them in will be February 14th….start saving!!!! Campbell’s Label Points – S. Johnson worked with D. Prendergast to order playground and gym equipment. There are still points left over. Teachers can look at the book and choose items they want for FREE. See S. Johnson if interested.

Next Meeting – December 10th, 2013 @ 3:15pm

Respectfully Submitted, JoJo Dryden, Secretary  

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Page 1 of 3. PTC Meeting Minutes. November 12th, 2013. Present: Laurie Gerard JoJo Dryden. Christine Gonneville Robin Tower. Casey Marcotte Sandy Farrar.

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