English 9th grade

Project work of interactive posters – Glog production INTERNET DANGERS Objective of your poster: Call people’s attention to the internet dangers

Guidelines 1. The glog should include: Multimedia elements a. Text i. Written texts “Are you a Tech Addict?” (all or a selection) ii. Pieces of advice (made in class: a selection) iii. Teens testimonies about internet dangers (giving opinion-blog posts) iv. Slogans/Sayings b. Audio/image/video/animation/data 1. Short film produced by the group “Internet dangers” (all members in the group must speak) 2. Other video(s) (related to the topic)/animation 3. Audio files/music 4. Images/pictures/drawings/photos c. Sources of your research (links; etc.) d. Any other pieces at your choice

2. What will be evaluated? a. Language skills quality (writing/speaking) b. Ideas (creativity/originality) c. Design d. Variety (different pieces; sources) e. Quality of information researched

Project work of interactive posters-glogs-guidelines.pdf

Short film produced by the group “Internet dangers” (all. members in the group must speak). 2. Other video(s) (related to the topic)/animation. 3. Audio files/music.

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