sqrq rr* PrimeMinister New Delhi January13,2017 Dear Dr. Raghavaiah Ji, Thankyou for your New YearGreetings. ' May 2017be filled with joy, prosperityandgoodhealthfor you andyour family. Let us continueto work shoulderto shoulderto eliminatethe menaceof comrption and black money from our society.The mannerin which 125 crore Indianshave supportedthe movementagainstcomrption and black money has beenvery humbling.This is the JanShaktithat will propelIndia to gteaterheights in the yearsto come. For a long time, comrption and black moneyhave adverselyaffectedthe E'e have begifr iiE aspirationsof the poor. middle cla*s anCneo middle <..lass. journey to change that. The Gove'rnmentof India has taken path breaking decisionsthat will bring transparencyin economictransactionsand ensurethat the reachthe intendedbeneficiaries. : fruits of development I also urge you to use as many digital meansas possiblefor economic andurgeothersto do the same. transactions Onceagain,I wish you andyout family a wonderful20lT.




(Narendra Modi) Dr. M. Raghavaiah GeneralSecretary,NFIR 3, ChelmsfordRoad New Delhi- 110055

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