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G6vernment of In&ia(Bha'ratSarkar) MantralaS'a) , ivlinistry of Railrn'ays(Rail

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NewDelhi'dt' 'a3'20t7

No.2016/E(LR)IA{M1-16 The General SecretarY' NFIR, 3oChelmsford Road, New Delhi-110055. ,

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2016' Sub: PNM/NFIR meeting held on 22"d&23.d Dece*"ben .


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2016' During the PNMA{FIR meeting held on 22"d& 73'd December,

yo,,hudraisJd,rr. iorlo*ingirru. o,r,iigyolT-oRg.ryng;Aoress:-

,,TheGeneralsecretaryspeciallymentionedthe casesof MACPSwhich are at the level of MS & FC is yet to continuedunresolved.Hi said, t\..e'tue.pling with no fruitful be held *nltiir-*nrtings at thgleneluofEbs were,held, but raised by issues t&9 MS that on all wcPS results.He specialty requ.e,,g.ted rneeting NFIR,detaiied,o,4*rilt iqy befw"nishedsoot,so that a separate late' " can be heldfor fruttfut discuisionsand decisionsbeforeit is too ''"'tlil,..


n! -,- r r A rln. of Pay commissionDte. on MACPSissues Accordingly,the comrtrents areenclosed.



rV"lc^ *

DA: As,,above

rneffiffi-airld Director,Estt.(IR)

"r.rr"rrruo No.IV/MACpS/0clp*, t o

3, Cherms.ford Road'NewDerhi


Dated:0g/04n017 with encrosures.is fonuardertto the-Genemrsecretoriesof ffitiatetr ll-nigryp;;;; ,"r-



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FI.H General Secretary)


PoFition/remarks on MACPSissuesraisedin PNM/NFIRitem(s) Item No.


1t2011 Grantof financialupgradation under MACPSto the staffwho are in the same Gradepay for more than 20 year.

Position/remarks The matterhas twice been examinedin consultation with DoP&Tand DoP&Thas not agreed for the same. Moreover, DoP&T being the nodal Deptt., this Ministryis not in positionto deviatefrom the instructions/clarifications issued by them.As such,there appearsto be no otheroptionleft. Thelongpending itemmaybe'closed'.

1612011Abolitiori of Pay Scale and The matterhas been duly examinedin Introduction of upgradedPay Scale consultationwith DoP&T and reply to with reviseddesignation- Senior Federationhas been issuedvide Board's Section Engineers (Drawing) letterdt. 19.10.2016. Clarification on entry Grade Pay Reg. 56t2012 Countingof serviceof D-2 Khalasis The itemhas beendiscussed threadbare 'in CLW for extendingbenefitsof withthe Federation andthe replygivenby financialupgradation underMACPS CLW is comprehensive coveringall the -reg. doubtson the issue.Thereappearsto be no issueoutstanding for discussion. Thelongpending itemmaybe'closed'. 16t20t3 Non-grantof benefit under MACP The relevant instructionsfor allowing

Scheme to the Stock Verifiers benefitof MACPSto StockVerifiersby not working in Zonal reckoning theirpromotion fromAA to ASV Railways/Prod uctionUnits-reg. have been issued vide Board's letter (RBENo.156/201 dt.19.12.2016 6). Thus,the itemmaybe "CLOSED". 17t2013Grantof financialupgradation under Basically,the item is regardinggrant of MACP Scheme Wrongful higherGradePayunderMACPSin cases clarificationissued by the Railway where feeder and promotionalgrade postsare in sameGradePay.Meanwhile Board. Federation videtheirletterdL.22.09.2016 had requested to makeavailable the copy of referencemade to DoP&Tand reply thereto. Accordingly, the desired informationhas been furnishedto the Federation vide Board's letter dt. 06.10.2016. DoP&Tbeingthe Moreover, nodal departmentof Govt. on MACPS, this Ministrycan not deviatefrom the instructions/clarifications issuedbv them.

As such,there appearsto be no issue The itemmay for discussion. outstanding be'Closed the matter 1912014Denialof revisedV CPC pay scale- As desiredby the Federation, Injusticemetedout to Midwiveson has been examined based on the information regarding recruitment WesternRailway. qualification and pay scaleat the time of recruitment obtained from Western has been Railwayand replyto Federation issuedvide Board'sletterdt.12.05.2016. As such,no actionis pending.The item m a yb e . C L O S E D " . videtheir under As requestedby the Federation 15t2015Grantof financialupgradation MACPSto SSE -Drawing(formerly letterdt. 22.09.16to examinethe matter letter their of context diploma. holder tracers) appointed in 10, dt. 09.05.2016. against D.R. Quota vacanciesas No.lV/MACPS/09/Part has been matter (presently the Accordingly, JEAssistantDraftsman Drawingwith GP-4200in PB-2) examined and replied to NFIR vide Board'sletterdt.21.10.2016. reg. Further, DoP&T has already been on the issueand theyhavenot consulted agreedto the proposalsayingthat the servicesshould be reckonedfrom the in as mentioned dateof directrecruitment As the policycircularissuedin thisregard. to no other courseof actionappears be the itemmaybe 'closed'. leftavailable, under As requestedby the Federation,the 4612015Grantof financialupgradation Technicalmatterhas been reviewedbasedon the the MACPS to obtainedfromCentralRailway Supervisorsof DC Traction and information as wellas in lightof the extantinstructions presently workingas JE/SSE. on the subject and accordinglY, Federation have been rePlied vide Board's letter dt. 21.02.2017.There appearsno other courseof actionto be leftavailable. Grantof MACPto the formerTraffic As requested by the Federationto Signallers/A2Signallersabsorbed examinethe matter in contextof their The same has as ASMs/SMs on North Eastern letter dt.12.09.2016. and repliedto beenexamined accordingly Railway-reg. the Federation vide Board's letter d 1 . 0 2 . .0210 1 7 . Denial of financial upgradationAs decidedin the meetingheldon 19'n& havebeen underMACPSchemeto the serving 20thMay,2016,E.Co.Railway GraduateClerks inductedagainst askedto advisethe ruleand methodology under which the pay of the em LDCEQuotaon EastCoast

promotedas Sr. Clerks through LDCE against 13/"o/oquota has been fixed. is awaited. ReplyfromE.Co.Railway Further,as per para2 of Board'sletterdt. 18.06.81and also in terms of Board's letterdt. 07.10.97benefitof pay fixation has been allowedon promotionto Sr. this ClerkspostthroughLDCE.Therefore, promotion has to be counted for the purposeof MACPS.

Position/,remarks on qther MACPSissuesraisedbv NFIR Item lssues No. Position/remarks 1 . Financialupgradation underMACPS The matterhas beenconsultedwith DoPT to the directly recruited Graduate and they have advisedthat the demand Engg-Considering entrygradepay as does not cover in the MACPS as the Rs. 4600/-for the purposeof MACP Schemeprovidesfor countingservicefrom to all the directly recruitedEngg. directentrygrade. Graduatesin Design/Drawing Cadre Further, DoPTbeingthe nodaldepartment, andotherCadres. this Ministrycan not deviate from the instructions issuedby them.Thereappears to be no issueoutstanding for discussion. Thus,theitemmaybe'Closed'. 2.

Third financial upgradationunder The matter has twice been examinedin MACPSon completion of 20 yearsof consultation with DoP&Tand DoP&Thas servicefrom the first promotionor 10 notagreedfor the same.Moreover, DoP&T years after second promotionor 30 beingthe nodaldeptt.,thisMinistry is notin years after regular appointmentposition to deviate from the whicheveris earlier. instructionsiclarifications issued by them. As such, there appearsto be no other optionleft. Thelongpending itemmaybe'closed'.


Grantof financialupgradation under The factual position/detailsabout the MACP in the promotionalhierarchy-cadres where ACP Scheme is more (insteadof GradePay hierarchy)as advantageous than MACPSas contended perjudgmentof variousCourts. by the Federations haveascertained from Railways, Thesameis underexamination. MACPbenefitsto railwayemployees-As desiredby the Staff Side, necessary Casesof employeesjoininganother instructions havebeenissuedvideBoard's uniVorganization on request.(Railway letter dt.23.11.2015 (RBE No.14712015) Board'sLetterNo. PC-V/20091 ACP12 and thereaftera corrigendumhas also dt. 3110112013 NFIR's letter dt been issued vide Board's letter 29t07t2013). dt.17.02.201 6 (RBENo.19/2016). Provisionof all benefitson financial In the meetingStaff Side was requestedto upgradation under MACPS-including come out with specific entitlementwhich entitlements for travel& treatmentin are being denied to such Staff. No reply hospitaletc. from the Staff Side has'been receivedso







Non-grant of benefit of financial As decidedin the meeting, the matterhas upgradationunder MACPS to the beenexaminedafterobtaininginfcirmation staffon NorthWesternRailway. from N.W.Railway and reply to the Staff Side has been issuedvide Board'sletter dated17.03.2017. Grantof financialupgradation under The matter has twice been examinedin MACPSto the Staffwho are in the consultation with DoP&Tand DoP&Thas



, f

same Grade Pay for more than 20 not agreedfor the same.Moreover, Dop&T years. i beingthe nodaldeptt.,thisMinistry is notin position to deviate from the instructionsiclarifications issued by them. As such, there appearsto be no other optionleft. Thelongitempendingmaybe ,closed'. 8 . Abolition of pay scales and Federationhas requesteO that the matter introductionof upgradedpay scale may be examinedin contextof their letter with revised designation- SSE d1.05.09.2016. Accordingly, the same has Drawingclarification on EntryGrade been duly examinedin consultation with Pay. DoP&Tand replyto Federationhas been issuedvideBoard'sletterdt. 19.10.2016. 9 . Non-grantof financial upgradationThe relevant instructionsfoi-allovvtrlg under MACPS to Stock Verifiers benefitof MACPSto StockVerifiers by not workingin ZonalRailways/pUs. reckoningtheir promotionfromM to ASV have been issued vide Board's letter dt.19.12.2016 (RBENo.156/201 6). Thus,the itemmaybe "CLOSED';. 1 0 . Grantof financialupgradationunder Hastcatty, the item is regardinggrant of MACP SchemeWrongful higherGradePay underMACpSin cases clarifications issued by the Railway wherefeederand promotional gradeposts Board. are in same Grade pay. Federationvide their letterdt. 22.09.2016have requested to make availablethe copy of reference made to DoP&T and reply thereto. Accordingly,the desired informationhas been furnishedto the Federationvide Board'sletter dt. 06.10.2016. Moreover, DoP&T being the nodal departmentof Govt. on MACPS,this Ministrycan not deviatefrom the instructions/clarificatiohs issuedby them.As such,thereappearsto be no issue outstanding for discussion.' Theitemmaybe'Closed'. 1 1 . Wrong implementationof nlnCp Scheme in lT Cadre/Grantingof financial benefit under MACP Schemeto EDPStaff.

tne matterhas beenconsulted withDopT and they have advisedto examineand decidethe matterin terms of clarification No.35 of DoP&T'sOM dt. 18.7.2001. Accordingly, the same is under examination.

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