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Permanent  Wildland  Firefighter  Jobs  

2014  Fall  Centralized  Fire  Hire   Numerous  Fire  Positions         The  Plumas  National  Forest  will  soon  be  filling  Numerous  Fire  Positions  (listed  in  the  table  below),  with   duty  locations  of  Beckwourth,  Berry  Creek,  Blairsden,  Challenge,  Doyle,  Greenville,  Oroville,  Quincy,  and   Strawberry  Valley,  California.    This  notification  is  being  circulated  to  inform  prospective  and  interested   applicants  of  this  upcoming  opportunity.    Please  see  the  following  information  on  the  positions  available.       To  apply  for  any  of  these  positions:   1)  Go  to  USAJOBS  (must  set  up  and  have  a  USAJOBS  profile)   a. Search/locate  the  “Open  and  Continuous”  announcement  number;   b. Select  position(s)  and  location(s)  you  are  interested  in  and  begin  the  application  process.  

2) Complete  and  submit  your  application  prior  to  11:59  p.m.  Eastern  Time  (ET)  September  5,  2014  


Fire  Dozer  Operator   5716-­‐WG-­‐10  

OPEN  CONTINUOUS  RECRUITMENT   (OCR)   ANNOUNCEMENT  NUMBER   Dozer   OCRP-­‐5716-­‐EQIPOPTR-­‐10G  (Merit)   OCRP-­‐5716-­‐EQIPOPTR-­‐10DP  (Demo)   Engine  

Number  of  Positions  -­‐  Duty   Location   1-­‐  Doyle   1-­‐  Quincy  

Forestry  Technician   OCR14-­‐462-­‐SFEO(H)-­‐7/8G  (Merit)                                  1-­‐            D      oyle   Supervisory  Fire  Engine     (Demo)   Operator  (SFEO)                                                  OCR14-­‐462-­‐SFEO(H)-­‐7/8DP         GS-­‐0462-­‐07/08   Forestry  Technician   OCR14-­‐462-­‐FEO(H)-­‐7G  (Merit)                                           1-­‐  Beckwourth   Fire  Engine  Operator   1-­‐  Challenge,  Oroville   OCR14-­‐462-­‐FEO(H)-­‐7DP  (Demo)   (FEO)  GS-­‐0462-­‐07   Forestry  Technician   OCR14-­‐462-­‐AFEO-­‐6G    (Merit)                                                  1-­‐           Doyle     Asst.  Fire  Engine     OCR14-­‐0462-­‐AFEO-­‐6DP  (Demo)   Operator  (AFEO)     GS-­‐0462-­‐06   Hotshot   Supervisory  Forestry   1-­‐  Beckwourth   OCR14-­‐462-­‐IHCSUPT-­‐9G  (Merit)   Technician   1-­‐  Quincy   Hotshot  Superintendant   OCR14-­‐462-­‐IHCSUPT-­‐9DP  (Demo)   GS-­‐0462-­‐09   Supervisory  Forestry   OCR14-­‐462-­‐IHCASST-­‐7/8G  (Merit)   1-­‐  Beckwourth   Technician   OCR14-­‐462-­‐IHCASST-­‐7/8DP  (Demo)   Assistant  Hotshot   Superintendant   GS-­‐0462-­‐07/8   Fuels   Forestry  Technician   OCR14-­‐462-­‐DFUEL-­‐8/9G  (Merit)   1-­‐  Quincy   (Fuels)  /  Fuels  Specialist   OCR14-­‐462-­‐DFUEL-­‐8/9DP  (Demo)   AFMO  GS-­‐0462-­‐08/9   Apprentice   Forestry  Technician   14(1)-­‐462-­‐WFAP-­‐3/4/5DP  (Demo)   5-­‐  Blairsden,  Beckwourth,  and   Wildland  Fire   Doyle   Apprentices   6-­‐  Greenville,  Quincy   GS-­‐462-­‐3/4/5   4-­‐  Berry  Creek,  Challenge,   Oroville,  Strawberry  Valley  

Candidates  are  encouraged  to  apply  to  any  position/location,  whether  a  vacancy  exists  or  not.     Positions  that  become  vacant  during  this  process  may  also  be  filled  immediately  through  a   “back  filling”  process.     The  U.S.  Department  of  Agriculture  (USDA)  prohibits  discrimination  on  all  its  programs  and  activities  on   the   basis   of   race,   color,   national   origin,   gender,   religion,   age,   disability,   political   beliefs,   sexual   orientation,  and  marital  or  family  status.    (Not  all  prohibited  bases  apply  to  all  programs.)    Persons  with   disabilities   who   require   alternative   means   for   communication   of   program   information   (Braille,   large   print,  audiotape,  etc.)  should  contact  USDA's  TARGET  Center  at  (202)  720-­‐2600  (voice  and  TDD).    To  file  a   complaint  of  discrimination,  write  USDA,  Director,  Office  of  Civil  Rights,  Room  326-­‐W,  Whitten  Building,   14th  and  Independence  Avenue,  SW,  Washington,  DC    20250-­‐9410  or  call  (202)  720-­‐5964  (voice  and  TDD).     USDA  is  an  equal  opportunity  provider  and  employer.  

Other  positions  that  may  become  vacant  during  the  fire  hire  process  include:   Position  


Duty  Location  

Dozer   Fire  Dozer  Operator   5716-­‐WG-­‐10  

OCRP-­‐5716-­‐EQIPOPTR-­‐10G  (Merit)  

Dozer  Assistant  


Supervisory  Forestry   Technician   Assistant  District  Fire   Management  Officer   GS-­‐0462-­‐08/09  

Doyle,  Oroville,  and  Quincy  

OCRP-­‐5716-­‐EQIPOPTR-­‐10DP  (Demo)   Doyle,  Oroville,  and  Quincy  

Assistant  District  Fire  Management  Officer  (ADFMO)   Blairsden,  Doyle,  Quincy,  and   OCR14-­‐462-­‐DZAFMO(H)-­‐8/9G  (Merit)   Oroville   OCR14-­‐462-­‐DZAFMO(H)-­‐8/9DP  (Demo)  

Engine   Forestry  Technician   Berry  Creek   OCR14-­‐462-­‐SFEO(H)-­‐7/8G    (Merit)                                Beckwourth,                   Supervisory  Fire  Engine   Blairsden,  Challenge,  Doyle,   (Demo)   Operator  (SFEO)                                                  OCR14-­‐462-­‐SFEO(H)-­‐7/8DP         Greenville,  Oroville,  Quincy,  and   GS-­‐0462-­‐07/08   Strawberry  Valley     Forestry  Technician   OCR14-­‐462-­‐FEO(H)-­‐7G  (Merit)                                           Beckwourth,  Berry  Creek   Fire  Engine  Operator   Blairsden,  Challenge,  Doyle,   OCR14-­‐462-­‐FEO(H)-­‐7DP  (Demo)   (FEO)  GS-­‐0462-­‐07   Greenville,  Oroville,  Quincy,  and   Strawberry  Valley   Forestry  Technician   Berry  Creek   OCR14-­‐462-­‐AFEO-­‐6G  (Merit)                                                    Beckwourth,             Asst.  Fire  Engine   Blairsden,  Challenge,  Doyle,   OCR14-­‐0462-­‐AFEO-­‐6DP  (Demo)   Operator  (AFEO)  GS-­‐ Greenville,  Oroville,  Quincy,  and   0462-­‐06   Strawberry  Valley   Hotshot   Supervisory  Forestry   Beckwourth,  Berry  Creek,  and   OCR14-­‐462-­‐IHCSUPT-­‐9G  (Merit)   Technician  Hotshot   Quincy   Superintendant   OCR14-­‐462-­‐IHCSUPT-­‐9DP  (Demo)   GS-­‐0462-­‐09   Supervisory  Forestry   Beckwourth,   Berry   Creek,   and   OCR14-­‐462-­‐IHCASST-­‐7/8G  (Merit)   Technician  Assistant   Quincy   OCR14-­‐462-­‐IHCASST-­‐7/8DP   ( Demo)   Hotshot  Superintendant   GS-­‐0462-­‐07/8   Lead  Forestry  Technician   Beckwourth,  Berry  Creek,  and   OCR14-­‐462-­‐IHCSQDLR-­‐6/7G  (Merit)   Squad  Boss   Quincy   OCR14-­‐462-­‐IHCSQDLR-­‐6/7DP  (Demo)   GS-­‐0462-­‐06/07   Prevention   Supervisory  Forestry   Blairsden,  Oroville   OCR14-­‐462-­‐PREV-­‐8/9G  (Merit)   Technician  (Prevention)     OCR14-­‐462-­‐PREV-­‐8/9DP  (Demo)   GS-­‐0462-­‐08/9   Forestry  Technician   Beckwourth,  Berry  Creek   OCR14-­‐462-­‐PREV-­‐5/6/7G  (Merit)   Fire  Prevention   Blairsden,  Challenge,  Doyle,   OCR14-­‐462-­‐PREV-­‐5/6/7DP  (Demo)   GS-­‐0462-­‐05/06/07   Greenville,  Oroville,  Quincy,  and   Strawberry  Valley   Fuels  

Position   Forestry  Technician   (Fuels)  /  Fuels  Specialist   AFMO  GS-­‐0462-­‐08/9   Forestry  Technician  (Fire)   /  District  Fuels   Technician  GS-­‐0462-­‐06/7  


Duty  Location   Blairsden,  Oroville,  and  Quincy  

OCR14-­‐462-­‐DFUEL-­‐8/9DP  (Demo)   OCR14-­‐462-­‐DFUEL-­‐6/7G  (Merit)  

Blairsden,  Oroville,  and  Quincy  

OCR14-­‐462-­‐DFUEL-­‐6/7DP  (Demo)   Helitack  

Supv  Forestry  Technician   (Helitack)  /    Supervisor   GS-­‐0462-­‐09   Supv  Forestry  Technician   (Helitack)  /  Asst     Supervisor  GS-­‐0642-­‐07/8   Forestry  Technician   (Helitack)  /  Squad  Leader   GS-­‐0462-­‐06/7  

OCR14-­‐462-­‐HLTKMGR-­‐9G  (Merit)  


OCR14-­‐462-­‐HLTKMGR-­‐9DP  (Demo)   OCR14-­‐462-­‐HLTKASST-­‐7/8G  (Merit)  


OCR14-­‐462-­‐HLTKASST-­‐7/8DP  (Demo)   OCR14-­‐462-­‐HLTKSQDLR-­‐6/7G  (Merit)  


OCR14-­‐462-­‐HLTKSQDLR-­‐6/7DP  (Demo)   Dispatch  

Forestry  Technician   (Dispatcher)  /  Asst   Center  Manager  GS-­‐ 0462-­‐08/9   IA  Dispatcher  /  Initial   Attack  GS-­‐0642-­‐05/6/7  

OCR14-­‐462-­‐IADISP-­‐8/9G  (Merit)  

Quincy*  (Supervisor’s  Office)  

OCR14-­‐462-­‐IADISP-­‐8/9DP  (Demo)     OCR14-­‐462-­‐IADISP-­‐5/6/7G  (Merit)  

Quincy*  (Supervisor’s  Office)  

OCR14-­‐462-­‐IADISP-­‐5/6/7DP  (Demo)  

Announcements  for  these  positions  are  open  and  continuous.    Candidates  should  access  USAJOBS  for   all  vacancy  announcement  information  and  search  by  announcement  number.  Candidates  are   encouraged  to  read  the  announcement  thoroughly  to  ensure  you  are  applying  to  the  correct   announcement,  as  some  position  titles  appear  similar.     Applicants  will  need  to  attach  any  required  supporting  douments  (IQCS  Master  Record,  DD-­‐214,  etc.)     Applicants  that  completed  their  application  in  USA  Jobs  60  days  prior  to  September  5,  2014  must   ensure  the  application  has  been  recertified  through  USA  Jobs  in  order  to  remain  active  and  to  be   considered  for  Certificates  of  Candidates.    

For  position  information  please  contact:  





Beckwourth   Blairsden   Doyle   Ray  Torres     Beckwourth  RD   Division  Chief   (530)836-­‐7130           [email protected]  

Greenville   Quincy  

Berry  Creek   Challenge   Oroville   Strawberry  Valley  

Randy  Jennings   Mount  Hough  RD   Division  Chief   (530)  283-­‐7630   [email protected]  

Steve  Murphey   Feather  River  RD   Division  Chief   (530)  532-­‐7430   [email protected]  

Quincy*  (Supervisor’s  Office)  

Shawne  McBath   Plumas  ECC   Dispatch  Center  Manager     (530)  283-­‐7834   [email protected]  

ABOUT  THE  FOREST:     The  Plumas  National  Forest  encompasses  over  a  million  acres  of  tree-­‐covered  mountains,  filled  with  high   alpine  lakes  and  miles  of  clear  running  streams.    Elevations  range  from  3,000  to  8,400  feet.    The  area  has   four  seasons  with  warm  to  hot  days  and  warm  to  cool  nights  in  the  summer,  and  periodic  snowstorms  in   the  winter.    Average  annual  precipitation  is  about  35~40  inches  a  year.    Within  a  half  day  or  less  drive  are   Lake  Tahoe,  Reno,  Sacramento,  Susanville,  San  Francisco,  Redding,  Chico,  California  coast,  Lake  Shasta,   Lassen  Volcanic  National  Park  and  a  vast  variety  of  activities  and  opportunities.  Popular  activities  within   Plumas  County  and  the  Plumas  National  Forest  include  hiking,  fishing,  hunting,  camping,  boating,  white   water  rafting,  cross  country  skiing,  snowmobiling,  and  wildlife  viewing.       More  information  on  the  Plumas  National  Forest  is  available  on  our  website:  .     ABOUT  COMMUNITIES:       Blairsden  and  Graeagle,  CA   The  communities  of  Blairsden  and  Graeagle  are  located  in  eastern  Plumas  County,  60  miles  northwest  of   Reno,  NV,  and  20  miles  east  of  Quincy  at  an  elevation  of  approximately  4,400  feet.  Local  community   services  include  a  market,  hardware  store,  bakery,  deli,  pizza  parlor,  two  full  service  gas  stations,   physician’s  clinic,  dental  office,  post  office,  and  several  restaurants  and  motels.  There  are  four  18-­‐hole   championship  and  two  9-­‐hole  golf  courses  within  the  communities.  Johnsville  Ski  Area  is  a  local  historic   downhill  ski  area  which  hosts  two  long  board-­‐racing  events  per  year  as  well  as  public  downhill  skiing.   Rentals  for  a  two-­‐bedroom/two  bath  condominium  start  around  $850  per  month  and  Real  estate  values  for   a  three-­‐bedroom/two  bath  home  start  around  $180,000.       To  learn  more  about  the  area  visit:     Portola,  CA   The  community  of  Portola  is  also  located  in  Plumas  County,  50  miles  northwest  of  Reno,  NV,  and  30  miles   east  of  Quincy  at  an  elevation  of  approximately  5,000  feet.    The  community  of  Portola  has  a  population  of   2,000  with  services  including  a  hospital  with  physician’s  clinic,  a  public  library,  one  elementary  school,  one   middle  school,  one  high  school,  a  variety  of  churches,  a  supermarket,  a  health  club,  and  several  restaurant   and  motels.  Rentals  for  a  two-­‐bedroom/one  bath  home  or  apartment  start  around  $600  per  month  and   Real  estate  values  for  a  three-­‐bedroom/two  bath  home  start  around  $150,000.    Portola  is  approximately  a   fifteen  minute  commute  heading  east  from  Blairsden.       To  learn  more  about  Portola,  CA,  visit:     Reno,  NV   This  city  is  located  90  miles  southeast  of  Quincy.  Located  at  4,500  feet  in  elevation,  this  area  receives  less   than  8  inches  of  precipitation  a  year,  with  winter  lows  in  the  20’s  and  summer  highs  in  the  90’s.    Reno,  NV   offers  all  the  amenities  of  a  large  city,  including  84  gaming  establishment  which  host  a  variety  of   entertainment.  Major  hospitals,  universities,  an  international  airport,  shopping  centers,  year  round  art  and   cultural  entertainment,  and  job  opportunities  are  just  some  of  what  Reno  has  to  offer.  Reno,  NV  is  about  an   hour  drive  heading  east  from  Blairsden.       To  learn  more  about  Reno,  NV  go  to:     Quincy,  CA:   The  community  of  Quincy  is  the  Plumas  County  seat  and  has  a  population  of  approximately  5,000.  Quincy  is   located  at  an  elevation  of  3400  feet  in  a  small  mountain  valley  in  the  northeastern  Sierra  Nevada.  Area   vegetation  is  typically  mixed  conifer.  Year-­‐round  county  population  is  approximately  25,000.  Local   community  services  include:  a  hospital,  a  limited  service  airport,  a  public  library,  a  theater,  a  junior  college,  

a  high  school,  two  public  elementary  schools,  one  private  elementary  school,  a  variety  of  churches,  two   supermarkets,  a  bowling  alley,  a  public  pool,  a  health  club,  and  numerous  restaurants  and  motels.       To  learn  more  about  Quincy,  CA  visit:     Greenville,  CA:   Greenville  is  located  in  Indian  Valley  within  Plumas  County.  With  only  eight  people  per  square  mile  and  just   one  stoplight,  Plumas  County  offers  a  rural,  four  seasons,  and  mountain  retreat  type  of  setting.  Indian   Valley,  which  includes  the  communities  of  Greenville,  Taylorsville,  Crescent  Mills  and  Canyon  Dam,  is  rich  in   beauty  and  history.  Surrounded  by  a  stunning  mountain  backdrop,  the  valley  is  dotted  with  ranches,  old   barns  and  grazing  cattle.  The  most  alluring  aspect  of  this  verdant  meadow  is  its  serenity.  Greenville,  the   largest  of  the  communities  within  Indian  Valley,  offers  a  full  range  of  business  and  service  establishments.  It   has  a  small  rural  hospital,  an  elementary  and  high  school.  It  is  about  30  miles  from  Quincy,  the  County  Seat.       To  learn  more  about  Greenville,  CA  visit:     Oroville,  CA   The  community  of  Oroville  is  the  Butte  County  seat  and  has  an  area  population  of  approximately  46,000.     The  downtown  area  is  located  at  sea  level,  and  the  surrounding  area  ranges  up  to  an  elevation  of   approximately  2,500  feet  in  the  rolling  foothills  of  the  northeastern  Sierra  Nevada  Mountain  Ranger.     Oroville  is  a  full  service  community;  there  is  one  hospital,  three  school  districts,  three  private  schools,  three   health  clubs,  several  golf  courses,  major  shopping  center  chains,  a  movie  theater,  and  a  historic  downtown   with  dozens  of  antique  and  collectible  shops.    There  are  many  orchards  and  farmer’s  markets  in  and   surrounding  the  Oroville  area.    Oroville  is  located  adjacent  to  the  Feather  River  and  Lake  Oroville  with  a   multitude  of  recreational  opportunities.    The  lake  has  167  miles  of  shoreline.    Oroville  has  a  large   community  of  retirees  from  all  over  California.    Because  of  the  warm  climate  of  the  Sacramento  valley,   winter,  fall  and  spring  tend  to  be  fairly  comfortable.    Summer  highs  can  reach  into  the  low  100’s  for  a   number  of  months  each  year.    Midrange  rentals  for  a  two-­‐bedroom/one  bath  start  around  $850/month  and   real  estate  values  for  a  three-­‐bedroom/two-­‐bath  range  from  $180,000  to  $235,000.         To  learn  more  about  Oroville  go  to:     Paradise,  CA   Paradise  is  a  full  service  community,  located  20  miles  northeast  of  Oroville,  at  approximately  1,700  feet  in   elevation.    Average  lows  in  the  winter  are  around  the  mid  30’s,  while  the  summer  highs  around  the  low   90’s.    Average  rainfall  is  about  51  inches  per  year.    The  community  has  a  hospital,  several  shopping  centers,   major  fast-­‐food  chains,  a  library,  a  theater,  several  schools,  health  clubs,  and  a  public  golf  course.    Rentals   start  around  $900+  monthly  and  real  estate  values  vary  greatly,  with  single  family  homes  starting  around   $220,000.    Paradise  is  about  a  30-­‐minute  commute  to  Oroville.         For  more  information  about  Paradise,  please  go  to:     Chico,  CA   Chico  is  approximately  30  miles  north  of  Oroville  and  has  an  area  population  of  approximately  95,800.    In   2002,  Chico  was  named  one  of  the  top  100  “Best  Small  Art  Towns”.    Rentals  for  a  two-­‐bedroom/one  bath   home  or  apartment  start  around  $1,200  per  month  and  real  estate  values  for  a  three-­‐bedroom/two  bath   home  start  around  $280,000.    Chico  is  home  to  California  State  University  and  has  the  diversity  and  cultural   richness  one  would  expect  from  a  “university  town”.    In  addition,  Chico  offers  all  the  amenities  of  a  large   city.    Services  such  as  major  hospitals,  shopping  centers,  several  school  districts,  theaters,  parks  and   recreation  department,  libraries  and  job  opportunities  are  just  some  of  what  Chico  has  to  offer.    Chico  is   about  a  30  minute  commute  heading  north  from  Oroville.         To  learn  more  about  Chico  go  to:  


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination on all its ..... Chico is home to California State University and has the diversity and cultural.

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