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Commodore’s Column Just add water. The new dock section has arrived and is nearly ready to float. Unfortunately there was a holdup in the shipment of stainless fasteners to complete the assembly. The prep work, painting and outfitting has been completed by Milly and Richard Biller, Dudley Miller, Jim Laws, Jim Noble, Tom Fox, Michael Greenberg, Ron Bennett, Mark Roper, Mike Hogan, and Chris Longaker. Robert Cardwell brought lunches and Tim Weed and Debbie Daily showed up to cheer them on with music. This crew has worked tirelessly for the better part of a week and should be congratulated on a job well done to this point. You know who they are. Buy them a drink and give them a pat on the back for me.

The Youth Sailing summer session campers will have to wait till next year to christen the new float. I would like to thank George and Kristina Phipps for hosting a wonderful YS Pot Luck Oyster Bake Kickoff Party at their home. I was encouraged to meet so many parents with interests in volunteering to help with the summer program. Some offered to assist with boat maintenance and repair, others were busy working out details to help with the Pizza and Movie night. One couple even offered to host an evening aboard their boat for interested parents. The Youth Sailing program with Bob Stevens at the helm is off to its 51st season of summer sailing. I am looking forward to seeing how many stickers you can fit on a youth sailing helmet. There will be a Youth Sailing Program Benefit at the Saltwater Oyster Depot on the evening of July 8th at 6-9PM. Please go to “saltwateroysterdepot.com” for your reservations. The funds will be used to bring new boats into the fleet and support scholarships for campers. This is my favorite time of year, to be a member of the IYC. The club comes to life with young sailors and families, just as the Racing season begins to heat up, and the 4th of July BBQ Carnivores have Feasts, and the Fleet gets blessed, and the bags get piped, and the Commodores get Luncheons, and we all get Pizzas and Movies!!! Who could ask for more? Have a wonderous and safe summer sailing season, and don’t forget to “let the kid out” in you. Shawn M Kelly, Commodore IYC

In This Issue... Commodore’s Column...........................1 Port Captain’s Report..............................2 Membership .............................................2 Youth Sailing Fundraiser........................2 Tales From The Bar.................................3 4th Of July Party Notice.........................3 Open House Report................................4

Youth Sailing Report................................4 Adult Sailing Notice.................................4 Racing Round-Up.....................................5 New Dock Update Photos.......................6 Blast From The Past..................................7 Calendar.................................................... 8

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COMMODORE: Shawn Kelly 415-328-4558 [email protected] HOUSE CHAIR: Jan Aston 415-669-1406 PORT CAPTAINS: Milly & Richard Biller 415-663-1442 PILOT EDITOR: Philip Macafee [email protected] 415-760-4596 WEBSITE: John Speh invernessyachtclub.org [email protected] MEMBERSHIP: Carol Skold [email protected]


Youth Sailing Fundraiser is July 8th!

PORT CAPTAIN’S REPORT Dear members If you have been at the club recently, you have seen the new dock fully assembled next to the bulkhead. We tried very very hard to get it assembled, launched, and the old one removed and dismantled before Youth Sailing started on the 16th of June. Alas, they sent the wrong bolts! We had ordered stainless steel and they sent galvanized. Several people have asked me why we did not just use the galvanized, but pressure treated wood has a severely corrosive affect on galvanized, so we had specified stainless. Since we were now waiting for the bolts, we decided to fully pre- assemble the dock to make sure that there were no other problems of alignment etc. We were glad we did, as there were several minor problems that would have been much more difficult to address after the thing was in the water. Although the galvanized bolts were only in place for one week, they showed significant corrosion when we replaced them with The stainless ones. The rest of the process will go as follows. The dock will be taken apart at several key locations, resulting in 4 sections that will then be craned into the water. The sections were chosen based on the lifting capacity of the crane, and the fact that the dock must be fitted around the existing pilings. Nothing will be lifted over the pilings, rather the dock will bolt back together around them. It is very unfortunate that we were not able to complete the job before Youth Sailing started, but we could not possibly leave Youth Sailing with no dock to work from. The launch is scheduled for early August, after the second session has finished. Again, I apologize for the disruption in the yard. I cannot adequately express my thanks to all the volunteers who showed up day after day to paint, attach floatation modules, move heavy things around ( we had also rented a forklift) , bolt things together, provide lunch, and in the case of Tim Weed and Debbie Daly, play and sing to us as we worked. We are in the process of checking the kayaks that are on the waiting list into the new racks. If you are on the waiting list and I do not have your email, you might not know this, so please contact me, fill out a contract, and lets get this done. Speaking of contracts, if you have any sort of watercraft in the club, I need a new contract from you, so don’t delay. I don’t need contracts for lockers. See you on the water PC editor’s note: a more complete photo story about the new dock is on page 6.

Hi All, The Youth Sailing fundraiser at the Saltwater is on. The website on the above flyer is live. We anticipate that the limited number of tickets will sell fast. So if you are interested in this event, tickets should be purchased quickly. The ticket price includes a dinner, beer, wine, and soft drinks. Past such events at the Saltwater have been reported to be great. Of the $60 ticket price, the youth program will net $40. This means you will get an evening of food and wine (or whatever) for $20 and the rest benefits the program. This is a REAL BARGAIN! Book here: http://saltwateroysterdepot.com/ We hope to see you there. Bob Bob Stephens, Chair, Youth Sailing ([email protected])

TALES FROM THE BAR The Anne’s father was an attorney. I liked him. I respected him. This Tale is to show the like and respect that I have for my legal friends who are members of the Club -- Sandy Calhoun, Gary Fergus, Ted Friedman, Jim Gault, Stan Gillmar, Tony Griffin, Bob Laws, Eve Preminger, Mark Ropers, and Judith Ciani Smith, et al. It’s a story about an attorney with a bucket of illegally caught fish. The attorney is caught “red handed” by a Game Warden. The Game Warden says to the attorney “What’s going on?” The attorney says “These are my pet fish. They live with me and once each day I take them down to the wild river for them to get some exercise. After they swim for about 15 minutes, I whistle and they jump back into my bucket and then we go home together. I am going down now to the wild river. Do you want to go with me?”The Game Warden says, “I’ve got to see this!” So, they go down together to the river. The attorney puts the fish in the river and they are having a great time swimming about. Then, after about 15 minutes, the Game Warden asks “When are you going to whistle for your fish to jump back into the bucket?” The attorney responds “What fish?” ******* Good cheer, Doug


M E M B E R S H I P Posted for membership: Dan and Maria Mankin, Proposed by Win Black, seconded by Tom Hickman and Gillie Hickman.

Approved for membership: . Chris Ackley, Proposed by Peter Ackley, seconded by Millie Biller and Dudley Miller. Emily Hoge and Tom Watkins, Proposed by Jim Laws seconded by Bill Mosely. Dave Esler and Laura Rogers, children Sean and Liam Proposed by Millie Biller. Seconded by Mike Mezsaros and Dudley Miller.

The Pilot July 2014




Featuring singer, Joice Walton with her 3 piece band.


Bar opens at 5:00 p.m.; dinner at 6:00 p.m.


Pig & Bison

(We're not trying to "Buffalo" you - the meats will be PIG & BISON!)

Little New Potatoes Salad, Fresh Bread, and Apple Crisp!


$25.00 per person

RSVP: Dudley Miller, P.O. Box 527, Inverness CA 94937 Your check is your reservation. Make checks payable to Inverness Yacht Club RESERVE EARLY! This event may sell out!! The Pilot July 2014




Some IYC club regulars, racers, new members and some potential new members gathered on June 14th for the Club’s monthly Open House pot-luck party. Thank heavens someone takes bartending duties seriously! Rich Michetti does the mixologist honors as the racers gather around to tell lies about how they did that day. Looks like Milly Biller and John Phelen are hard aground on the mahogany reef, concocting a story about how they knew all along where a fortuitous wind shift was coming that would win the race for them that day.

Ginny Duncan, Youth Sailing Head Instructor, introduces the instructor team to the assembled parents and campers on opening day of session 1.

Kathy and Jeff Hutter catch up with friends after moving back to Inverness from Mill Valley. L to R: Joyce Laws, John Chase, Kathy Donohue, Jeff Hutter, Barbara Chase

With 25-knot-wind blowing, we cast off the newest batch of IYC youth sailors, eager to make their first sail. Although we faced tough conditions for the first day of sailing, the characteristic Tomales Bay winds did not stop the sailors from coming back to the dock with smiles on their faces. Older campers greeted their friends, ready to put updated fleets and new gear to use on the water. With over half the sailors new to sailing, the first few days have been exciting and challenging for the Optimist class. We found ourselves grateful for the new helmets, which left campers unfazed by a swinging boom or a surprise jibe. After a knock from a boom, we heard one camper exclaim, with a smile on her face, “Ouch! That could have hurt!” The Bic sailors have formed a cohesive group, working hard to help each other rig and de-rig. Their energy is contagious, and they motivate each other to sail further and faster. So far, they have excelled with the basics and are already sailing far up the bay. Facing backward and standing up, the Bic sailors like to have fun in their boats. The older FJ sailors are passing on their knowledge to the new skippers and crews. They’ve spent the first few days exploring beaches and practicing controlled tacks and jibes in the heavy wind. We feel blessed to have such an enthusiastic gang, and we look forward to a great session!

Ha! Cought one! L to R: Steve Skold, Carol Skold, and Susan Medina recruit a potential new club member who stands with application in hand.

Ginny Duncan, Head Instructor, Ruby Fisher-Smith, Assistant Head Instructor, and Matt Borglin, Assistant Head Instructor

A D U LT S A I L I N G R E M I N D E R Adult Sailing Lessons in 2014 - Reminder

Clearly up to no good! Can you tell from the look on their faces? L to R: Joe Cerny, Doug Johnson, Steve Skold

Is that a cocktail glass that Susan Speh keeps on a strap around her neck? Brian Hemming seems certainly amused by it.


IYC is offering the Adult Sailing Lesson Program this summer, geared for novices through lower intermediate level. This year the dates will be August 15-19, (Fri thru Tuesday). Our excellent and experienced Chris Longaker will teach the program in Flying Scots owned by the Club. There is a limited number of spots for participants this year, so if you are interested, please call me as soon as you can to let me know, or come to the Open House at our Club on Saturday July 12 at 5:30 PM. Chris and I will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the Lesson Program. The Application and Participation Agreement forms are found at http://www. invernessyachtclub.com/adult.html (click on the Application button at the bottom of the screen). Mail the forms to me at the address below, along with your check for $555 ($610 for non-members). But if you are interested, be sure to call soon because the lessons are starting Aug 15 and we need to finalize our plans. We hope to see you out on the water this summer! Ned Congdon – Chair, Adult Sailing Committee 115 Clover Hill Court Danville, CA 94526 925/984-6835

[email protected]

The Pilot · July 2014


June got 2 races in the bag for this season’s series. The Half Hog and The IA. Some exciting times for everyone.

Milly Biller and crew John Phelen show what it takes to win.

A long duel down the Bay by Annie Lewis and Dave West did not end the debate. Which is faster on Tomales Bay, the symmetical or the asymmetrical?

Half Hog

Robert Cardwell & Jim Noble show their usual fine form.


Fickle shifts and puffs in moderate breeze on the long course spread the fleet out and gave everyone excuses during cocktails afterwards.

25+ gusts deterred a few, made for some DNF but for those who finished, they had a splendid and exciting ride. Check out the new additions to the podium finishers… Congratulations to all. Chris Longaker, IYC Race Chair




110 110 110 110 FLYING SCOT JOHNSON 18 JOHNSON 18 HOBIE 20 110 110

SAIL # 445 450 735 142 5080 131 124 202 693 661


ELAPSED TIME 1:29:10 1:34:51 1:35:04 1:43:43 1:55:46 1:50:22 2:02:04 1:44:32 DSQ DNS

CORRECTED TIME 98.42 104.69 104.93 114.48 126.52 126.86 140.31 151.50 -


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


110 WETA HOBIE 20 110 110 110 FLYING SCOT 110 JOHNSON 18 110 110

The Pilot · July 2014

SAIL # 735 392 202 445 418 693 5559 21 131 450 142


ELAPSED TIME 95.45 92.433 78.467 105.033 105.033 105.583 126.933 DNF DNF DNF DNF

HN 85 79.5 67 85 85 85 89 85 79 85 85

CORRECTED TIME 112.29 116.26 117.11 120.16 123.57 140.31 142.62 -

PLACE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 12 12 12 12





Laminated wood components are lifted off the delivery truck with a rented crane.

Dock subsections with float attached.


Volunteers join the sections together and add the floats.

Heavy subsections are arranged using a forklift.

The new dock is starting to take the shape of the old dock, with holes for the light transmitting gratings.



Completely assembled and ready to install in time for Youth Sailing, but wait....! They sent galvanized bolts, not the stainless ones we need.

Photos courtesy of Milly Biller and Jim Laws

The Pilot · June 2014

This shows the corrosion on a galvanized bolt after 1 week installed in the pressure treated wood and why we went with the stainless. Stainless is now installed but we have to wait till August for Youth Sailing to be off the docks.





editor’s note: The club was revived after WWII with A.S. Oko the driving force and new commodore. There was some correspondence with regulatory agencies even then. Tomales Bay and surrounding areas were still used by the military. The cheeky quip at the bottom shows a difference of opinion on how Tomales Bay should be used.

The Pilot · June 2014


Inverness Yacht Club P.O. Box 186 Inverness, CA 94937 invernessyachtclub.org

FIRST-CLASS MAIL U.S. Postage PAID Unicorn Group


Friday, July 4th 4th Of July “Texas Heat BBQ” 17:00

Sunday, July 6h

Saturday, July 12th Board Meeting 09:30

Blessing Of The Fleet


Mason Race 12:30 Open House 17:30 Inverness Association Meeting 19:30

Tuesday, July 8th

Youth Sailing Fundraiser at the Saltwater


Monday, July 14th

IYC Youth Sailing Pre-session Potluck at Baack’s


Saturday, July 26th Youth Regatta 09:30

Sunday, July 27th Martinelli Race 13:30

Complete up to date calendar information, including private parties, club rentals, event hosts, invitational posters, and contact information is available at our new interactive web calendar (yea Sondy) at


Web viewers, just click on the link.


We are in the process of checking the kayaks that are on the waiting list into the. new racks. If you are on the waiting list and I do not have your email, you might ...

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