Max. Marks: 20 3X1 = 3

1. Write the names and formulae of any tow ores of Iron? 2. Mention the hybridization of carbon atoms in a) Diamond b) Graphite. 3. What are the methods of production of Electricity with which we can protect the Environment? Answer all questions in one or two sentences. 3x2 = 6 II. 4. Mention any two methods which produce very pure metals? When do we use Poling method? 5. What is Sapanification? Give the general formula of Soap? 6. A force of 8N acts on a rectangular conductor 20 cm long placed perpendicular to a magnetic field. Determine the magnetic field induction if the current in the conductor is 40 A. III. Answer any two questions. 4X2 = 8 7. How do you appreciate the relation between magnetic field and electricity that changed the life style of mankind? 8. Suggest an experiment to prove that the presence of air an water are essential for corrosion. Explain the procedure. 9. Draw a neat diagram of DC generator and label its parts. 10. An organic compound ‘X’ with a molecular formula C2 H6 O undergoes oxidation with alkaline KMnO4 and forms the compound ‘Y’ that has molecular formula C2H4O2. a) Identify X and Y. b) write your observation regarding the product when the compound ’X’ is made to react with compound ‘Y’ which is used as a preservative for pickles. IV. Choose the correct answer for the questions given below.

6X1/2 = 3

11. Which law states that the induced current set up in the coil in such a direction that it opposes the changes in the flux A) Faraday’s Law B) Ohms Law C) Lenz’s Law D) Ampere’s rule. 12. The device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy is A) AC generator B) DC generator C) Electric motor D) Transformer 13. Match the following. Group A Group B i) Galena [ ] A) Fes2 ii) Cinnabar [ ] B) PbS iii) Pyrites [ ] C) ZnS D) HgS A) i-C, ii-D, iii- A

B) i – B, ii-C, iii – D

C) i-B, ii-D, iii-A

D) i-B, ii-D, iii – C.

14. Low grade ores are generally concentrated by ______________ method. A) Magnetic separation B) Froth Floatation

C) Lidigation

D) Polling

15. The functional group present in Methanol is A) Alcohol

B) Aldehyde

C) Carboxylic

D) Ester

C) C7H16

D) C8H18

16. The Successor of the compound C6H14 is A) C5H12

B) C7H14


Page 1 of 1. MAHA SANKALPAM SPELL V :: CHITTOOR DISTRICT. SUB: PHYSICAL SCIENCE. CLASS : X TIME: 1 Hour Max. Marks: 20. I. Answer all questions in a word or two. 3X1 = 3. 1. Write the names and formulae of any tow ores of Iron? 2. Mention the hybridization of carbon atoms in a) Diamond b) Graphite. 3.

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