Perturbations and Metric Regularity

Dec 15, 2004 - SAAS. |y - Bx|| 1 + |B|x|| |x|-1 + |B| which is a contradiction, and the ...... Proof We apply Theorem 25 to the metric space U = L(X,Y) and the set.

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guistic analysis, from measuring the regularity with which a particular morpheme .... Substituting the data from Table 2 into Eq. 2, therefore, yields a value for.

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time-scale analysis reveals that the shock evolution is governed by a ...... Frigo, M. & Johnson, S. G. 1998 Fftw: an adaptive software architecture for the FFT.

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Jan 10, 2018 - to unambiguously refer that resource, and that resource alone. Otherwise, an identifier shared by multiple re- sources will confound efforts to describe that resource, or to use the identifier to retrieve it. Examples of identi- fier s