Sunrise Middle School

Parent/Student Handbook 2015-2016

4960 East Acoma Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85254


Principal - Greg Martin Athletic Fields Computer Lab Jenkins 300 36155

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B Science Lab

Science Lab

302 36157

306 36160


Girls Locker Room



Assistant Principal - Stacey Orest

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Multi Purpose Room (Lunchroom)

Barczak 36174

Boys Locker Room



Melsek 36173



303 36158

305 36159

307 36161

309 36162

311 Mail

313 36163

315 36164

317 36165






Staff Restrooms 46126 Workroom 212




Conf. Room 36152 214



96108 PSY

36119 216




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36142 202

36144 204

36146 206

36148 208



Staff Lounge 36149 210


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2015-2016 Sunrise Middle School Building Map

D 203 36143

201 36141




Girls Restroom Boys Restroom

205 36145



Res Eng Ferguson




207 36147








46133 102

36135 104

36137 106

36139 108

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

E 101 46142

103 46134

105 36136

107 36138







Graham 409 36190


301 36156



Bertilson 404 36168




! ! !

402 36167


Hernandez (Custodian)

406 36170



Storage Seretis! 413! 36114! DLC 411



! !


Administration Principal 96100 Admin Assistant 96102 Attendance Sec 36101 Clerk 36116 Advisor 96114 Vacant 96113 Registrar 96115 Assist Principal 96124 Office Lounge 96112 Nurse 96103 Campus Assist 46123 Vacant 36150


Period 2.....................

8:53 - 9:42

Period 3.....................

9:46 - 10:37

Period 4.....................

10:41 - 11:30

Period 5.....................

11:33 - 12:22

7th Grade Lunch...

11:33 - 12:03

Period 6.....................

12:06 - 12:55

8th Grade Lunch...



11! 46123! 96116 !





7 5 6



Parking Lot



GenYes PASS Mentoring


BELL-SCHEDULE 8:00 - 8:49

8 9

36150! !

403 36113

! !

405 36169

Media Center

Knobbe 36117 McDaniel 96110

Period 1.....................

10! 96103

! !

401 36166


! !

! !

407 36171

EARLY DISMISSAL BELL SCHEDULE Period 1.....................

8:00 - 8:32

Period 2.....................

8:35 - 9:07

Period 3.....................

9:10 - 9:42

Period 4.....................

9:45 - 10:17

Period 5/6..................

10:20 - 10:52

12:25 - 12:55

Period 7.....................

10:55 - 11:26

Period 7.....................

12:58 - 1:47

Period 8.....................

11:29 - 12:00

Period 8.....................

1:51 - 2:40



Contents A Message to Our Students


Lost and Found


Sunrise Student Goals


Lunches and Lunch Money


Values, Mission, and Vision Statement


Makeup Work for Absences


Media Center






Arrival and Dismissal Times


National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)






Attendance, Absences, Tardies, and Truancies


Parent Communication


Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters, and Rollerblades


Parent Volunteers


Birthdays, Celebrations, and Gifts


Bullying, Harassment, and Horseplay


Passing Between Classes


Bus Riders


Performance Testing


Bus Rules


Physical Education




Prohibited Articles


Cell Phones






Report Cards and Deficiency Reports


Closed Campus






School and Bus Crossings




School Hours


Deliveries to Students


Search and Seizure




Sexual Harassment


Dress Code


Smoking and Tobacco


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures


Solicitation and Invitations


Drugs, Look-A Likes, Paraphernalia, and Alcohol


Student Activities




Student Advisor


Extracurricular Sports Participation


Student Council


Fire and Lockdown Drills


Student ID Badge


Gang Association and Activity


Telephone Use


Governing Board


Textbooks and Materials


Hall Passes








Honor Roll and Principal’s List






Infinite Campus




Staff Contact Information




Bus Schedules





This handbook has been prepared to help you become familiar with the general goals, guidelines, and codes of conduct for students attending Sunrise Middle School. In this handbook you will find information pertaining to school policies and student activities that should help you become the very best student you can be.

• The goals at Sunrise Middle School address several areas for personal, social, and scholastic growth. The total program of this school is designed to help our students:

We extend our personal wishes to you for a rewarding and active school year. Become involved and enjoy your years at Sunrise Middle School. We look forward to an eventful and accomplished year for you.

• Become self-disciplined and responsible for your actions.

• Understand yourself and develop a positive selfconcept based on good character traits. • Understand and get along well with other people. • Respect the rights and feelings of others.

• Achieve success in the basic skill areas of english, science, math and social studies. • Explore elective areas of study for enrichment. • Develop new interests and pursue your talents. • Have a positive attitude towards school and the educational environment.



Individual Excellence Rigorous Curriculum Integrated Technology Differentiated Instruction Professional Collaboration Community Partnerships


The mission of Sunrise Middle School is to motivate students to achieve success and embrace responsibility within a dynamic learning environment.



The vision of Sunrise Middle School is to inspire students to become innovative thinkers and doers while challenging them to achieve individual excellence. We are committed to providing a rigorous curriculum, differentiated instruction, and integrated technology within a collaborative and supportive learning environment.


ANNOUNCEMENTS Announcements are made daily, usually at the beginning of 3rd period.

Absences: It is the responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian to report any absence by calling the school attendance line at 602-449-6101 before 10:00 a.m. or by calling the school office at 602-449-6100 no later than 10:00 a.m. on the day of the absence. You may NOT text your message. If no call is received, a reasonable effort will be made to contact a parent or guardian. If no contact is made, the student is considered unexcused. If a student will miss school for an appointment or religious holiday, the parent or guardian should notify the school office in advance of the absence.

ARRIVAL/DISMISSAL TIMES The school day at Sunrise Middle School is from 8:00 a.m. - 2:40 p.m. Students are not permitted on campus until 7:30 a.m. and should not arrive before that time. The only exception to this is if a student is requested to arrive earlier by a staff member or teacher who will give the student a pass. The student must enter the campus through the office and present the pass. As a parent, please don’t allow your son or daughter to arrive on campus before 7:30 a.m.

Tardies: School begins at 8:00 a.m. All students must be on time to school and seated in their first period class when the bell rings. Students are expected to be on time to each class throughout the day. Being late to class is disruptive and interferes with the learning of the class as a whole. All tardies to school and to individual classes are used to calculate the number of tardies each quarter. Therefore, Sunrise has the following consequence policy for students who are tardy:

Students should leave the campus immediately after the 2:40 p.m. dismissal bell rings. Students are not to be on campus after that time unless they are under the direct supervision of a teacher or staff member. Students staying after school for rehearsals, sports activities and/or club meetings should be with and under the direct supervision of their teacher, coach, or sponsor.

• Parents will be notified on the third tardy.

ASSEMBLIES Assemblies are designed to be both educational and entertaining experiences. Proper behavior includes reporting to the assigned class before the assembly, sitting with the assigned class, giving immediate attention to the program when requested, and remaining at the assembly until dismissed. Talking, whispering, whistling, stomping of feet, shouting, and booing are discourteous and inappropriate. Any student who is sent out of an assembly for behavioral reasons may be excluded from future assemblies and immediate disciplinary action will occur.

• Excessive tardies may result in lunch detention, a disciplinary referral, or a referral to the C.U.T.S. program. Parents must sign their child in at the office for any tardies without written verification. Excused tardies are those that have written verification from a doctor, dentist, orthodontist, etc. These tardies are marked as tardy excused (TE) and are not included for disciplinary action as described above. A student tardy to class without an excuse is recorded as tardy unexcused (TU) in Infinite Campus.

ATTENDANCE, ABSENCES, TARDIES, AND TRUANCIES The Paradise Valley School District has adopted the C.U.T.S (Court Unified Truancy Suppression) program. This is a court approved program for keeping students in school. Regular attendance is the key to much of the success a student may gain from his or her school program. Students should only remain out of school when absolutely necessary. The benefit of lectures, discussions, and participation is lost forever to those who are absent. Once a student has been absent from school ten (10) times, excused and/or unexcused, the parent(s) may be notified in writing. On the eighteenth (18) absence, a student may be cited and referred to the C.U.T.S. program.

Truancies: As stated before, the Paradise Valley School District has adopted the C.U.T.S. program. A student absent for one or more class periods without the consent of a parent or guardian is truant. An unexcused absence will be dealt with by the responsible administrator. A student is truant if he or she: • Leaves school without a parent signing out in the front office • Is absent from school without prior permission from a parent • Is absent from class without permission


• Obtains a pass to go to a certain location and does not report there

harassment. All students will attend an assembly on harassment policies. Consequences for harassment will be immediate and consistent with Governing Board policy. Students who feel they have been bullied or harassed must immediately come to the office, fill out a blue incident report form, and see the Assistant Principal to discuss the situation.

• Becomes ill and goes home or stays in the restroom instead of reporting to the nurse’s office • Comes to school but does not attend classes After the 5th truancy a conference may be held with the student, a parent is contacted, and a citation may be issued by the Juvenile Court Center.

BUS RIDERS If a student lives more than 1.5 miles from school, he/she is eligible to ride the bus. Any student causing a disturbance is endangering everyone on the bus. Students must be seated at all times while on the bus and may not cause any disruption which diverts the driver’s attention from the road. Students who misbehave on the bus or at bus stops may be forbidden from riding any school bus. Students must always get on and off at the same bus stop. Students should not arrive at the bus stop more than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. Open enrollment and transfer students are not eligible for bus transportation.

BICYCLES, SKATEBOARDS, SCOOTERS, AND ROLLERBLADES Students are not allowed to ride bicycles on walkways at any time. While on school property bicycles must be secured with a case hardened lock and chain in the bicycle compound during the school day. The school assumes no liability for loss or damage of bicycles or bicycle parts. Skateboards, longboards, rollerblades, and all scooters are not permitted at school for any reason, including before and after school. These items are not permitted as transportation to or from school. If any of these items are on campus at any time, the item will be confiscated and must be picked up by a parent during regular school hours.

BUS RULES Riding the school bus is a privilege! The following rules are to be followed at all times: • The same good conduct is expected as in the classroom.

BIRTHDAYS, CELEBRATIONS, AND GIFTS We understand that friends and parents like to celebrate various occasions. However, balloons, flowers, cakes, candy, presents, bouquets, etc. cause distractions, are a loss risk, and are not allowed on the bus or on campus. This policy helps protect instructional time and ensures that all students are treated equally. If a student has any of these items on campus, he/she will be sent to the office to call a parent to immediately come and pick up the item(s) from the office. Please do not bring or send any of these items to school for delivery to a student at any time.

• Students must stay seated while riding the bus. • Head, hands, and feet need to remain inside the bus at all times. • Nothing may be thrown from the bus windows or inside the bus. • The bus driver may assign seats. • The bus driver is in charge and students are expected to follow the bus driver’s directions and requests.

BULLYING, HARASSMENT, AND HORSEPLAY Students of Sunrise Middle School have the right to attend school without fear of harm, threat, intimidation, or harassment. Students shall not annoy or bother another student physically, verbally, or visually. The use of language or gestures which insult, intimidate, or negatively incite another person’s feelings will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual, ethnic, or religious

• Profane language is not tolerated and will result in disciplinary action. • No eating or drinking on the bus at any time.


• The bus driver may write a referral for any inappropriate behavior which may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension or permanent removal from the bus.

available for student use in an emergency. Sunrise Middle School is not liable or responsible for the investigation of any lost, damaged, or stolen cell phone. CHEATING All members of the Sunrise Middle School student community are encouraged to take responsibility for their own classwork and actions.

CAFETERIA Breakfast is served from 7:30 a.m. - 7:50 a.m. Students may choose to buy breakfast items if they are on campus during that time period. Students are responsible to be in class at 8:00 a.m. without exception.

Cheating at Sunrise is defined as any of the following actions:

The lunch period is 30 minutes. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds during the lunch period. Students are expected to help keep the lunch room clean, neat, and orderly. If rules are violated, disciplinary action may be taken. The following cafeteria rules must be observed:

• Incorrect grading of a paper, either by changing an answer, adding an answer that had been left blank, or not marking an error incorrect • Copying someone else’s work whether homework, in a test or quiz situation, or plagiarizing from written sources

• No running to the cafeteria.

• Allowing someone else to copy your work

• No cutting in line.

Acceptable actions include:

• A “courtesy lunch” is provided if a student forgets his/her lunch money or has no money in his/her lunch account.

• Presenting ideas of others with credit to the source such as when you use a footnote or bibliography

• No food or drink other than water is allowed outside the cafeteria.

• Helping a friend with homework by giving them similar examples or situations as models

• Students must stay inside the designated courtyard area when dismissed from the cafeteria at lunch time.

• Doing makeup homework after you have been absent

• Students may not litter.

• Sharing notes unless they are the assignment

• Disruptive behavior is not tolerated.

• Telling another student what an assignment is for a particular class

• Permission is required to leave the cafeteria or the courtyard during lunch time.

Consequences of cheating: • Student’s paper will be taken away.

• Students are expected to dispose of all trash and lunch trays before leaving their table.

• If occurring out of class, the paper in question will be given to the proper teacher.

• Students may request permission to go to the Media Center but must stay there for the remainder of the lunch period.

• Actions that may be taken by the individual student’s teacher can range from a conference with the student and/or parent to a grade of zero on the assignment or assessment.

CELL PHONES Upon arrival at school, students must turn off their cell phone, put it away, and not have it visible at any time during the school day. Students may not use their cell phone to call or text anyone during the school day under any circumstances. A phone in the office is


CLOSED CAMPUS In order to maintain a safe and orderly environment, students are not permitted to leave the school campus under any circumstances during the school day unless a parent or guardian signs him/her out in the office. All visitors must check in at the front office and receive a visitor’s pass before proceeding anywhere on the campus, including the athletic fields. No student may have a guest on campus during school hours. No guests are allowed at school dances or at any school events during the school day.

• Only Sunrise students may attend the dances and student ID cards are checked. • A student may not leave the dance early unless a parent picks him/her up through the office. The campus gates are locked during the dance, except for the main gate, to enhance student supervision and security. • Music is provided by a professional disc jockey. • A student may be prohibited from attending a dance if he/she has received a discipline referral and/or a suspension during the quarter of the dance.

CONDUCT Adult staff members are responsible for the enforcement of rules and maintaining order on campus. Students must respect the authority of ALL adults. Students in defiance of authority will be subject to disciplinary action.

• Disruptive behavior and/or profane language is not tolerated and will result in disciplinary action. • Students must remain in the cafeteria and/or gym for the entire dance.

The school has legal authority to “discipline students for disorderly conduct on the way to and from school” (ARS Title 15341 A 15). Disorderly conduct includes, but is not limited to: fighting, smoking, verbal abuse, vandalism, etc.

• If a student is removed from a dance for inappropriate behavior, the student could lose future dance privileges. • Students entering the dance illegally will be removed from the dance and brought to the office to call a parent for pick up.

Students are to conduct themselves in such a manner as to respect the rights of others and cause no interference with the educational process of the school. Fellow students, classroom and substitute teachers, student advisor, office personnel, aides, custodians, and administrators deserve respect, consideration, and a safe environment. Verbal or physical abuse toward any student or adult is not tolerated.

• No refunds will be given once a ticket is purchased.

School books, equipment, buildings, and furniture must be given proper care. Students and their families may be charged for damage to school property in addition to any disciplinary action.

DELIVERIES TO STUDENTS Students and parents need to take the time to secure all necessary items prior to the start of the school day. Lunch and/or lunch money is to be brought to school by the student and NOT delivered by a parent during the school day. The delivery of lunch money, lunch, homework, notes, etc. to classrooms causes a disruption to the educational setting and is discouraged.

DANCES Sunrise Student Council sponsors a welcome dance during the first semester and at the beginning of the second semester for all 7th and 8th grade students attending Sunrise Middle School. Tickets are sold the week of the dance during lunch. A late bus, with limited stops, is provided for all bus riders.

DISCIPLINE The staff of Sunrise Middle School believes that maintaining a positive and safe school environment is vital for all students. The discipline policy should ensure that each student has the opportunity for the maximum successful educational experience while he/she is a student at Sunrise Middle School.

The Student Council and PTSA sponsor an 8th grade promotion dance held on a Friday in May from 6:00 p.m 8:00 p.m. This dance is free for all 8th grade students. Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from this dance. The following rules for the dances must be followed: 7

The purpose of the policy is expressed by the following objectives:

State law mandates that shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals may not be worn on the basketball courts or during P.E.

• To ensure that the educational process is not interrupted

Hats or headwear of any kind are not allowed. This includes bandanas and scarves.

• To promote self-discipline and citizenship • To set a high expectation of standards

Pants should be of the appropriate size and not reveal undergarments or skin. No sagging.

• To ensure that students understand the link between proper behavior and a successful future

Garments promoting alcohol, illegal substances, tobacco, sexual connotations, weapons, inappropriate language, violence, and/or any other content deemed inappropriate by the administration are not permitted.

• To foster honesty, independence, and personal growth Student conference, parent conference, buddy pass, detention, school service project, suspension, and expulsion are possible disciplinary actions that may be taken against a student who violates school rules created to provide a safe and orderly learning environment. The school has jurisdiction over student behavior from the time he/she leaves home in the morning until he/she returns home. Abiding by the rules and guidelines given in this handbook ensures citizenship success at Sunrise.

Sleepwear is not appropriate for school attire. Pajama bottoms and slippers may not be worn to school. Face and/or tongue piercings are discouraged. Hairstyles and/or hair colors which draw undue attention and cause disruption are discouraged. Any garments and/or jewelry with straps, spikes, chains, etc. are considered a safety hazard, inappropriate for school wear, and are not permitted.

DRESS CODE All students are expected to abide by all aspects of the student dress code:

Students wearing any of the above items need to change and will be given appropriate clothing to finish the school day. Students need to remember that this is their workplace and, therefore, attire needs to be appropriate for work! Decisions as to appropriate dress rests with the school administrators. The dress code is in effect at all school events, regardless of the time of day, including, but not limited to: school dances, sports activities, NJHS induction, concerts, and all afternoon and evening performances.

Any clothing that is deemed by the school administration to be inappropriate or disruptive to the learning environment may not be worn to school. Shirts must cover the hips with no midriff or back skin showing at any time. Any attire that is sexually suggestive, exposing cleavage, or extremely brief and/or tight, is prohibited. Any clothing allowing undergarments to show is not permitted.

DROP-OFF AND PICK-UP PROCEDURES In our continuing effort to promote safety as well as efficiency at Sunrise, we request parents and students abide by the following drop-off and pick-up procedures for car commuting students. Areas for drop-off and pick-up are as follows:

Tank tops, double tank tops, backless blouses, tube tops, halter tops, torn and/or cut garments, and sheer garments are not permitted. Tops or dresses with spaghetti straps are not permitted. All students must wear shirts with sleeves. Shorts, skirts, and skorts should reach the end of the fingertips when arms are relaxed at the side.


!The indented curb area in front of the school on the north side of Acoma Drive is designated as a student !drop-off and pick-up zone. Do not exit the vehicle until !you are in the indented curb area and have pulled up as far forward as possible. Drivers need to avoid stopping in front !of the emergency vehicle access lane located immediately

cell phone, etc., brought to school is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Electronics may only be used with teacher permission in the classroom and in conjunction with assignments and or activities. Use of electronics must adhere to district, school, and classroom policies. Sunrise Middle School is not liable or responsible for the investigation of any lost, damaged, or stolen electronic device.

west of the bicycle enclosure. It is necessary to approach this drop-off and pick-up zone while driving west on Acoma Drive as “NO U-Turn” signs are posted for eastbound traffic. This is enforced by the Phoenix Police Department.

EXTRA CURRICULAR AND SPORTS PARTICIPATION Sunrise students are welcome to participate in extracurricular activities. For a student to be able to participate in an extracurricular activity or sport he/she must be present for at least 5 of the 8 periods of the school day. Extracurricular sponsors and coaches may monitor students grades and behavior for participation in clubs, activities, and sports. Coaches monitor athletes’ grades on a weekly basis during All-Star seasons. During this time each student must print out his/her grades each Friday and give it to the appropriate coach. An athlete not bringing in his/her grades or receiving a failing grade in any subject at that time will be ineligible to participate in games and/or competitions the following week until grades are checked again the next Friday. Selection for an All-Star team requires passing grades in all subjects at the time selection is made.

There is no stopping for vehicles at any time on the south side of Acoma Drive. Students who walk to school on the south side of Acoma Drive MUST proceed to the marked crosswalk in front of the school for safe entry to the campus. The east side of 49th Street, the west boundary for Sunrise, is also designated for drop-off and pick-up of students for vehicles traveling north. There is no drop-off or pick-up permitted on the west side of 49th Street. The south side of Marilyn Road, the north boundary for Sunrise, is available for drop-off and pick-up for vehicles traveling east There is no parking allowed between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. If a driver needs to assist a student with unloading a school project, musical instrument, bicycle, etc., Marilyn Road is optimal. There is no stopping permitted for westbound traffic.

Any student receiving a conduct referral will be ineligible to play in the next competition following the referral. Other infractions of behavior may also result in the loss of playing time at the coach’s discretion. Any student having a P.E. excuse that does not allow him/her to physically participate in P.E. class for the day will not be allowed to practice or compete in extra-curricular athletics for that school day. He/she is expected to be at the practice or competition to watch, but he/she cannot physically participate. Track and wrestling have competitions ahead of the festival tournament. An athlete is ineligible for the competitions before the festival tournament if he/she has a failing grade in any subject. All track and wrestling athletes are eligible to participate in the festival tournament regardless of his/ her grades.

The only vehicles allowed in the school parking lot are district buses, staff vehicles, and visitors who have business in the school office or an appointment. This minimizes the exposure of students to moving vehicles. Dispersing commuter traffic over the south, west, and north sidewalks around Sunrise ensures student safety and traffic flow efficiency. Please help us help your child arrive and depart Sunrise safely and expediently. DRUGS, LOOK-ALIKES, PARAPHERNALIA, AND ALCOHOL The possession, use, or sale of drugs, look-a likes, paraphernalia, and/or alcohol at school or on the way to/ from school will result in suspension and possible expulsion from school. Criminal prosecution may also result under ARS 13-3401-3411.

FIRE AND LOCKDOWN DRILLS Fire drills are conducted each month. Teachers will give directions for evacuation according to the evacuation maps posted in each classroom. Students are expected to be quiet and listen to the teacher’s instructions. Talking or misbehaving during a drill is dangerous and considered a discipline issue.

ELECTRONICS Any electronic device, such as a tablet, eReader, laptop,


Students are expected to be quiet and listen to the teacher’s instructions. Talking or misbehaving during a drill is dangerous and considered a discipline issue. Students who are in the hallway or restroom should exit to the athletic field and rejoin their class. Students in a classroom other than the one on their official schedule should stay with that class and advise the teacher. The teacher will then report the student’s location to an administrator. Lockdown drills are conducted each semester. A student in the hallway or bathroom at the time of a lockdown needs to immediately report to the closest classroom. The teacher will advise an administrator of the student’s location.

certificates are issued to deserving students after each of the first three quarters. The following is the criteria: • 3.0 GPA or better to be placed on the Honor Roll and 3.8 or better GPA to be placed on the Principal’s List • No grade lower than a “B” in any class for the quarter • Grades from all classes, including electives, are used to determine the grade point average (GPA) IMMUNIZATIONS Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) 36-672 mandates that proof of immunizations is required for each student and must be kept up to date. The school administrators are responsible for suspending students who are not in compliance with the law. If suspended, a student is not allowed to return until proof of the required immunizations is received by the school. Changes to required school immunizations now include the Tdap vaccine and Meningococcal vaccine (MV).

GANG ASSOCIATION AND ACTIVITY Students who associate with gangs or gang-like activity through dress, destructive, and/or disruptive behavior are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Governing Board policy. GOVERNING BOARD The regular Governing Board meetings are scheduled at 7:00 p.m. at the District Administrative Center Governing Board Room, 15002 N. 32nd Street, unless otherwise noted: August 6** August 20 Sept 3 & 17 October 1 October 15 November 5

November 19 December 3 January 7 January 22 February 18 March 3

* begins at 6:00 p.m.

** begins at 5:30

INFINITE CAMPUS Infinite Campus is an online tool that allows parents and students access to grades, homework assignments, attendance, and other important information. Infinite Campus is used by all Paradise Valley School District schools and the password will change from year to year. Please contact the office if you need assistance. Links to Infinite Campus are on the Sunrise and PVUSD websites or login at:

April 7 April 21 May 5 May 19 June 9* June 30*

INSURANCE Students participating in P.E. and other physical activities are encouraged to obtain medical insurance if you are not already covered under a family medical policy. Insurance is required to participate in extracurricular and festival sports programs. Insurance may be purchased through the school insurance program offered by United Healthcare. Brochures are available in the office.

HALL PASSES Students are not allowed out of any class for any reason without a pass from the office or a teacher. When a pass is given in a necessary or emergency situation, the pass must be returned with the times and proper signatures noted on the pass.

INTERNET The level of Internet usage is determined by individual classroom teachers. Students must follow district and school guidelines when using the Internet at Sunrise. Privileges may be revoked if violations of any rules occur during use.

HOMEWORK Homework should be completed by the student and returned to the teacher on the due date. It is the responsibility of the student to bring homework to school and we ask that forgotten homework not be delivered to school for student pick up.

! !

HONOR ROLL AND PRINCIPAL’S LIST Scholarship is encouraged and recognized through the Honor Roll and Principal’s list. Each list is compiled and 10

LOST AND FOUND Bins are located in the office and P.E. locker rooms for items that have been found on campus. Please ask in the front office for lost items such as: cell phones, money, electronic devices, jewelry, etc. to see if they have been found as they will be held separately. Items in the bins not claimed are donated to charity at the end of each semester.

MEDICATIONS It is mandatory that all medications be dispensed and controlled by the school nurse. This includes all over the counter medications such as: Tylenol, Advil, cough and cold remedies, antacids, etc. Students and/or parents need to see the nurse with any medication in its original container with the proper form filled out and signed by a parent. Is it not permissible under any circumstances for a student to share medication with others. Medications and inhalers are not to be carried by a student during school unless a doctor’s note is on file with the nurse each school year.

LUNCHES AND LUNCH MONEY Lunch can be purchased in the cafeteria or brought from home. If a student forgets his/her lunch money, a “courtesy” lunch is provided. We discourage bringing a forgotten lunch or lunch money during the school day as this interrupts academic time. Restaurant lunches may not be brought in to students.

The nurse does not have stock medications. If a student needs over the counter medications such as: Tylenol, Advil, etc., a small bottle of each medication should be provided to the nurse and labeled with the student’s name. The proper form must be filled out.

MAKEUP WORK FOR ABSENCES If a student is absent from class for any reason, it is his/ her responsibility to get the classwork and homework assignment(s) from the teacher’s website or see the teacher upon return to class to get the assignment(s). Students have one day to complete work missed for each day absent. Classwork and homework is available on each teacher’s website

NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) chapter of Sunrise Middle School is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of this prestigious national organization. Membership is open to those students who meet the required standards in five areas of evaluation: scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character. Standards for selection are established by the national office of NJHS and have been revised to meet our local chapter needs. Students are selected to be members by a Faculty Council, appointed by the principal, which bestows this honor upon qualified students on behalf of the faculty of our school.

If a student is suspended from school, all work is due upon return to school. This is not considered an excused absence. MEDIA CENTER Students are encouraged to use the media center before school and during lunch. When a student goes to the media center during lunch, he/she must remain in the media center until the lunch period is over. The media center is also open after school Monday - Thursday from 2:40 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Students use the media center with their class and on special assignment from their teachers. Inappropriate behavior to/from the media center may result in privileges being rescinded. Students are allowed to use material from the school media center and can check out five (5) books at a time for up to two (2) weeks.

Students in the second semester of 7th or 8th grade are eligible for membership. For the scholarship criterion, a student must have a cumulative grade point average for the first three quarters of 3.8 or better. Students who meet this criterion are invited to complete a Student Activity Information Form that provides the Faculty Council with information regarding a candidate’s leadership, citizenship, and service. A history of leadership experience and participation in school and community activities is required. To evaluate a candidate’s character, the Faculty Council uses two forms of input: school discipline records are reviewed and members of the faculty are solicited for input regarding their professional reflections on a candidate’s character and leadership. These forms and the Student Activity Information Forms are carefully reviewed by the

Students are charged the replacement cost for any book that is returned damaged or lost. No further book check out is allowed until payment is received. If payment is not received by the end of the school year, the student will not be able to check out books in the following school year until the outstanding amount is paid for. For students moving on to high school, we advise the high school of the amount owed for any lost/damaged books. 11

Faculty Council to determine membership. Candidates are notified regarding selection or non-selection according to a predetermined schedule.

volunteers need to sign in at the front office and receive a “Visitor” sticker. Volunteers are NOT to go on campus without first signing in at the front office.

Following notification, a formal induction ceremony is held to recognize all the newly selected members. Once inducted, new members are required to maintain the same level of performance or better in all five areas that led to his/her initial selection.

PASSING BETWEEN CLASSES On full days students are given four (4) minutes between classes to pass from one class to the next, to use the restroom, and/or get a drink, if needed. Teachers will not give a pass for the bathroom or a drink except in an emergency. Students are expected to move from one class to another in an orderly manner with no running, pushing, or inconsiderate behavior toward others. Walkways must remain open to traffic. Traffic is not to be blocked by students standing in groups.

This obligation requires regular attendance at monthly chapter meetings and participation in the chapter service projects. NURSE The nurse’s office is located in the main office building. The nurse does hearing and vision screenings as well as fully clothed scoliosis checks. If you have objections to any of these screenings, please contact the school nurse. If a student is injured and cannot walk they may be transported by golf cart to the nurse’s office. If you do not want your child transported in this manner, please advise the nurse.

PERFORMANCE TESTING All students take the state mandated performance test in the second semester of the school year. The results become part of each student’s permanent record. Student scores are provided to the parent or guardian at the beginning of the following school year. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Students are required to wear appropriate clothing and sneakers during P.E. class. Mouth guards are highly recommended for all students. Jewelry is not to be worn. The P.E. teachers give instructions regarding requirements and issue lockers for security of personal belongings. At no time are students to share a locker. Each student is responsible for purchasing his/her own lock. The school is not responsible for loss or damage of locks or belongings. P.E. lockers are school property and remain, at all times, under the control of the school. Inspection of lockers may be conducted by school authorities with reasonable suspicion at any time without police, without student consent, and/or without a search warrant. Any P.E. restrictions also apply to any after school and/or sports activities.

The nurse maintains all immunization records and emergency cards. Please help the nurse keep these current. Students needing to see the nurse must first get a pass from a teacher. If a student has a health issue, he/she must go to the nurse’s office and make any necessary parent phone call(s) through her office phone. PARENT COMMUNICATION There are various ways for parent to be apprised of school events and communicate with Sunrise staff members. • Infinite Campus • Sunrise website: • Messages can be sent to a staff member’s email. Email information is available on the Sunrise website.

The procedures to be excused from P.E. class are as follows:

• Voicemail messages may be left. Voicemail information is available on the Sunrise website.

• Temporary excuse: This may be requested for three consecutive days or fewer. Parents must submit a note to the P.E. teacher for any specific illness or injury. The excuse may request no physical education for the day or may state specific restrictions.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS A Volunteer Packet must be filled out every school year and can be picked up in the office. Approval may take up to 4 weeks. Parents who would like to volunteer in the classroom are welcome, with the teacher’s approval. Once the paperwork is completed and approved,

• Long term excuse: Parents are required by the Paradise Valley Unified School District rules to obtain a written statement from the student’s physician 12

describing the problem, the length of time to be excused from P.E., and the exact restrictions.

be listed on the school calendar. For further information about P.T.S.A. please email GaLa Goodale, P.T.S.A. President, at [email protected]

• A written or alternative assignment is given to any student excused from physical participation in P.E.

REPORT CARDS AND DEFICIENCY REPORTS Report cards are produced at the end of each quarter. Report cards will be emailed if you have provided the necessary information, sent home with the student or sent by U.S. mail. Letter grades are used to designate student achievement in each course.

PROHIBITED ARTICLES Articles which interfere with safety, cause disruption, or are a hazard at school, are prohibited and confiscated. School administrators have the final say regarding the appropriateness of items at school. In addition, the school will not be responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of prohibited items. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:

Deficiency reports are only sent to students earning a D or F in a class at the mid point of the quarter. For example, if a student earns A’s, B’s, and C’s in all classes except for a D in English, a deficiency report is generated and sent home reflecting that the student is in danger of failing English. A comment on the report will state that the parent needs to closely monitor the student’s grades in Infinite Campus and/or contact the teacher for more information regarding the student’s academic progress. Classes not identified on the progress report indicate a grade of “C” or better at the mid point of the quarter.

• Weapons or look a likes • Drugs, drug look-a likes, and/or drug paraphernalia, alcohol, tobacco and/or tobacco products, including pipes, cigars, cigarettes, etc. • Matches and lighters • Clothing with inappropriate or gang related wording or symbols

RESTROOMS Students may use the restroom before and after school, between class periods, and during lunch. Students are expected to keep the restrooms clean. If a student is feeling ill, he or she is to report to the nurse’s office and not remain in the restroom.

• Hats • Trading cards, toys, etc. • Cameras, CD players, iPods, MP3 players, electronic games, and other electronic devices • Laser pens

SCHOOL AND BUS CROSSINGS Extreme care must be used in crossing streets and crosswalks should always be used when applicable. Students MUST follow the directions of the crossing guard at all times. Students who jaywalk are endangering their lives and repeat offenders may receive disciplinary consequences. Students may not cross any main streets to go to or from the bus stops. Bus stop information is included in this handbook and is also available on the district and school websites.

• Mace • Gum • Aerosols, perfume, cologne, deodorants, etc. P.T.S.A. P.T.S.A. stands for Parent, Teacher, Student Association. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join. Dues are $15.00 per family for the school year. P.T.S.A. dues and fundraisers are the only sources of financial support for the P.T.S.A. Money raised directly supports our school and staff. P.T.S.A. meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the Media Center. Meetings for the 2015 - 2016 school year will be scheduled and will


SCHOOL HOURS The regular school day is 8:00 a.m - 2:40 p.m. The lunch period is thirty (30) minutes. The early dismissal day is 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Students should not be on campus before 7:30 a.m. unless requested by a staff member and should leave school grounds immediately after the 2:40 p.m. bell unless requested by a staff member or participating in an after school supervised activity.

Additional clubs and activities are also available, such as: Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, and Drama Club. STUDENT ADVISOR The Student Advisor is available to offer support and guidance for all students. She is also available to help with any crisis situation that may arise. Students are encouraged to stop by and see her with any questions or concerns as they progress through the dynamic and challenging middle school years. Parents are welcome to discuss their thoughts and concerns regarding their student. Communication between parents and the advisor, teachers, and administrators is vital to maintaining a positive and successful school environment for students.

SEARCH AND SEIZURE Order, safety, and security are essential to a productive learning environment. When the learning environment is threatened by the presence of contraband, school officials have a responsibility and the authority to obtain contraband from any student. School officials have the authority to search a student and his/her personal belongings for any contraband items. The decision to conduct a search will be made by the Principal or Assistant Principal.

STUDENT COUNCIL Sunrise Student Council elections are held at the beginning of each school year. Eighth grade students may run for the office of President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer. Seventh grade students may run for the office of Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT All individuals associated with Sunrise Middle School are expected to conduct themselves so as to provide an atmosphere free from sexual harassment. Any person who violates the personal rights of another through sexual harassment is subject to immediate disciplinary action consistent with Governing Board policy.

Student Council is a positive way to be involved with the school. The policies and issues at Sunrise that affect everyday life for all students are the concerns of the Student Council officers and representatives. Individuals who want to maintain the status quo and those who seek change can both find their voices through Student Council. This bridge that connects the student body with the adult faculty and administration is the one place where the generation gap is truly dissolved.

SMOKING AND TOBACCO Students are not permitted to possess or bring any tobacco product or associated paraphernalia, matches, or lighters at any time in school buildings, on school grounds, on a bus, or within the area surrounding the school grounds. This applies to all school sponsored events and activities as well as during the regular school day. Violation of this rule will result in suspension. Smoking or possession of tobacco is in violation of the law. ARS 13-3622

STUDENT ID BADGE Each student is issued a student identification (ID) badge which must be carried on the student at all times and readily available. A student must have an ID to ride the bus and to attend school dances. If a student ID is lost or misplaced, a new one can be purchased for $5.00 in the office.

SOLICITATION AND INVITATIONS Students are not allowed to sell any items in school, including food items. Students are not permitted to distribute printed material and invitations without prior approval from school administration.

TELEPHONE USE There is a telephone available for student use in the office. Students may not use classroom phones to call a parent unless instructed by a teacher to do so. Cell phones may not be used once a student enters the campus. Cell phones must be turned off and put away during the school day. Cell phones may not be turned on again until after the dismissal bell rings and the student exits the campus.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES In addition to required courses, elective classes and extracurricular activities are offered to help develop student interest and provide enrichment. The intramural program offers various sports throughout the year. 14

TEXTBOOKS AND MATERIALS Students are responsible for all textbooks issued to them. These textbooks are to remain at home until instructed by the issuing teacher to return them. A set of textbooks is available in the classroom for daily use. Students are required to reimburse the school for any lost or damaged textbooks at replacement cost. A replacement textbook cannot be issued until the lost or damaged one is paid for. For any student leaving the Paradise Valley School District, transcripts will be withheld until any money owed is paid to the school. VISITORS All visitors must check in at the office, sign in, and receive a “Visitor” sticker. No student may have a guest on campus during class hours. WEAPONS Students and parents need to be aware that any student possessing, holding for another student, or having any contact with any action involving weapons or look-a likes may be recommended to the Governing Board for expulsion from school. We ask parents in our community to discuss with their student the seriousness and danger associated with weapons. We want to ensure that weapon-related incidents do not happen on the Sunrise Campus or any other campus in our district. What can start out as poor judgement on the part of a student can result in permanent removal from school and a referral to law enforcement agencies. YEARBOOK The Sunrise yearbook is produced each year by the 8th grade yearbook class and is a great way for students to remember their middle school experience. Parents of 8th grade students may purchase space in the yearbook to send their child a personalized message. Information regarding the purchase of yearbooks will be provided on the Sunrise website once available. We encourage you to pre-order your yearbook online early. Yearbooks will be sold on campus the last week of school in limited supply.



CONTACT INFORMATION Please call 602-449-6100 to leave a voice message. Wait a few seconds for the recording to come on and follow the instructions.



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Sunrise Middle School


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Buses arrive Sunrise at 7:45 a.m DEPARTS TO SUNRISE:

Buses depart Sunrise at 2:47 p.m. ARRIVES FROM SUNRISE:

Bus 7:30 7:31 7:32 7:33 7:34

Bus 2:57 2:58 2:59 3:00 3:01


108 E Danbury Rd & N 41st Pl E Grovers Ave & N 41st Pl E Robert E Lee St & N 41st Pl N 44th St & E Michelle Dr (RSO) N 44th St & E Muriel Dr (RSO)

Bus 109 7:35 N 43rd St & Joan De Arc 7:37 N 46th St & E Willow Ave 7:38 N 44th St & Pershing Ave (So of Park) 7:41 4428 E Paradise Village PK (So on Cactus)


110 E Danbury Rd & 41st Pl E Grovers Ave & N 41st Pl E Robert E Lee St & N 41st Pl N 44th St & E Michelle Dr (RSO) N 44th St & E Muriel Dr (RSO)

Bus 109 2:54 N 43rd St & Joan De Arc 2:56 N 46th St & E Willow Ave 2:58 N 44th St & Pershing (So of Park) 3:00 4428 E Paradise Village Pk (So on Cactus)

Bus 117 7:28 N 42nd St & E Bloomfield Rd 7:29 12891 N 42nd St (42nd St @ Apts) 7:30 N 41st Pl & E Captain Dreyfus Ave 7:31 E Andora Dr & N 42nd St 7:32 N 41st St & E Eugie Ave 7:34 N 40th Pl & E Friess Dr

Bus 117 2:54 N 42nd St & E Bloomfield Rd 2:56 12891 N 42nd St (42nd St @ Apts) 2:56 N 41st Pl & E Captain Dreyfus Ave 2:58 E Andora Dr & N 42nd St 2:59 N 41st St & E Eugie Ave 2:59 N 40th Pl & E Friess Dr

Bus 199 7:22 E Robert E Lee St & N 46th St At east end of the Park 7:22 N 46th St & E Angela Dr 7:26 E Meadow Dr & N 46th St 7:28 E Bell Rd & N Tatum Blvd @ apartments 7:31 E Kelton Ln & N Tatum Blvd 7:32 E Aire Libre Ave & N 49th St @ mailbox 7:34 N 50th St & E Fellars Dr

BUS 199 3:06 E Robert E Lee St & N 46th St At east end of Park 3:05 N 46th St & E Angela 3:04 E Meadow Dr & N 46th St 3:00 E Bell Rd & N Tatum Blvd @ apartments 2:57 E Kelton Ln & N Tatum Blvd 2:55 E Aire Libre Ave & N 49th St @ mailbox 2:54 N 50th St & E Fellars Dr

Bus 124 7:30 N 41st St & E Karen Dr 7:33 E Waltann Ln & 41st St 7:34 N 40th Pl & E Paradise Ln 7:35 E Paradise Ln & N 43rd St 7:36 N 44th St & E Kings Ave (RSO)

Bus 124 2:52 N 41st St & E Karen Dr 2:55 E Waltann Ln & 41st St 2:56 N 40th Pl & E Paradise Ln 2:57 E Paradise Ln & N 43rd St 2:58 N 44th St & E Kings Ave (RSO)






7:37 7:38

2:59 3:00

! !

N 45th Pl & E Kelton Ln N 46th St & E Sandra Ter

Bus 138 7:10 N 49th St & E Angela Dr - Pillar Apts 7:13 E Libby St & N 49th St 7:15 E Robert E Lee St & N 50th St 7:16 N 52nd St & E Charleston Ave 7:17 N 52nd St & E Anderson Dr 7:19 E Wallace Ave & N 51st St 7:24 N 52nd St & E Aire Libre Ave 7:28 E Anderson Dr & N 60th St 7:30 E Woodredge Dr & N 60th St 7:33 N 58th Way & E Anderson Dr 7:35 E Saint John Rd & N 57th St 7:36 N 56th Pl & E Campo Bello Dr 7:39 E Michelle Dr & N 54th St 7:41 N 55th St & E Grovers Ave 7:43 N 54th St & E Campo Bello Dr

! !

N 45th Pl & E Kelton Ln N 46th St & E Sandra Ter

Bus 138 2:54 N 49th St & E Angela Dr - Pillar Apts 2:56 E Libby St & N 49th St 2:58 E Robert E Lee St & N 50th St 2:59 N 52nd St & E Charleston Ave 3:00 N 52nd St & E Anderson Dr 3:02 E Wallace Ave & N 51st St 3:04 N 52nd St & E Aire Libre Ave 3:08 E Anderson Dr & N 60th St 3:10 E Woodredge Dr & N 60th St 3:13 N 58th Way & E Anderson Dr 3:15 E Saint John Rd & N 57th St 3:16 N 56th Pl & E Campo Bello Dr 3:19 E Michelle Dr & N 54th St 3:21 N 55th St & E Grovers Ave 3:23 N 54th St & E Campo Bello Dr

Late Bus Departs from Sunrise M-F @ 4:15 p.m.


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