100: Board Governance Approved by Board of Directors:

Parent Involvement Policy 01/23/13 Date

New$ Day$ Academy$ agrees$ to$ implement$ the$ following$ policy$ for$ involvement$ of$ parents,$ consistent$ with$ Section$ 1118$ of$ the$ Elementary$ and$ Secondary$ Education$ Act$ (ESEA).$ $ $ The$ following$ policy$ will$ ensure$ that$ the$ requirements$ of$ section$ 1118$ of$ the$ ESEA$ are$ met,$ describing$broadly:$ •

how$parents$are$involved$in$the$development$of$the$LEA$plan$and$process$for$ review$of$program$improvement$status$

how$parent$involvement$activities$are$planned$and$implemented$to$improve$ student$academic$achievement$and$school$performance$


how$ parent$ involvement$ strategies$ are$ coordinated$ and$ integrated$ across$ programs$

the$process$for$annual$evaluation$of$content$and$effectiveness$of$the$parent$ involvement$policy,$and$subsequent$incorporation$of$findings$to$design$more$ effective$parent$involvement$


Consistent$ with$ the$ requirements$ of$ section$ 1118(b)$ of$ the$ ESEA,$ New$ Day$ Academy$ will$ provide$parents$access$to$this$parent$involvement$policy$and$subsequent$changes$in$a$timely$ manner.$$Specifically,$school$publishes$the$current$parentGinvolvement$policy$at$the$following$ web$address:$$www.newdayacademy.net.$$In$addition,$the$school$maintains$a$current$copy$of$ the$parentGinvolvement$policy$on$site$and$is$available$upon$request.$ Consistent$ with$ the$ requirements$ of$ section$ 1118(c)$ of$ the$ ESEA,$ New$ Day$ Academy$ solicits$ input$and$involvement$from$parent$around$its$Title$programs$and$this$policy$through$a$number$ of$avenues,$including$but$not$limited$to:$ • The$ school$ advisory$ council$ comprised$ of$ staff,$ parents,$ and$ community$ members,$ meets$quarterly$to$discuss$and$participate$in$planning$on$a$host$of$issues,$including$but$ not$limited$to,$the$use$of$Title$funding.$$At$least$annually,$this$council$will$review$this$ parent$involvement$policy$and$make$recommendations$for$revisions$if$necessary.$

• Through$ the$ independent$ study$ model,$ parents$ regularly$ meet$ with$ instructors$ every$ attendance$ period$ (20$ days)$ to$ discuss$ student$ progress$ and$ assessment$ results$ as$ applicable.$ $ In$ these$ discussions,$ parents$ are$ solicited$ for$ feedback$ and$ input$ on$ current$ educational$ programs$ and$ offerings.$ $ Instructors$ and$ parents$ create$ a$ collaborative$learning$plan$to$address$student$strengths,$needs,$and$weaknesses.$ • Monthly$ newsletters$ are$ sent$ to$ parents$ with$ information$ about$ curriculum,$ instructional$methods,$and$links$to$helpful$websites.$$Parents$are$encouraged$through$ the$ newsletter$ to$ provide$ feedback$ and$ input$ about$ current$ educational$ offerings$ of$ New$Day$Academy.$ Consistent$ with$ the$ requirements$ of$ section$ 1118(d)$ of$ the$ ESEA,$ New$ Day$ Academy$ has$ developed$a$schoolGparent$compact$that$outlines$how$parents,$school$staff,$and$students$will$ share$responsibility$for$student$achievement$via$the$independent$study$agreement$each$family$ signs$each$year.$$This$independent$study$agreement$is$annually$reviewed$by$both$staff$and$the$ student$site$council.$$$A$generic$independent$study$agreement$is$available$at$the$following$web$ address:$$www.newdayacademy.net.$$In$addition,$the$school$maintains$a$current$copy$of$this$ independent$study$agreement$on$site$and$is$available$upon$request.$ Consistent$ with$ the$ requirements$ of$ section$ 1118(e)$ of$ the$ ESEA,$ New$ Day$ Academy$ builds$ capacity$ for$ parent$ involvement$ by$ providing$ assistance$ in$ understanding$ the$ national$ education$goals,$California’s$content$standards,$and$California$student$performance$standards.$$ Every$year,$the$school$hosts$a$parent$meeting$where$both$API$and$AYP$from$the$past$year$are$ reviewed$ and$ explained.$ $ These$ meetings$ are$ framed$ as$ part$ of$ the$ discussion$ on$ how$ Title$ funding$is$being$used$to$address$student$achievement.$Parents$are$also$solicited$for$input$as$to$ how$ the$ school$ can$ provide$ additional$ support$ in$ understanding$ academic$ achievement$ measures$each$year.$ Consistent$with$the$requirements$of$section$1118(f)$of$the$ESEA,$New$Day$Academy$provides$ opportunities$ for$ the$ participation$ of$ parents$ with$ limited$ English$ proficiency$ or$ with$ disabilities$to$the$extent$practical,$whether$through$volunteer$translation$service$or$facility$and$ access$accommodations.$ This$ Parental$ Involvement$ Policy$ has$ been$ developed$ jointly$ with$ parents$ of$ children$ participating$in$Title$I,$Part$A$programs,$as$evidenced$by$approval$of$school$advisory$council$on$ (January$ 15,$ 2013).$ $ The$ school$ contact$ for$ Parent/Family$ involvement$ is$ Laura$ VanAcker,$ Executive$Director$([email protected],$530G233G3861).$ $ $


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