Paperwork to be turned in after Opening: These papers need to be returned to the office:  Free and Reduced-Price Meals Household application for the current year.  If you are claiming your own child - We have to have Income Verification – either a copy of your food stamp letter that shows your name and 10 digit case number OR your last Federal Income Tax return that shows your annual income, and any other documentation that shows additional income into the household. Your household is considered as a group of related or unrelated individuals who are living as one economic unit (sharing living expenses).  Substitute provider information sheet – even if you don’t have one, send in the paper.  Authorization for information.  Provider outside employment information – even if you only give us your house of operation.  Request for Taxpaper Identification number and certification. SS #  Internet claim filing agreement. Can be found in the Welcome to online claiming packet.  Training ________________________________ 1 hr. credit.  Enrollment forms – make sure they are signed by the parent and infant disclosure statement signed. Use the large flat envelopes that are provided.

These papers constitute your claim for the month. 1. Claim information form – CIF. Needs to be filled in by you and needs to have the parent signature by the child’s name. Be sure to sign and put in information we need to know. 2. Time in/ out – Attendance Record. This is where you record the times you had the children. Put in their name, number and age. The parent will sign under their name and initial daily. 3. Child Form: Food Served, Attendance and Meal count. Bubble menus. Signed, dated and provider number bubbled in. 4. Any new enrollment forms. Notes: Write on back.

“This institution is an equal opportunity provider”.

Paperwork to be turned in after Opening

Substitute provider information sheet – even if you don't have one, send in ... Provider outside employment information – even if you only give us your house of.

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