Public Allies Eagle Rock Societies & Cultures Teaching Fellow Position Description The Public Allies Eagle Rock Fellowship selects promising young educators to participate in an advanced year-long service and leadership development program focused on education and youth development. Located at the nationally recognized Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center in Estes Park, Colorado, Public Allies Eagle Rock is an opportunity for young leaders who are passionate about education, youth development, and working with 15-21 year-old students from diverse backgrounds for whom traditional educational settings have not been effective. Eagle Rock will engage twelve Public Allies members to work between September and August, for a total of 50 weeks. Fellows serve in their apprenticeship positions for a full year, where they create, improve and expand services offered by Eagle Rock, specifically in the areas of youth development and education. The position includes both instructional and residential responsibilities. Fellows participate in a rigorous leadership development program, on-going training and community-building activities, and they design and deliver team service projects (TSPs). The Societies and Cultures department offers courses that range over a multiple of subjects, some of which are: US and World History, Civics, Social Change, Geography and Sociology. Wherever possible, we attempt to integrate these subjects to provide the fullest learning experience for students. Our curriculum aims at empowering youth on social justice issues and increasing their global citizenship. The Societies & Cultures fellow will work in conjunction with the Societies & Cultures Instructional Specialist to build Eagle Rock’s capacity to better serve our students and our national mission of supporting high school re-engagement by creating new curriculum and courses, testing new teaching strategies in the classroom, and sharing effective practices with our network of educators across the country.

Responsibilities and Attitude • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Co-design, co-plan and co-instruct classes Increase teaching responsibilities as the year progresses Develop and administer assessments and write student evaluations Advise student government and support student clubs like Power to the People Take initiative in supporting student affinity groups and discussions Meet with Instructional Specialist outside of class for planning, weekly check-ins, feedback Supervise students and organize activities during out-of-class time – in the evenings and one weekend day Develop positive mentoring relationships with students, fostering personal and community growth Participate as a member of a student house team in advisory, intramural sports, meals and retreats Design and deliver a Team Service Project, building on community assets Support program staff, your supervisors and administrative staff in duties as appropriate and necessary Consult with your supervisor if you have any ideas, issues or concerns, offering analysis and solutions whenever possible Practice sound health habits, including getting sufficient rest, to effectively perform the position requirements Eagle  Rock  School  and  Professional  Development  Center  ●  2750  Notaiah  Rd  ●  Estes  Park,  CO  80517  ●  970-­‐586-­‐0600  x1332  ●  ●  [email protected]  

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Program Training • 2-week orientation • First aid, CPR and safe driving trainings • On-going professional development in instructional strategies, capacity building, leadership models Work schedule Eagle Rock fellows are expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per week, with regular evening and weekend residential responsibilities. Instructional fellows often spend evening or weekend hours preparing and honing lessons. A fellow’s work schedule is either Sunday-Thursday or TuesdaySaturday. As the job is residential in nature, fellows also participate in a number of activities outside their typical work day: community meetings, dinners with house teams, evening activities, affinity group meetings, intramural sports, community service, and transporting students off campus for shopping/entertainment/educational events.

Desired Skills and Experience • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Strong background in liberal arts, especially in American and world history, politics/US government, civics, geography, economics and/or social sciences (psychology, sociology) Willingness to facilitate discussions on topics such as privilege, identity, discrimination, racism Strong facilitators preferred Real-life experience (travel, research, etc), in understanding different cultures, and enthusiasm to share learnings from that experience Exposure to strategies in the teaching of history or social sciences Relevant experience working with youth, in non-profit or educational settings, ideally HS age Must be a self starter who is flexible and possesses energy to meet demands of a residential community life Willingness to work over and above a 40-hr work week, some evenings and one weekend day Strong ability to work independently Strong organizational skills Strong communication skills (clear, direct, honest communication preferred) Ability to give and receive feedback Ability to find a need and fill it Driver’s license and good driving record College degree or equivalent life experience post high school Awareness and knowledge of cultural competencies and social justice issues, with demonstrated actions toward creating more just and equitable communities

Program Benefits • • • • • • • •

$18,000 annual living stipend, paid bi-weekly AmeriCorps health insurance, fully paid Approximate $5,700 education award, loan forbearance, loan interest accrued paid Free on-campus shared room for the year, meals during trimester sessions Five personal days and 2 three-week trimester breaks, paid $500 individual professional development account Use of school facilities and gym, use of Mac laptop for the year Possibility of participating in alternative teacher licensure certification program through the Colorado Department of Education, paid for by Eagle Rock (applicants must have a college degree, and must apply and be selected for program through the CDE)

Eagle  Rock  School  and  Professional  Development  Center  ●  2750  Notaiah  Rd  ●  Estes  Park,  CO  80517  ●  970-­‐586-­‐0600  x1332  ●  www.publicallies/eaglerock  ●  [email protected]  

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Meet with Instructional Specialist outside of class for planning, weekly check-ins, feedback. • Supervise students and organize activities during out-of-class time – in the evenings. and one weekend day. • Develop positive mentoring relationships with students, fostering personal and community growth. • Participate as a ...

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