Pack 408 Pinewood Derby


Saturday, January 10 , 2015

Attention All Racers- Please read these instructions carefully! It is time to get started on your Pinewood Derby Car so you will be ready for the big race. The Pinewood Derby Car kits were distributed to each den leader at the November Pack meeting. As in past years, the races will be held again in the St. Wenceslaus Social Hall. All cars participating in the race will need to be weighed and inspected prior to racing. Weigh-ins and inspections will begin at 12:30 P.M., with races starting at about 2:00 P.M. Please come early - we have 80 cars to weigh and inspect! A pit will be available if you need to add/remove any weight from your car. The pit will contain glue guns, washers, screws, graphite lubricant, drills, screwdrivers and various other tools and materials. Scouts should do most of the work on the cars, except where parents have safety concerns (i.e., cutting the block of wood). Remember that this is an event for the Scouts to show their creativity. This years car kits are standard issues from BSA. All scouts are required to use the kit provided. All car kits are the same. All cars must pass inspection to qualify for racing. The inspection is designed to ensure that all cars comply with specific “Fair Race Standards” for a level-racing field. The Fair Race Standards include: 1)

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Car width may not exceed 2 ¾ inches (including wheels and axles). Car length may not exceed 7 inches. Car height may not exceed 5 ½ inches. Width between wheels must be 1 ¾ inches and bottom clearance between car and track must be 3/8 inches. Details such as steering wheel, driver, spoiler, decals, painting and interior details are permissible as long as these details do not cause the car to exceed the max width, length, height and weight. Car weight may not exceed 5 ounces. The reading of the Official Race Scale will be considered final. Cars may be hollowed and built up to the maximum weight with the addition of wood or metal, provided it is securely built into the car. Weight can be checked at post offices or hobby stores. Axles and wheels are limited to the ones provided with the kit. No premium axles or solid axles are allowed. Axles must be located in the slots provided, making the wheelbase 4-1/2 inches. Wheels may not be peaked, narrowed, tapered, or altered, except for light sanding. Wheels must be original size and shape. The BSA lettering on the wheels must remain clearly visible. Wheel bearings, washers and bushings are not allowed. The car can not ride on any kind of spring. The car must be free wheeling with no starting or propulsion devices. No loose materials of any kind are allowed in or on the car. This includes the use of magnets. Cars built and raced in previous years are not allowed. The nose of the car must rest firmly against the starting post (this means the center of the front nose of your car should be FLAT (no v-shaped or forked noses). Car numbers are assigned and distributed via email. Please place your assigned number on the car so that it is visible on the back top of the car as allowable by design. Placing the number towards the back will tell the race managers for sure what end is the front and what end is the back. If you do not number your car, we will provide your assigned number on race day. Only dry powder lubricants, such as graphite may be used. Regular oils and silicone sprays are not allowed. These items may soften the plastic wheels and damage the track. Cars may be lubricated before inspection and weigh-in. No further modifications are allowed once a car has been submitted. Slowest car contestants must declare before the start of the race. Slowest cars must cross finish line. If a car jumps out of its assigned lane, that car will rerun the race a second time alone. If the car hinders another car the race will be rerun a second time. If the car jumps the track or hinders another car on its second chance, it may be taken to the pits for repairs. If repairs do not correct the car, it will be disqualified. Please do not use magnets on your car! It interferes with the timer on the track.

The Boy Scouts of Troop 408 will be selling hot dogs, chips and pop during the first part of the event. TROPHIES Each race will run six cars and each car will run six total races. There will be trophies awarded for the Three Fastest and Three Slowest cars in the Pack, and Five Fastest cars in each of the Tiger, Wolf, Bears and Webelos groups. The slowest cars must pass the finish line on their own power. Overall, the Pack will also recognize the “Most Original Design”, “Most Like a Real Car” and the “Most Futuristic Car”. There will also be one winner in each den for the “Best Looking Car”. Again, please keep in mind that this event is for the boys and should be a learning and fun experience. If you have any questions, please contact Nathan Haug. See you at the races and GOOD LUCK!!

Pack 408 Pinewood Derby Saturday, January 10th ...

Jan 10, 2015 - standard issues from BSA. All scouts are required to use the kit provided. All car kits are the same. All cars must pass inspection to qualify for ...

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