Standards for Physical Education 1st Grade Locomotor- run 4 minutes Locomotor- skip Basketball- stationary dribble Whittle- balance beam walk Floor Hockey- hold hockey stick Tumbling- forward roll Catch a large ball (8ft) Throw a small ball 2nd Grade Locomotor- run 6 minutes Locomotor- slide Basketball- level dribble Bowling- underhand roll Jump Rope- jump 5 times in a row Floor Hockey- stick handle in place Tumbling- forward roll- stand to stand Soccer- dribble soccer ball 30ft 3rd Grade Locomotor- run 8 minutes Basketball- dribbles half court down and back. Tumbling- 3 skill routine Football- stationary catch Rollerblading- 1 minute with correct form Soccer- inside foot pass Baseball- strike ball off Tee. (Stand correctly at Tee) Throw small ball- distance 4th Grade Locomotor- run 10 minutes Basketball- bounce pass Basketball- chest pass Dance- follows a rhythmic pattern Soccer- power kick Floor Hockey- passing Volleyball- forearm pass Jump Rope- 4 skill routine

5th GradeLocomotor- run 12 minutes Basketball- set shot Floor Hockey- stick handling while moving Jump Rope- long rope jump Football- catching on the move Baseball- Throwing for accuracy from 15ft Rollerblading- Backwards skating (crossovers?) Volleyball- underhand serving

Overview of standards

Soccer- inside foot pass. Baseball- strike ball off Tee. ... Floor Hockey- passing. Volleyball- forearm pass ... Basketball- set shot. Floor Hockey- stick handling ...

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