Overview This repository contains the port of Yocto Linux to Axxia.

Branches Some branches are duplicates of the branches with the same name from the Yocto Linux branch at git://git.yoctoproject.org/linux-yocto-3.10. Those branches are • • • • •

master standard/base standard/preemp-rt/base standard/axxia/base standard/preempt-rt/axxia/base

The following local development branches contain commits that have not yet been accepted by the Yocto project. • standard/axxia-dev/base • standard/preempt-rt/axxia-dev/base Note that prior to the release, axxia-dev was lsi (standard/lsi/base etc.). Also, tags prior to the release were of the form lsi_axxia_linux_A.B.C.D on standard/lsi/base and lsi_axxia_preempt-rt_A.B.C.D. Occasionally, some of the branches get renamed or recreated to clean up the commit history. This makes it impossible to update clones. When this happens, existing clones can no longer be used. An attempt is made to communicate this, but because there is no connection between clones and the repository, it is not possible to be sure everyone gets notified. If ‘git pull’ fails, try a fresh clone. The original branch is saved in case commit history etc. is needed. Here are the changes and the names of the saved branches. For releases through, use standard/lsi/base_8.8.1.3 or standard/preempt-rt/lsi/base_8.8.1.3 For releases after through, use standard/lsi/base_8.8.1.5 or standard/preempt-rt/lsi/base_8.8.1.5 For releases after through, use 1

standard/lsi/base_8.8.1.7 or standard/preempt-rt/lsi/base_8.8.1.7 For releases after through, use standard/lsi/base_8.8.1.18 or standard/preempt-rt/lsi/base_8.8.1.18 For releases after through, use standard/lsi/base_8.8.1.45 or standard/preempt-rt/lsi/base_8.8.1.45 For releases after through, use standard/lsi/base_8.8.1.53 or standard/preempt-rt/lsi/base_8.8.1.53 For releases after through, use standard/lsi/base_8.8.1.56 or standard/preempt-rt/lsi/base_8.8.1.56 For releases after through, use standard/axxia-dev/base_8.8.1.64 or standard/preempt-rt/axxia-dev/base_8.8.1.64 After that, use standard/axxia-dev/base or standard/preempt-rt/axxia-dev/base

Versions Yocto does not allow tags. That being the case, here is how to git particular versions of the Yocto kernel (from the Yocto repository, or the Intel Github repositories on standard/axxia/base or standard/preempt-rt/axxia/base) using commit IDs. Note that not all tags get pushed to Yocto, so only some tagged versions are available. Axxia Tag

Commit ID







lsi_axxia_linux_preempt-rt_8.8.1.50 2 7511f4d2ce8049fcce67a76cb2cdc04edf4d8b72

Overview - GitHub

This makes it impossible to update clones. When this happens, ... versions of the Yocto kernel (from the Yocto repository, or the Intel Github repositories on ...

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