Origins of Syntax?

questions they address, and the techniques used to check the validity of current ... spring up in the future to explore other aspects of the vast research domain of ..... probabilistic information available in the input to the learner/speaker/hearer.

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Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees
2008. [3] P. Todd. Re: Which clients fully support p2sh and/or multisig? topic=255145.msg2757327#msg2757327. Accessed:.

zsh-syntax-highlighting.zsh(1) - GitHub
zsh-syntax-highlighting.zsh - a shell script. SYNOPSIS. Documentation automatically generated with `zshelldoc'. FUNCTIONS. _zsh_highlight. _zsh_highlight_add_highlight. _zsh_highlight_apply_zle_highlight. _zsh_highlight_bind_widgets. _zsh_highlight_b

Comparative Creole Syntax
Certain verbs permit a zero complementizer and, in fact, se does not allow an overt complementizer. (55) Olu se yu /:J kam. 0 say 2s MOD come. 8. 8.1. 8.2. 8.3. 8.4. 8.5. 8.6. 8.7. Complementizers: summary for Krio .... 'His teeth are as plentiful as

The Nonuniform Syntax of Postverbal Elements in SOV Languages ...
in Indic languages are not derived in a uniform way and that the wh- scope restriction needs to be considered independently of the syntax of nonclausal PVEs.

On the Relationship of Typology to Theoretical Syntax
But there are also signs that the integration of typology and formal theory is .... OT. Frequent or infrequent grammar-types then reflect the probabilities of different.

The development of abstract syntax: Evidence from ...
Jul 19, 2012 - how the adult system develops (although the implicit learning account provides an outline of a theory; .... ble solutions derived from the current literature may nevertheless prove informative. The residual ... edge of syntactic struct

Syntax and Semantics of Axial Expressions in Russian
Dec 7, 2011 - v-nutr'. IN-INSIDE.ACC iz-nutr-i. FROM-INSIDE-GEN. The Goal and Source expressions in Table 2 both combine with overt DP complements, and yield the semantics predicted by the structure of PathPs in (5):. (21) On zabrals'a v-nutr' tank-a

The Origins of Savings Behavior
Feb 10, 2015 - (Twin Studies Center at California State University, Fullerton) for advice .... genetic and environmental factors rests on an intuitive insight: Identi-.

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