Commack United Methodist Church 486 Townline Road Commack, NY 11725-7310 (631) 499-7310 Web Site: Email: [email protected] Pastor’s E-Mail: [email protected] Rev. Richard C. Mills, Pastor (631) 499-4770 May 2006

Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors be defused. Intelligence picked them up. Later the crew of the Tondelayo was informed that all of the shells had no explosive charge in them. They were harmless. One shell, however, was not empty. It contained a piece of paper carefully rolled up. On it was scrawled in the Czech language, “This all we can do for you now.” The miracle had not been one of misfired shells but the result of people doing what they felt was right.

Dear Brother or Sister in Christ,

Elmer Bendiner in the Fall of Fortress tells of a miracle that happened to the crew of the B17 Bomber “The Tondelayo.” It seems that during a bombing run over Kassel Germany during World War II their plane was hit by flack from anti-aircraft guns. This was not too unusual, but on this flight the fuel tank was hit. It was amazing that the 20 millimeter shell piercing the tank didn’t explode. The next morning the pilot, Bohn Fawkes, asked the crew chief for the shell as a souvenir of the miracle that has saved the aircraft.

It is amazing what one person can do in the face of wrong. Here a person or several people made a stand against a great war machine and made a difference in the lives of one B17 or was it hundreds of B17s. We will never know, but we do know that when one person stands up for the right he or she can make a great difference.

Bohn was informed that it was eleven shells that had been found in the gas tank. Eleven unexploded shells seemed to be a miracle.

See You in Church, Rev. Dick

The shells were sent to the armor to 1

of these women were involved in nonviolent crimes. One bit of information that really struck us is that when a baby is born while the mother is in prison, the state only gives her diapers and formula. The child has no other clothing unless a family member or groups such as ours provide some. The Women's Advocate Ministry listens and provides personal and family counseling, acting as liaisons between these clients and her family, lawyer and community, accompanies the women at arraignment, explains the court process and makes referrals to appropriate rehabilitation programs. WAM maintains a telephone hotline, a mentoring and a nursery program, where pregnant and new mothers are educated about parenting responsibilities. Baby showers and a package program have been held by our district UMW groups (in their churches) to help WAM provide for these women and babies. We request that you "please dare to care" and hold the Women's Advocate Ministry in your prayers. A copy of WAM's newsletter will be posted on UMW bulletin board, feel free to borrow it to read at home.

Please note in your program date books:

Due to church scheduling changes, the UMW will now meet on the second THURSDAY of every month. Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 11 for our annual fellowship, refreshment and singa-long evening with our guests from Pilgrim State Hospital. Our guests are scheduled to arrive at 6:30 PM, so all UMW's are requested to arrive at 6:00 PM along with a small plate of finger foods. Beverages will be supplied. Marge Wright has made the arrangements and Ann Aupperle will assist in setting up. Nancy Gamby is again planning the song books and will lead us in the singing. Our guests always look forward to this evening and we hope anyone interested in attending will come...we and our guests also appreciate the attendance of our CUMC men.

Wednesday Lenten Soup & Service Series:

UMW March District Meeting:

For many of us, the series of soup suppers, fellowship and meditative services at Kings Park, Northport, East Northport and Commack UMC was most inspiring. The number of United Methodists gathering together ranged from 60 to 75 people. The various types of soups were simply served, hot and nourishing, all prepared by the women of the churches. Incorporated into this year's services were a number of musical selections. At

At the LIE UMW District meeting, we were privileged to hear the Reverend Annie M. Bovian, Executive Director of the Women's Advocate Ministry (W.A.M.) which is supported by our district and local unit. Annie, as she likes to be called, told us of some of the routines and procedures for the newly incarcerated women in Riker's Island and Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. The majority


Northport, a Northport Opera Company soprano sang three liturgical pieces and Helen Kegerreis led their bell choir. At East Northport, The Reverend Ben Yoo accompanied himself on the guitar and sang 'Amazing Grace'. One soprano from his congregation sang "Were You There?" and another woman sang a composite piece: "Old Rugged Cross" and "In The Garden" as arranged by her husband. Needless to say, it brought tears to the eyes of many. The lifting up of prayers for others, scripture readings and hymn singing brought our Lenten fellowship to a close I hope many more of you plan to take this Lenten walk with us next year.

wonderful laminated bookmarks with this most cherished psalm to members of the congregation. During Lent they enjoyed a field trip to Plaster Fun Craft to paint their own ceramic crosses. The children did a wonderful job creating their own crosses to remind them about the meaning of the Lenten season. On Palm Sunday the children lifted up their voices in song during the worship service. Special thanks go to Lisa Reddo for preparing the music and Kim Colavito and Deb Hervey for leading them during worship. They will be preparing a song for Mother’s Day and then working on their year-end program in the upcoming weeks.

Kathy Muller

Commack UMC Movie Night Debuts

Happy Birthday Coffee Hour The Council on Ministries would like to designate the first Sunday of the month as Birthday of the Month Sunday. Please don't hesitate to sign up for coffee hour as special preparations such as cake, candles and decorations are not required. Just a sincere expression of birthday greetings and warm hugs will be given to the month's honorees. On that day, please advise the ushers, greeters or coffee servers that this is your special month.

On Saturday, May 6th, Movie Night debuts with a double feature. A Veggie Tales animated movie will be shown at 6:30 for our younger families, followed by the feature film at 8PM. The feature show will be a recently released movie based on a novel by C.S. Lewis (copyright limitations prevent us from stating the actual title of the film). Bring a comfortable seat (lawn chair, bean bags, floor mat), your own beverages and we’ll provide the popcorn. See you at the movies!

Treasure Seekers Vacation Bible School

Sunday School News The Sunday School children have been very busy with their lessons. This year, memory verses are being incorporated into the older children’s lessons. In early March, they shared the 23rd Psalm during worship service and distributed

Come learn about the treasure God provides each of us at 2006 Vacation Bible School on Sun., June 25th – Thur., June


29th, 6:30 – 9:00PM. Once again, we will have an adult Bible Study as well as our program for children 3 – 13.

treated to a special visit by the Easter Bunny who stayed for photos. Our puppet team debuted with two presentations explaining the true meaning of Easter. Thanks to our own Maggie Hervey and Kimberly Clendenning and frequent visitor Tiffany Zyla for sharing their newly acquired puppeteering skills with us. Look for them to share their puppets on Mother’s Day!

It’s time to begin our plans. If you are interested in helping, please contact Deb Hervey (543-5522) and/or come to our Education Committee meeting on April 30th, immediately following worship service. This year we are looking for lots of old jewelry – beads, brooches, rings to fill our treasure dig site. We will also need yarn to make God’s Eyes. Help with crafts and games is especially needed, we can use help from people who can help just one night, those who can prepare ahead of time, and of course those who can help every night of the event!

Easter Service

A big thank you to all that helped to make this Easter special for so many. We had lots of stuffed animals, 28 baskets and food boxes to brighten the day for those in need. Some went directly to individual families and the rest to the food pantry. MISSIONS: Joe Dugan, the director of all Peanut butter gangs sends a special thank you to our Church peanut butter gang. He said he always knows that he can count on us and reliability is what makes this ministry work. We made 750 sandwiches in April and I know that we will do as well this month. Keep this wonderful work in your prayers.


Our Youth once again led an excellent Easter Morning Sunrise Service at Sunken Meadow State Park. Those attending were treated to a real treat as the sun rose right in the middle of singing In The Garden! Thanks to Jen and Lara for organizing the services and the 5th and 6th graders who participated along with our Youth Group. It was a very inspiring and insightful message. (Want to know more? Ask one of them about their message).

Please remember our community yard sale Saturday, May 20, 2006. Reserve a space for $20.00 – sell your unwanted items – and make some money for yourself and for your church. We had a great time last year, not only selling, but socializing. The youth group will again have a concession stand. This money helps our missions program throughout the year so please come and show your support. Call Ann Aupperle for an application 499-0192.

Easter Egg Hunt Approximately 20 children enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt activities this year. In addition to hunting eggs, the children participated in many Easter themed games and were able to make extra special Lamb of God cross wall hangings. We were also

Please contact any committee member if you become aware of a need within the church or the community.


Beatitude Commons 1616 Glendale Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85021 (602) 589-7923

Anne Tammaro Gail Stroup Missions workarea

Here’s wishing all Moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!!! A special coffee hour will be hosted by The Men’s Group on May 14, 2006. PLEASE JOIN US!! Janine Maiorca, branch manager of Apple Bank for Savings in Commack and assistant manager Nancy Piscopo take a look at the art exhibit created by the children at Pumpkin Patch Preschool in Commack. The bank hosted the exhibit for the community, offering everyone an opportunity to look at spring from the prospective of four-yearolds.

While on the subject of coffee hour, it’s very obvious that most people look forward to that time to socialize, address issues in the church, and welcome newcomers. With that in mind, we need everyone to sign up for a Sunday, even once every four months, and we would have all Sundays covered. Dedicate the time to honor an anniversary or some other special event. If we don’t give the time, we’ll lose the benefits. THANKS!

FROM THE THRIFT SHOPPE… The Thrift Shoppe welcomes Betty Carson as its newest volunteer. Thanks Betty! We would also like to thank Al Svoboda, Jack Adam and Nick Mondelli for helping out during the changeover. It takes so many people working together to make the Shoppe a great success so that funds are available for projects such as the widening of the church entrance driveway. Please remember that help is always needed and appreciated!

THE LIGHTER SIDE: During the service, the minister paused and said, “Brothers and Sisters, we are in great difficulty; the roof repairs cost twice as much as we expected, and we need $4,000.00 more. Any of you who can pledge $100 or more, please stand up.” At that moment, the substitute organist played “The Star Spangled Banner.” That is how the substitute became the regular organist! Give me a sense of humor, Lord, Give me the grace to see a joke, To get some humor out of life, And pass it on to other folk.

FROM THE CHURCH OFFICE… If anyone has a plain paper fax they’re not using or thinking of donating, please consider the church office. We’re currently using a thermal paper fax which is starting to complain about its use! THANK YOU! Change of Address: Mrs. Harriet Miller

COURAGEOUS FAITH… When Martin Luther stood before his accusers at the Diet of Worms in Germany, April 18, 1521, he epitomized courage: “My conscience is captive to 5

the Word of God. I cannot and will not retract anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience. I cannot do otherwise, here I stand, may God help me, Amen.” Martin Luther’s courage and resolve were like those of Daniel who found himself captive in Babylon. As a teenager, Daniel was put on a “fast track” to become a scholar in Nebuchadnezzar’s court. When given Babylonian food to eat, he took a stand. The food violated Israel’s dietary standards and had probably been offered to idols before being served. Fortunately, he suggested an alternative diet that increased his health and his reputation for wisdom. When your convictions are challenged, suggest a creative alternative. But before you do, make sure you have the courage to back it up – in case the answer is “No.”


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May 20, 2006 - Northport, a Northport Opera Company soprano sang three liturgical .... Apple Bank for Savings in Commack and assistant manager Nancy ...

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