“May others know we are Christ's Disciples by how we love." John 13:34-35

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October 2015, Volume 66 No. 10 | 319 E Mulberry, San Antonio, TX 78212 | (210) 733-6201

PASTORAL REFLECTIONS Mr. Reed was the Kendal County Soil Conservation agent when I was growing up. He and his wife were active in Boerne's First Baptist Church. She did double duty as my 5th grade school teacher. Once a year Bro. Mac, our pastor, asked him to give a stewardship testimony during worship. When he spoke I remember feeling bored and curious. Today we'd say I was conflicted as to whether or not I wanted I wanted to listen. Later as a high schooler, every student was challenged to write an essay on conservation. Much to my surprise my essay won an award. Turns out that Mr. Reed's messages impacted me more than I was aware of at the time. Along with my grandfather's farming, and the influence of some ranchers - a biblical message on the environment was shaping me. Since then that message continues to grow

gradually inside me. The Lord is the Creator of the heaven & earth. He entrusts us to take care of His creation. We should be good stewards because we want to do our part and if we don't, we will be guilty of destroying our earthly home. And we will be guilty as sin for not passing on to the next generation what we were graciously given. What I also know is that our care for the environment impacts our evangelism. Generation Z, the Millennials and GenXers want to know that the gospel is relevant by how it sees believers enacting the call to be good stewards of planet earth. We can implement this call without getting caught in the tug of war language of climate change or global warming. All we need to do is use the language God gave us in the Bible. Which is why Mr. Reeds's quiet and unassuming message made me more curious than bored. And today is more relevant than ever.

Pastor Les

A spiritual experience for the San Antonio community is offered at noon each Wednesday at TriPoint. Dr. Les Hollon, teaches a noon to 1:00 Bible Study; community leaders share their faith. Life stories are connected with the biblical story. A simple lunch is offered along with friendly conversations and a look at Scripture for life application. Each week you can explore 21st century lessons from the book of Proverbs and Jesus' teachings. Invite your friends and coworkers to join you for this fun adventure. Each week a San Antonio leader briefly shares how faith helps him/her to live and lead. Among those who have shared are Sheriff Susan Parmelau, Lyndon Herridge (CEO of the United Way), Sandy Morrander (CEO of the YMCA), and Cody Knowlton (CEO of the Baptist Health Foundation.)


Psalms is God's richly diverse treasure book for people who are pursuing their life as a faith journey. Hope & despair, joy & anger, praise & grief, godliness & sinfulness, wisdom & foolishness, questions & answers are highlighted in a way that better helps us to understand who we are in light of God. Each message will focus on how God's presence & promises speak to the pressing needs of our life. While we will be connecting with many cherished passages from throughout the Psalms and New Testament, I will be focusing on Psalms 120-134. This section is called "Songs of Ascents". They were sung by boys, girls, men, and women who were on a faith journey to connect with God as they prepared to worship. These 15 psalms give us good footing by which to explore all of God's promises in the Bible's longest book (150 chapters). October 4 "Are You Working In Vain? Building To Last!" Psalms 127-128 October 11 "What Is Your Hope? Hope That Is Real!" Psalms 129-130

Along with prayerfully reading to explore who you are in light of these psalms, I encourage you to read Eugene Peterson's insightful book on Psalms 120-134, "A Long Obedience In The Same Direction: Discipleship In An Instant Society". Peterson, as you will recall, made a very popular Bible translation, "The Message". We are buying 100 copies in bulk for those who want to purchase a copy. (Also some of you will find helpful for digging deeper, Walter Brueggerman's little gem, "Spirituality Of The Psalms.") Be ready to sing from your heart as you experience God in this sermon series. As the psalmist wrote, "those who sow in tears will reap in songs of joy." (Psalm 126:5)

October 18 "Who & What Runs Your Life? The Spiritual Leadership Difference !" Psalms 131-132 October 25 "How Are Your Relationships? Syncing With Each Other!" Psalms 133-134

mORe Than 100 Ways TO Pray Let’s explore. Let’s make a prayerful trip. Connecting what’s going on in our lives to God’s promises is when faith comes alive. Prayer is the connector. We will travel through the Bible to learn what the greats and not so greats have to teach us about prayer. We will pay attention to what’s happening in our world and in our hearts. We will step into God’s presence with awe and wonder. Let’s travel together each Wednesday evening. We will explore prayer by praying, learning by doing. We will be in the dining room since our service immediately follows our dinner, table talk, and celebration of people’s birthdays and anniversaries. A few years ago I contributed to a book on prayer; it (copies will be available) and the Bible will be our resource books.


Pastor Les

WORDS OF WISDOM Donn Wisdom, Minister of Music and Worship Arts

Introducing the TBC Music Scholars for 2015-16 The Music and Worship Arts Ministry is very glad to welcome the following area university students as TBC Music Scholars for the 2015-16 academic year: Senior Scholar – Samuel Paquot, a senior music student at BUA, who will be participating as both a Choral and Instrumental Scholar. He is an accomplished musician, playing both French Horn and trumpet, a tenor soloist, advanced pianist and gifted conductor. Samuel is a returning Scholar who was married to Silvia in May in their hometown of Monterrey, Mexico, as they are now expecting their first child. Choral Scholars – Gilbert Linscott, a music student at SAC is a returning Scholar who has not only sung in Chorale but has played guitar and helped to organize university student groups for this past year’s Rodeo Sunday and Fiesta Sunday. He plays violin and trumpet in addition to singing

plus playing in 2 local bands – “Mariachi Infinito” and his own band, “24th Street”; and Samuel Zabala, a junior music student at BUA who plays guitar and piano has come to San Antonio from Colombia for his academic study. He plans on studying music in graduate school with a concentration in composition with hopes of a performance career. Instrumental Scholars – Won Jung Oh, a music student at BUA from Korea with experience with solo violin and orchestral conducting; plus the balance of being a full-time student and mother with 2 boys, Jake and Taylor, in public school. Upon graduation, she would enjoy teaching children in orphanages. Brianna Villarreal, a senior sacred music student at Our Lady of the Lake University, is from Edinburgh originally, and has played violin for 13 years. Both Brianna and Won Jung are returning Scholars from last year.

Trinity Chorale Annual Fall Retreat Any adults, age 18 and older, interested in singing with the Trinity Chorale during the Advent and Christmas seasons are invited to join the rest of the fine singers in their initial preparations for this seasonal music on Saturday, October 3, 9am-2pm in E250 in the West Educational Building. New music, games and information are the plans for the day; plus, guests and new members who join that day will get a free lunch! Please let the Music Office know of your interest, questions or if you plan on attending by calling 210-738-7721



Save the Date for Upcoming Music and Worship Arts Events Fanning Foyer Festival featuring William Gokelman, pianist Friday, November 20th at 7:30pm

The Heart of Texas Concert Band Concert in the Sanctuary Sunday, November 22nd at 3:00pm

Advent Concert Series during all 4 Sunday's in Advent

beginning Sunday, November 29 with "Swing We Now of Christmas" featuring the Jazz Protagonists and other local artists


Play Ball!!

Matthew Dillingham, Church Administrator One of baseball’s greats, Yogi Berra, passed away last month, making it a sad time for anyone who follows baseball. I grew up hearing about Mr. Berra along with other baseball greats like Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Roger Maris and Whitey Ford. My mom to this day is a huge Yankee’s fan and grew up listening to their games. She would tell my brother and me stories about the plays they made and would of course, like most any mother, compare their playing abilities with mine and my brother’s. We knew there was some hyperbole in her words regarding our abilities, but we appreciated the sentiment. As many of us may, know Yogi Berra was known for his unique way of explaining the world and many news sources after his passing posted some of his top quotes. One of the top sayings of Yogi was, “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.” A profound statement from someone who never thought of himself as being that way. The reason this quote resonates with me at this time is due to the fact that we have just launched a new fiscal year with a new plan. We have been careful in our

Fount of Blessings Expressions of gratitude for God’s lavish blessings overflowed September’s Deacons meeting. To honor the Giver of all good gifts, numerous individual deacons called out what came to be a lengthy “thank you” list stemming specifically from the 2014-2015 church year. Deacon chair, Jim Skokan, voiced a prayer of thanksgiving. Would any of these make your own list of blessings?


planning and we know where we are going and are seeking God’s guidance and discernment to get us “there”. The plan I am referring to is the ministry plan that was developed by the staff during the last few months of the fiscal year. The ministry plan outlines our ministry goals for 2015-16, as well as TriPoint, Logsdon Seminary and Great Hearts allowing us to have a roadmap that we can reference throughout the year to ensure that we are meeting the goals set before us and to avoid “...too many wrong mistakes,” and that will allow us to take the fork in the road when we come upon it. There are a lot of similarities with baseball and church and succeeding in both requires significant planning, a good strategic plan, and a whole lot of prayer and grace. In both, there are a lot of players involved with many different abilities and backgrounds, all taking different paths to get where they are going but all with the same goal in mind. We are looking forward to a great new ministry where we succeed with God's love, direction, and grace.

• spirit of unity in our church • beautiful sanctuary • memories of sweet friendships with those now with the Lord • Special Friends Sunday school class • dedication of Trinity’s choir members • support of congregation and ministries by our pastoral staff • tireless service by lay leaders • men’s Bible study on the Holy Spirit • all small group studies • commitment to missional activities • Jim Skokan’s leadership as deacon chair in 2014-2015 • Holy Spirit’s movement in the church, saving souls

• unified, Spirit-filled staff • passion to serve • Bountiful Blessings, led by Ruth Cawthorn and Mark Johnson • God’s patient shaping of us into more Christ-like followers • Brenda Rangel and Tabitha Alexander, dedicated support staff For the sheer joy of being thankful, put at the top of your “To Do” list today at least five ways God has blessed you in the past church year, and begin to anticipate His future blessings. Blessed are the grateful! Dianna Crocker 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Hope for the New Church Year October marks the beginning of a new fiscal year and a new church year for Trinity Baptist Church. With any new year, we think about the past year and look forward to new beginnings. We can reflect back on the completion of the sanctuary remodel; the nearly $700,000 given to local and international missions; and the growth in programs with an increased number of children in Parents Day Out and Vacation Bible School. We were able to support our ministries using our collective God given time, talents, and treasures.

The Ministry Matching Team just completed the process of matching members to teams within our church. I imagine if you look at the membership of these teams, you will see the same names serving in multiple areas. I’m sure some of these folks were asked to serve on one more team and regretfully declined because they felt they would become over extended. I believe there are other church members who felt a calling to serve, but never made the final step to say yes. Is this the year where more of us say yes to serving?

As we look to the new church year, is this the year we fulfill our pledges for the God is Remodeling campaign; is this the year we see growth in additional ministries; is this the year when we see even more baptisms; is this the year when other capital improvements occur; is this the year when more members serve, and is this the year that our giving exceeds the projected budgetary needs? I believe the momentum is there. God can use Trinity Baptist Church to reach the needs of our community and beyond.

Last year the church expanded its electronic giving options by offering Pushpay. Our church continues to offer small groups or seminars on financial planning. The church conducted the first “Estate Planning 101” workshop in September. Our youth are discussing life and money on Sunday nights. Is this the year more folks are able to release themselves from financial burdens? Is this the year more members allow giving to the Lord’s work to become a joy and a blessing?

We attended events this past church year where it was difficult to find an empty seat; what an exciting time. We have also attended other events that we felt were great and wondered why more folks were not there. Sometimes attending and participating in these events involves expanding our comfort zone or prioritizing our time. Is this the year where we allow God to expand each one of us, make time for different events, and allow ourselves to receive His blessings?

I think we can all look forward to new beginnings. We can expand the church’s current momentum in the coming church year. I believe that Trinity Baptist Church is a caring family of believers. By using our collective time, talents, and treasures, our church will continue to communicate and apply the life-changing message of Christ’s unconditional love. May we continue to use our compassionate ministries and missions to connect a multitude of people to God’s love every week of this New Year! Wayne Thurman


Debbie Potter, Minister of Children

Upward Is Coming... We are so excited to announce our 5th Upward season. It is a wonderful opportunity for our church to reach the community by helping children learn to play basketball while sharing the message of Jesus Christ. The past two seasons we have had close to 100 children participating. For us to accomplish this mission we need YOU to help. We need coaches for basketball and cheerleading. Coaches have a unique privilege to connect with their players creating the possibility for an ongoing relationship.

evening or Sunday afternoon. There are six games in the season beginning January 23 and ending on February 27th. Practices begin on January the 10th. If you are no able to coach but would like to contribute we need some scholarships so that every child who would like to play can. We look forward to the best season ever!!! Go Upward Go!!

If you would be interested in helping us please contact me at 738-7763 or [email protected] All of the games are played on Saturday from 10:00-3:00. Each team practices once a week on Wednesday

Save the Date!! Winter Wonderland Saturday, December 5th 10:00a.m at Tripoint Ticket information coming soon.


Our first day of Parents Day Out went fantastic!!! We have so many beautiful children this year and we feel privileged to minister to them and their families. We have some very exciting things planned for this school year. Please pray with me that this year will be a fantastic year for PDO and the teachers and volunteers that serve in this minister. God’s many Blessings, Kay Polanco PDO Director

Volunteer Spotlight

I have personally been a member of Trinity Baptist since the late 90's. I have visited Sunday school classes and been involved with Mom To Mom. However, I have felt more of a connection to the church when volunteering my time and using my talents while spending time with children in the children's center. I love being able to give back by watching children so their parents can go to worship. So many have done this for me, and I am grateful for that. The most rewarding experiences for me while at Trinity have to be the last two summers of dedicating only two weeks of my time to Vacation Bible School! I feel I get more from seeing the joy in the children than they get from me! My family and I are grateful for all Trinity offers for our girls, B'ea 8 (soon to be 9) and Bree 5. I look forward to participating and giving more of my time and talents in the years to come. -Abby Hughes


STUDENT MINISTRY Dara Ake, Minister of Students

In-Tents Weekend 2015 “Uncharted" Student Led Fall Retreat Northshore Campground, Lake Bastrop October 17-18th, 2015 Cost: $45

Our Annual Fall Retreat will be held at Lake Bastrop. We are excited to provide students an opportunity away from their every day routine to unplug and experience a real and authentic Jesus by experiencing His creation. Our student leaders will lead teachings, worship, and small groups. "God is looking for pioneers who will go into uncharted territory and live off the map. Thankfully, these uncharted journeys are not unchartered. We may be going without a map, but we have a compass and a guide. God guides us through the Holy Spirit, and He gives us a compass we can use to discern what direction


He wants us to go and the best way to get there. We may not have knowledge, but we can trust that the God who is leading us off the map will speak to us and help us as we pioneer.” Our teaching will come from the book of Joshua. Joshua had to lead the Israelites through the uncharted territory of the Promised Land. For many years, the Israelites had dreamed of life in the Promised Land, but they had to be pioneers when they arrived there. From Joshua’s example, we will learn how to better use our compasses to follow God’s direction. Even more,we will see that we can trust God throughout our time off the map. This event is open to students 7th-12th grade. Come and experience Jesus in a whole new way! Parents: If you are interested in attending as a volunteer, please email [email protected] Register online.

Turning Hearts Parent Seminar Sunday November 8, 2015 Parents, please save the date and attend our parent seminar with national speaker, Dr. Richard Ross. He is a phenomenal communicator and his heart is to help parents and students understand the supremacy of God in their lives. He provides spiritual tools to communicate more effectively with your student. Richard Ross has served as professor of youth ministry in the Jack D. Terry School of Church and Family Ministries since 2000 at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His entire life has focused on seeing Christ glorified in the lives of teenagers and their parents and leaders. He served as a local-church youth minister for 30 years. Overlapping part of that time was 16 years of service as the youth ministry consultant at LifeWay Christian Resources.

Ross prepared for investment in the lives of teenagers through bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees. He has written over 20 books related to teenagers, youth leaders, and parents of teenagers. Each year he speaks and preaches in over 40 churches, conferences, and conventions. God whispered the idea for the True Love Waits movement to Jimmy Hester and Richard Ross. The first promises of purity were made by members of Ross’ youth group in 1993. Today the movement has been embraced by 100 denominations and national student organizations in the U.S. and by over 100 countries. Interest in the movement has led Ross to appear on such programs as The Today Show, Nightline, and CNN Headline News—and to be interviewed by The Washington Post, The Washington Times, the New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, Time, Life, Seventeen, and several hundred other newspapers and magazines. “If I could encourage you to attend just one event in our Student Ministry, I would highly encourage you to attend this parent seminar. I definitely believe that it will change your life forever.” -Dara More details will be made available online.

Alto Frio Recap On Friday and Saturday, September 18-19th, 2015, our students participated in the church-wide Mission Trip to Alto Frio Baptist Encampment. We are grateful for the partnership with Alto Frio and how this opportunity blessed our students. It was a great teaching moment for all of us. There are times where I get questions from students, “what does Jesus require from us?” My answer is simply, Micah 6:8 "He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you. But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?” How do we love kindness? We love and serve people even if we don’t feel like it, we love and serve people when no one is watching, we love and serve people even when we don’t see an immediate impact. That’s how we love kindness: by serving others.

I highly encourage more adults to spend a weekend volunteering at Alto Frio. It is a great mission opportunity and a blessing to serve alongside our students.


Circling The Desert Places Christopher Mack, Minister of Young Adults

“Loving someone does not simply mean doing things for them; it is much more profound. To love someone is to show to them their beauty, their worth and their importance; it is to understand them, understand their cries and their body language; it is to rejoice in their presence, spend time in their company and communicate with them. To love is to live a heart-to-heart relationship with another, giving to and receiving from each other.” - Jean Vanier

Loving from the image of God reminds me we are all created in the image of God and are all created to be loved in the self-giving love of Jesus Christ. This love isn’t bent back in upon itself. It is a strong and tender love unveiling the truest self hidden in Jesus.

My self image is pretty heavily invested upon the idea that I love people really well. Relationships matter to me. A lot. Truth be told, much of my mental and emotional energy is driven by relationships. Yet when I examine this “love” I often show others in relationships, it is much more driven by my desire to feel worthy, important, or wanted than it is about beholding and blessing the other. I spend a lot of energy schmoozing and serving others hoping they’ll reciprocate in kind.

I am blessed to have people in my life who love me from and in the image of God. They give me the space to listen to the stirrings of my soul, hear the wonder of my heart, and marvel at the life of God budding at the center of my life. Whether as friends, mentors, spouses, family, or coworkers, we all long to be loved from the image of God. To be loved by someone rooted in the fullness of God and loving freely from that sacred place. This month, we’ll be exploring how we can experience and share in this rich love during the two Modern Families workshops I’ll be leading on October 25th. I hope you’ll join me, not only for the workshop, but on the journey of loving others from both the creation goodness and the cruciform grace-giving image of God.

This doesn’t work out very well for me. Inevitably, I get frustrated with the world. I am tempted to blame others for my bad boundaries. When this cycle starts to rear its ugly head, it becomes clear to me how difficult it is to love like Jesus. It’s far too easy to love people in the power of my image, rather than in the image of God.

Modern Families Workshop Sessions Led by Christopher Mack Enneagram as a Spiritual Tool for Personal and Family Growth - A brief introduction to the

enneagram, an ancient spiritual tool identifying nine basic personality types, and how these both help and hurt our relationship to God, others, and ourselves.


Who are the people in your life who love you into a deeper, more authentic, and freer self ?

Living To The Fullest When Life Hasn’t Turn Out How You Hoped - Do you feel stuck or lost in

transition (professionally, personally, maritally, financially, spiritually etc.) which is not working out the way that you expected? This can lead to questioning, stress, and self-doubt. Feel like God is hiding the next step from you? We’ll explore how to move forward into the fullest life of God in uncertain and unnerving life stages. (For more info see page 14)

“YOU are the Light of the World.”

Well, how did WE do on your evaluation of TBC ‘through a guest’s eyes’?

(July/August/September Trumpet’s Outreach Article on “Evaluating Your Church’s Welcome”.) Do-ya-wanna come back next week?! Hope so! Here’s what I see at our church on a typical Sunday morning: • Help to find nursery, if needed? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +10 points (our parking lot greeters and children’s building greeters do a great job of welcoming, opening doors and pointing parents in the right direction.) • # of people who speak to the guest AFTER the service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +3 points each! (guest surveys have stated that guests realize that most people who greet them upon arrival are just ‘doing their job’…as usher, greeter, etc. Those people who speak to them AFTER the service, to them, are truly those who are warm and welcoming! Let’s all be that!!) • Yes, there is always an opportunity to meet our pastors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +10 points (Les and all of our pastors are always so approachable and friendly to everyone before and after the service. Our guests notice that!) • Invited for another visit next week? Surely so! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +10 points (as we welcome our guests again AFTER the service, it’s so easy to invite them back next week and/or for whatever special event is going on during the week! The more consecutive visits a guest makes, the greater chance they will join.) • Invited to be guest at another church function? See above!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +10 points • Invited to newcomer orientation/get acquainted class (TBC4U)? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +10 points (all of our guests who fill out a visitor slip are called the following week with an invitation to attend the one-time only TBC4U class that meets every Sunday during SS in the Conference Room. It is also referred to in the bulletin and in a welcome letter from the staff. We have had a VERY high percentage of those who attend TBC4U to later join TBC. Makes sense. They get their questions answered. They get information about SS and ministries. They connect with a ‘real person’. They are contacted by a SS dept. The key is to get them to come! Always share that invitation in your welcome conversation with a TBC guest. You might even walk them down to the conference room to show them where it meets the next Sunday! It takes ALL of us working together to help our guests get connected. TBC4U is a great place to start!) Well, how’d we do for numbers 15-20? 60+ points, adding 3 for everyone who speaks to them AFTER the service! So, added together with our earlier 120 points, that gives us ~180+ points for our efforts. According to the evaluation summary, 175-199 points = ‘visitors are given high priority’. That’s great! They are! There are lots of TBC members whose ministry at TBC is greeting and welcoming our guests, and they do a great job! The summary states that 200 points and up = ‘visitor/prospects will want to join!’ Let’s let that be our goal! Very attainable with us all working together!

Always remember, the Lord is at Work in this Place! (in and through YOU!) These are exciting times! Spread the Word! “Let YOUR Light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

2014-2015 TBC Outreach Team

October Outreach Opportunities: Men's Retreat, Saturday Oct 10, Garden Grill Out, Sunday Oct 11, Modern Families, Sunday Oct 25 Invite your Friends, Family and Neighbors!


Still Dependent on Amazing Grace Vicki Hollon, Minister of Older Adults

It was a wonderful privilege for Trinity to recently host the Catch the Boomer Wave conference sponsored by Texas Baptist. The keynote speakers were excellent and approximately 15 TBC members, as either conference participants or volunteers, were able to take advantage of at least some of the outstanding presentations. One of those presenters was David Kinnaman, President of Barna Group in Ventura, California, and author of the bestselling books, You Lost Me and Unchristian. Since 1995 Kinnaman has polled more than 400,000 individuals in the areas of faith, religious trends, and the millennial age group. Kinnaman reminded us that while people and God do not change, our cultures and tools and societies continue to change. For instance, “the screen age” that once looked like a single television set in a living room, now consists of numerous sizes, shapes, and types of screens. We have immediate access to any information we need, because the best human inventions of our time now fit in our pockets. This reality and other drastic changes in our world require us to keep updating our knowledge so we can learn how to navigate the times in which we live! In my September Trumpet article I talked about the 10,000 individuals in the United States that are


turning 65 every day and the fact that this reality will continue for 18 more years. According to Kinnaman, almost 3 out of 4 of those adults believe the resurrection happened, but “they are riding on a tricycle of faith”. Most “are Christianized, but not Christ followers”. They don’t know how to apply Christianity to their lives. These conclusions were drawn from survey responses to questions that compared “Actions like Jesus” to “Self-Righteous Actions” and “Attitudes like Jesus” to “Self-Righteous Attitudes”. One in 6 unchurched Americans say they are “born-again Christians”. That’s 18 million people! To reach the Boomer generation and draw them back into the church, we have to “help them experience church in a new way”. They want to be involved in authentic relationships and ministries that demonstrate the relevance of the church in today’s context. The good news is that the essentials of our faith are still enough! We are all still dependent on the Amazing Grace of Christ and we have Good News to share. My prayer is that God will continue to lead us to implement this GRACE in ways that speak to Boomers and to our world. In His Love, Vicki

Roof Memorial Library Featuring... Pilgrim at Baldly Mountain Learning Life’s Lessons One Step At a Time By Wilson Wayne Grant, M.D. From the beginning of the Christian Faith, spiritual pilgrims have been telling their story – and other Christians and searchers have been reading these stories. Some of these speak uniquely to their own time, others are timeless and live as classics through the ages. Pilgrim at Baldy Mountain follows in this tradition of sharing one’s faith journey. Its uniqueness is the discovery in the wilderness experience of insights for living in our confused, and confusing, contemporary world. Check it out in our TBC Library (Mulberry Campus) or purchase at

Trinity Baptist Church cares about the needs of individuals and families of all ages and stages! Join us on Sunday, October 25th and bring your friends and family.

Workshop Schedule 4pm The 5 Love Languages for Families | Led by Pastor Les / Mulberry Dining Rm 4:25 – 5:25 Choose one of the following:

5:35 – 6:35 Choose one of the following:

Social Security - Flexibility and Choices in Your Retirement Income Planning Led by Dave Ballard / Room 301

Communication Tools for Healthy Relationships | Led by Wayne & Veronica Grant and Vicki Hollon / Room 301

Impressions of the Heart: Transferring (or Developing) a Legacy of Faith to the Next Generation | Led by Pastor Les & Debbie Potter Room 307/311

Apologetics and the Family Led by Dara Ake and Debbie Potter Room 307/311

Enneagram as a Spiritual Tool for Personal and Family Growth | Led By Christopher Mack Room 313

Living To The Fullest When Life Hasn’t Turn Out How You Hoped | Led By Christopher Mack Room 313

Because I Said So | Led by Ethan Getrost Room 250

There will also be sessions for children and students during both sessions.

6:45 – 7:30pm Dinner Panel Discussion with Q & A

For more info or to register: Note: Childcare available infant through pre-kinder – Children’s Center


“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” is this month! Hope YOU got a chance to sign up for a night! If not...

Check out the November Trumpet for the follow-up on all of the FUN! (next dinners will be in April, with sign-up in March.)


Welcome Our New Members!

Samuel & Silvia Paquot by Statement

Ruben Keith Martinez by Statement

Samuel Zabala by Statement

Irene Loera by Baptism

Christina Dawn Spitler by Baptism



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Chorale Fall Retreat, page 3 Men’s Retreat, page 15 Community Garden Grill Out, page 15 Student Led Fall Retreat, page 9 Modern Families, page 14 Amazing Ladies Pot Luck, page 16

Wi� D�pest Sympa�y Mark Johnson, Stephanie Bromley, Pam Lehman & Garret Bromley on the death of their mother/grandmother, Pat Johnson Family & Friends of Richard McClain Dick Beaver & Family on the death of his wife, Mary Beth Beaver

Wi� D�pest Gratitude... My family and I want to thank all of the church members and friends who have expressed prayers and support during my wife, Mary Beth’s, long illness and recent passing. Your support has meant so much to us. Mary Beth loved Trinity Baptist, Pastor Les and all of her friends made over the many years. She really loved volunteering for the church, especially the Women’s Job Corp, the Prayer Room and the Special Friends Sunday School Class. Thank you all, Dick Beaver


From the Prayer Ministry

“O GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD; CALL UPON HIS NAME. MAKE KNOWN HIS DEEDS AMONG THE PEOPLES.” PSALM 105:1 Gratitude is a loving and thankful response toward God for His presence with us and within the world. We have much to be grateful for as we look back at the past church year. Give Him thanks for Trinity Baptist Church and its ministries. Make a list of the things you are grateful for today and spend some time telling God “thank you.” Give thanks to God for the baptisms and new members this past year, along with the many additions to the Children’s Ministry, the Student Ministry and the Young Adult Ministry. Be thankful for the generous year-end giving and the new church leaders who are in position to serve. Ask God for continued wisdom and discernment for the church staff and leadership as we enter 2015-2016 church year. (Psalm 122:1) Pray for Chorale Fall Retreat on October 3. Pray for enthusiastic participation with members ready to dedicate themselves to excellence. Pray it is a time of renewal, good preparation and excitement. (Isaiah 42:10)

Our Pastoral Staff:

D. Leslie Hollon, Ph.D., Senior Pastor Donn Wisdom, Minister of Music & Worship Arts Debbie Potter, Ph.D., Minister of Children

by Pat Coventry, Prayer Ministry Coordinator

Pray for Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Ladies Ministry event the week of October 5 and the Ladies Pot-Luck on October 29. Pray for many new ladies to attend and connect. Pray for fun and meaningful time for each one. Pray new friendships are formed. (Proverbs 31) Pray for Men’s Ministry Retreat on Saturday, October 10 at Rio Cibolo Ranch. Speakers will be Bill Harrison, Bill Lovelace and Christopher Mack. Pray for good attendance, many men will invite friends and many who have not attended in the past will do so. Pray it will be a special time of fellowship and growth. (1 John 1:3) Pray for Grill in the Garden to be held on October 11. Pray many members will attend and members of the community and those who attend Crossings service will take part. Pray each one will be welcomed and connect with TBC members. Pray it will be a celebration of fellowship and involvement. (1 Corinthians 16:14) Pray for Modern Families Workshop on October 25. Pray for enthusiastic sign-up, that those who have attended in the past will invite others to attend and that some of the TBC visitors will commit to attending. Pray there will be lasting changes in lives because of these opportunities. (Psalm 25:4-5) If you would like information about how you can serve in the Prayer Ministry, please contact Pat Coventry at [email protected] You will receive a blessing.

Dara Ake, Minister of Students Christopher Mack, Minister of Young Adults Vicki Hollon, D.Min., Minister of Older Adults

October Trumpet.pdf

Psalms 131-132. October 25. "How Are Your Relationships? Syncing With. Each Other!" Psalms 133-134. Psalms is God's richly diverse treasure book for ...

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