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Hamilton Computer  Club

Photocopying: Black & White from 5c a  page and Colour from 15c a page.  Laminating a $1 for A4.  See our Services  page on our website for more information.

Meet on the 2nd  Thursday of  the month Venue: ‘Te Whare O Te Ata’  Community House, 60A Sare  Crescent, Fairfield, Hamilton

Phoning us from your cell phone ?  Call community Helpline 0800 211 211  and  ask for Te Whare O Te Ata  

 7pm Informal social exchange,   7.30pm Talk / Demonstration,  9pm Supper.

07 855 7804 – it will cost you nothing

Next Workshop: Following  Saturday after evening meeting   10am – 3:30pm

No Phone?  No credit on your cell?  

Visitors welcome. A gold coin  donation appreciated.

We have a free phone for local calls at 

Free Computer Access Te Whare o Te Ata has four computers in the lounge, available on Mondays and  Te Whare O Te Ata  ­ Free Wifi  Relax  Fridays from 10am – 12pm. There are under the trees at Fairfield Park and login   volunteers here at that time to in  24/7 to our free WiFi.   support you. Network name: Te WaaerehereOTeAta.   Provided by ultrafast broadband. 

Te Whare O te Ata Community House Spring 2017 60a Sare Crescent, P O Box 12090 Hamilton 3248 Charities Commission Number CC36845 Ph 07 855 7804 Email:[email protected] “Like us on Facebook” Te Whare O Te Ata Check us out on YouTube

Fairfield This Month. To be included in the next edition, or to update our information, contact us 855 7804 Or [email protected]

In This Issue... 

Tattoo removal

Services at Te Whare

Te Whare O Te Ata

O te Ata 

Healthline – Anytime 24/7 free medical advice Tagbuster

0800 611 116


Real Community Radio Updates on our show “ Wassup Fairfield” Fridays, 11.30 – Midday

Community Proposal. Sare, Share and Care. Everyone welcome to join, all enjoy the summer together, One hour of your time it’s fine.

Nau mai, Haere Mai Kia Kaha

Contact: Kevin “The transformation you want wont happen without our heavenly Father GOD in our lives”

Hamilton Computer Club

Photos from our School Holiday Program

Free FM 89.0 Hotlines

Driver Licensing

Christmas in the park

Weekly Updates Friday 11.30 – Midday Free FM 89.0 Real Community Radio

Scan this with your mobile to access our Facebook page. No QR Code reader ? Free download to your smart phone from Don't Forget to check out our website

We sincerely thank the following organisations for their support and encouragement: Hamilton City Council, Trust Waikato, Lion Foundation, C.O.G.S, DV Bryant Trust, NZ Lotteries, Len Reynolds Trust and Sky City. We also thank Volunteering Waikato and our many volunteers who give so freely of their time and expertise.

Fairfield Proud “putting the Neighbour back in our ‘hood”

y a d i l o H l o o h c r Our S e b o t c O e m m Progra 2017.

Hamilton Gardens

ym G e h t @

p m u J po u a T


@ the Movies


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Healthline –. Anytime 24/7 free. medical advice. 0800 611 116. Tagbuster 0800TAGBUSTER. Hotlines. Healthline –. Anytime 24/7 free. medical advice. 0800 611 116. Tagbuster 0800TAGBUSTER. We sincerely thank the following organisations for their support and. encouragement: Hamilton City Council, Trust Waikato, ...

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