October 2016

Bulletin Hunter & Coastal Region

Lake Macquarie Church Service Photo by Bryce Hoffmann, ACL from 1st Warners Bay Group

Region Cuboree 2016 Photo by Bryce Hoffmann, ACL from 1st Warners Bay Group


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016

Contents Regional Commissioner’s Report 3 Regional Commissioner’s Report continues 4 Training Report 5 Member Support Report 6 Member Support Report continues 7 Joey Scout Report 8 Joey Scout Report continues 9 Ally Lennox 1st Woy Woy Joey Scout well done 9 Cub Scout Report 10 Huge congratulations to Hayden Mahaffey  10 Scout Report 11 Scout Report continues 12 Scout Report continues 13 Venturer Scout Report 14 Venturer Scout Report, continues 15 Queen’s Scout Award 15 Activity Courses 16 JOTA/JOTI16 Card Dash II 16 Appointments, Transfers, Resignations  17 Handy Websites 17 Regional Cuboree 2016 18 1st Wyong Scout Group Trivia night 19


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Regional Commissioner’s Report I visited our Regions Cuboree held at Morisset showground on 10th September. There were 600+ cubs Scouts, leaders and adult helpers in attendance. The weather was excellent as well as the venue. It was as always; great to see smiling faces of our youth members as they were having fun at the activity bases. Congratulations to all concerned on a successful event. Preparation is now well advanced for the State Cuboree to be held at Cataract Scout Park in January to celebrate 100 years of Cub Scouting. Please make the effort to attend with your respective youth members. I mentioned in my September Bulletin article that our new Chief Commissioner Mr Neville Tomkins OAM has made membership growth and retention one of his high priorities. I have to say at the time of me writing this article on 16/9/16 our membership in the past twelve months has increased approximately 5 – 6%. Congratulations to all who have worked tirelessly to achieve this encouraging result. Most groups are reasonably on target to achieve their membership target by April 2017 but as always, retention is our biggest challenge. We seem to be fantastic at recruitment but let’s just say, in some areas, struggle in retention. Of particular concern is that NSW along has dropped 15% in Adult Leadership in the last 12 months and 33% decrease in the last 6 years. I have used this space numerous times to talk up recruitment of leaders. There is nothing magic about recruitment. Although I only wrote this “piece” this year on recruitment, I think it is work repeating again.

“Recruitment of Leaders” There are 600 plus leaders in the H & C Region and 4000 odd in NSW. Ask any one of these men and women why the challenge was accepted and you will be given a reason or a set of reasons. Some would seek to explain their involvement in Scouting in abstract terms such as sense of duty while others would advance highly specific and personal reasons. We might predict however, a fairly common answer would be “somebody asked me”. A person has to overcome a considerable amount of self-consciousness before they can approach an organisation and enquire about lending a hand. If they receive an invitation though, it is a different story. There is no longer any fear of rebuff nor any need to think up an elaborate explanation for their interest. They have been made feel wanted because they have received an invitation from a member. There are very good reasons why we cannot launch an “open invitation” campaign directed indiscriminately at the entire adult population. On the other hand there is the danger of hiding our light ‘under a bushel’ and bypassing potential Scouters by our exclusiveness.

Chief Comissioner of NSW Neville Tomkins OAM Presenting 40 year service award to Allan George Group Leader from 1st Paterson/Bolwarra Scout Group on 24/9/16 at the Meet and Greet Region Leadership Team at Regional HQ Photos by Greg Allen, Hunter & Coastal Region


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Regional Commissioner’s Report continues Many people in this Region where there are thousands of adults are just waiting to be asked. I am sure everyone could name acquaintances who they have seriously considered as prospective leaders. Unfortunately and too often certainly in this Region, the first step is not taken until there is the impetus of a crisis; the group is floundering and somebody is urgently needed for its rescue and resuscitation. This is not a problem to be shelved until time is beginning to run out but it’s a task to be faced by every leader. Who was the last person you asked? Think about it. Recruitment must be on the top of all our agendas permanently.” I have also on recent DC and RC Agendas included an agenda item I call “sharp Ideas”. How can we improve Scouting to all and sundry? How can we bring more youth in and retain them and of course the same for leaders? Why are some groups growing and some are not? I would be very interested as always, hearing about your success stories. I am also interested in the challenges you may be facing and help you if you require or indeed think you should be getting help. If you feel you have been “let down” by others, I would be happy to know how I can help. Please advise. Also please do not hesitate to share your Scouting experiences, positive or negative with me anytime via the Region Office. I and my teams are not only here to listen but act to the best of our ability and resources.

Steve Fernie Regional Commissioner

Location of MarylandShortland NEW Scout Hall Photos by Greg Allen, Hunter & Coastal Region

Region Cuboree 2016 Photo by Bryce Hoffmann, ACL from 1st Warners Bay Group


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Training Report NSW training figures for Leaders completing their training in 12 months are dismal, and Hunter and Coastal is no exception. We have 55 Leaders in H & C of which 26 simply needed to submit their paperwork. All their training is done but the shouting. The training team are fired up and are working tirelessly to reduce these numbers. If you are on this list, you will get a phone call and email for Helen Buckley Regional Advisors for eLearning, you should also have been contact by your DC and also your PLA. We will be leaving no stone unturned. Our mission is to have ALL TRAINEE Leaders complete their training with 12 months. If this is not possible for any reason, please contact me, so I can approve an extension. Extensions are only possible after contact has been made.

So here are the 3 simply steps to getting your appointment: E-Learning Modules (including eBully) > Practical Supplement weekend > L10 & A3 submitted

AFinal Courses for the year are closing this month, get your forms in early; Applications


Course Number




Joey Scout

7 Oct 2016

921 16 003

Pennant Hills 5-6 Nov 2016


Cub Scout

7 Oct 2016

922 16 005

Pennant Hills 5-6 Nov 2016



14 Oct 2016

924 16 003

Pennant Hills 12-13 Nov 2016


Leader of Adults

14 Oct 2016

926 16 003

Pennant Hills 12-13 Nov 2016


Bushwalking Level 1 14 Oct 2016

927 16 009

Pennant Hills 12-13 Nov 2016


Canoeing/Kayaking 21 Oct 2016 935 16 003 Kamilarol Scout 19-20 Nov 2016 Level 1 and 2 Camp


All Courses require you to complete eLearning Modules prior to the closing date for acceptance. So complete your training, upskill, meet new friends and have a fun weekend away fully catered. What is stopping you?

Remember, with training you will INSPIRE our Youth to try new things, DEVELOP LEADERSHIP skills to run ENGAGING programs and gain RESILENCE and CONFIDENCE in yourself.

Gai Green Regional Commissioner (Adult Training & Development) [email protected]


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Member Support Report Scouts NSW has a new Insurance Provider. The company is Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Limited. Below are details of how to make a claim. This information can be found on the State Web Site together with a Claim Form. Please ensure that you contact the Insurers as soon as possible after an accident. If you have any enquiries please contact me on 49435849 (H) or 0402335410 (M). Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Limited ABN 69 003 710 647 A.F.S. Licence No: 239778 Level 12, 720 Bourke Street, Melbourne Victoria, 3000 Australia Telephone: (+613) 9242 5111 • DX: 31310 – Midtown


Claim Form and Procedures. Scouts NSW maintains a Group Personal Accident policy which covers members and volunteers whilst they are engaged in Scout Approved Activities. The insurer of the policy is Chubb Insurance Company of Australia. This policy aims to assist Scout members who suffer an injury whilst participating in Authorised Scouting Activities including travelling to and from such activities. The cover applies to members up to the age of 89 years. A range of benefits covering Death, Permanent Injuries, Loss of Income, and Non Medicare Medical Expenses are provided, subject to the policy terms and conditions. Note that the Personal Accident Insurance policy is not a substitute for private health insurance and may not address all expenses incurred in connection with an injury. Please Note: Medicare Medical Expenses including any gap payment are not claimable under this policy due to Government Health Insurance Legislation. In addition, it is a condition of this policy that if a covered person holds private health insurance they must claim under their private health insurance policy before submitting a claim under the Scouts Personal Accident policy. In order for a claim to be dealt with as quickly as possible, please ensure that all items as below have been addressed. If further information is required the insurer, Chubb will contact the claimant directly. If there is any concern regarding the claims process, or any dissatisfaction with the service or outcome provided by Chubb Scouts NSW or their broker, Aon will be pleased to provide assistance.


• If there is insufficient space to complete any of the answers please attach a separate signed and dated sheet and identify the question number concerned. • Notice in writing must be sent to Chubb within 30 days of the injury, or the claim may not be recognised. • The section headed - Medical Certificate/Certificate of Attending Physician – is required to be completed by the attending Physician at the claimant’s expense. • Once completed the form should be returned to Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Limited Email: [email protected] Post: PO Box 20336, World Square Post Office, NSW 2002 Fax: 1300 795 879 Phone: 1300 795 779 • When emailing claims to Chubb a copy may be sent to AON at [email protected]


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Member Support Report continues When completing the claim form please: 1. Ensure pages 1, 2, 3 and 4 are fully completed. 2. Ensure the Authority to Give Information in General Particulars on Page 3 is signed. 3. Ensure the Declaration on Page 4 is signed. 4. Ensure a copy of the Scout Incident Report is provided. 5. Have the Doctor or treating Physician complete and sign Page 5. 6. Ensure bank account details on Page 4 are provided for settlement by EFT 7. Ensure the claimant email address is provided for communication purposes. To obtain a Personal Accident Claim Form please go to Scouts NSW website: www.nsw.scouts.com.au/leaders/insurance-information 8 August 2016 Just a reminder that when using the HS5 Incident/Accident/Near miss form please ensure that you fill in all sections and that correct contact numbers are given. This has been a problem lately because a number of people nowadays have gone over to only using their mobile numbers as a contact and have had their land line phones disconnected. So could ALL Leaders please contact the Region Office and let them know if there have been any changes to phone numbers, Emails Addresses and any other statistics in your file. Region Office Contact 49500999. Your assistance with the above will help in the follow up to HS5 reports. Also please use the latest version of the HS5 Form March 2016. Unfortunately we are still receiving HS5 reports of Leaders or Youth being injured when leaders are participating in games with the youth members. It is recommended that leaders do not participate in games with youth members. I understand that there are leaders who do not see it.as a problem. Believe me it can be. Leaders should supervise not participate. You may get away with it but sooner or later it will happen. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. It can.

Grahame Pricter OAM. JP. Regional Commissioner (Member Support) [email protected]

Lake Macquarie Church Service Photo by Bryce Hoffmann, ACL from 1st Warners Bay Group


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Joey Scout Report What a month it has been, it’s great to see such inspiring stories coming out of your mobs and from around Australia. There’s quite a bit to update you on this month, we have a YPR update, our new Chief Commissioner Neville Tomkins presented his vision for Scouts NSW, Joey Practices across the state were discussed, State Konara is progressing, as well as various regional items. Firstly, to the YPR’s latest article this presents a very different Joey mob from the “traditional” mob in our Region. The Macarthur Joey Mob Leader noticed a trend when he became the Joey leader that his Joeys disliked craft. Numbers were dwindling and by accident when on an outing with his joeys he stumbled upon a winning solution for this mob. They ditched the weekly meeting and moved towards a fortnightly outing and incorporated all the aspects of Joeys into the outings. I would encourage some of our struggling mobs to branch out and try this approach; there is nothing in Scouting policy that limits the frequency or duration of events in any section. I would encourage everyone to read more into this as I think it shows how the continual evolution of scouting will progresses us into a stronger movement. http:// ypr.scouts.com.au/news/2016-09-16-act-joey-mob-rethinking-programming If you would like to trial developing a similar program get in contact and we can work through it. The YPR is continually reviewing to ensure that scouting remains contemporary for modern Australia. By looking at how to scouting is being delivered, provides us insights on how scouting can look in the future. At the Septembers Commissioners Conference, Neville Tomkins presented his vision for scouting in the future. 7 key areas were identified support the scouting movement into the future. The presentation left me inspired and motivated towards how as organization we will operate, and increase our competitiveness in the vast number of choices for extracurricular activities that are presented to children these days. Neville presented a number of concepts in regards to organization operation. It would be great to see all of these changes are implemented, with the desired effect improving the ease of scouting for volunteers. A progress and innovation committee will examine aspects of scouting to produce a substantial reduction of the administrative burdens of scouting, with the desire to streamline and simplify so that we can spend more time scouting and less time paper pushing. One of the items discussed at the State Joey meeting and also by Neville was the need for the growth of scouting membership. A significant opportunity of growth that is being examined is the inclusion of school ready youth within our section. Ie if they child is 5 or older and at school then they can join Joeys. I will update all joey and group leaders directly if the age bracket of our section is modified however keep your eyes peeled for more information. Feedback has also been flowing in regarding the Commissioner’s Challenge badge for Joeys. Mobs across the state love it, if you would like to get involved talk to your district joey scout leader. You can stay up to date regarding all joey badge work at the following link: http://scoutreach.org.au/resources/joeys/joey-challenges/

Lake Macquarie Church Service Photos by Bryce Hoffmann, ACL from 1st Warners Bay Group


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Joey Scout Report continues State Konara is shaping up to be the premier Joey leader event across NSW in 2017.Thanks to your feedback; we know what you would like us to cover, thanks to all those who completed the surveys that were sent out. Please save the date May 27/28 2017. The location will be Glenfield scout center, start talking to your group leaders regarding budgeting for you to attend as your groups should be paying. Also due to the distance please talk to other leaders regarding carpooling and ridesharing to make the weekend more enjoyable. Upon the opening of registration all Joey leaders will be notified by email so please make sure your email address is correct in scout link. Final a little closer to home, within the region I was delighted to see a Joey from 1st Woy Woy Sea Scouts representing both the section and region and the Chief Commissioners reaffirmation over the weekend in Sydney. The Joeys did a wonderful job presenting the scarf and woggle to the Chief Commissioner. I would like to apologise for not having next year’s regional joey calendar ready for distribution this month it will be out next month with the details for all the exciting activities coming up next year. As always please attend your district Wandarrah and events, as the planning and coordination is best when everyone is at the meeting. As always if you would like to discuss anything or need assistance let me know, let’s work together to grow joeys for the benefit of scouting. Until Next month,

Louis Todd Regional Commissioner (Joey Scouts) [email protected]

Chief Commissioner of NSW Neville Tomkins OAM being invested at Pennant Hills on Saturday 10th September 2016, with our very own Alannah Lennox (1st Woy Woy Joey Scout) standing on the left of the Chief Commissioner. Ally presented the Chief Commissioner with his scarf. She had a little trouble with the woggle, however she persisted to it was in the right position


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Cub Scout Report “Travel Bag” We received an update this week and the bags will arrive in the country on the 3rd of October then Customs. We will need some bodies to help empty the container and issue the bags to the other Regions when they pick up their orders. This should be over four days at Cataract Scout park.

“Region Cuboree” The Regional Cuboree was a great success and the venue has met all our needs. We had a lot of positive feedback from leaders on the site and activities that was offered to the Cub Scout to undertake. It was great to see and have the other youth section helping junior service leaders and great big thanks to all who help make our Regional Cuboree the success it was. We have booked the site for the third weekend in September 2018, please put this in your diaries. See you all at the Cuboree.

“State Cuborees” The placement of H&C personnel into packs and other roles will be completed by the end of September. We will have around 4/5 pack coordinators. The youth application close 1st October and adult close end of November, this was it allows for adults and junior service leader who work commitment change. Our base at the State Cuboree has the theme of Celtic. We will need to set up early to achieve a great base for the Cub Scouts. The team will need to arrive on two dates eg 30th December and 3 January.

“Cub yellow book” If you have not already received the current updates for the Pass Book, please contact your DCSL asap. The updates are: Promise and Law, Messenger of Pease, Walkabout Award and Camping Award.

Regional Events: ŠŠ Regional Cuboree – September 3 weekend 2018, Morisset Show Ground ŠŠ State Cuboree – 3 – 7 January 2018, Cataract Scout park ŠŠ Out & About – Any time in November ŠŠ Fun Day – May 2017

David Main Regional Commissioner (Cub Scouts) [email protected]


Huge congratulations to Hayden Mahaffey from 1st Belmont Scout Group. A Cub Hayden Mahaffey now Scout wins major award. Hayden (as a Cub Scout) for his Grey Wolf Resource did a Geocache. This was then entered in the Geocache Awards for 2016 and not only did he take out the traditional cache section but the silver cache of the year. BRAVO and well done! Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Scout Report Scout Section Hikes. With winter well and truly over its hiking season, and your scouts should be getting out and about as spring is the best time to hike. You should be using the latest technology of SPOT units and personal locater beacons to keep track of your scouts whilst on a hike. DSL’s will supply you with an EPIRB for Adventurer Cord hikes in case of emergencies, so make sure you are prepared. Please ensure that proper risk assessments are done for each hike and if the hike is out of your district, the appropriate DC must be notified two weeks prior to the hike via the E1 form. If the hike is in another region, the appropriate Region Office should be notified.

Regional Corroboree Camp 2017 The Corroboree is a five day standing camp run by Hunter & Coastal Region for Scouts. It is being held at Lostock Scout Camp on the Paterson River near the Barrington Tops from Wednesday 18th January to Sunday 22nd January. The camp is based on the patrol system with Troops camping Jamboree style across several sub-camps, with scouts and leaders being fully catered for. The camp uses filtrated river water for drinking and food preparation. Hunter & Coastal Troops are to be formed on a district basis, using Jamboree style dining areas, using patrol tents for scouts. Patrols from other Regions can contact the organizer, or contact H&C DSL’s via the Region Office to buddy-up with a troop to experience the Corroboree Camp. Activities will commence on 19th Jan, and will include traditional scouting and commercial activities, as well as a Bivouac overnight hike, where scouts will need to bring a separate day pack, small tarp & poles to sleep in their Hutchie. Venturers are invited to attend Corroboree as helpers on the District base activities. They will camp (in hike tents) & eat at the Venturer sub-camp. Applications close on 6th Dec. Register your application on-line at ‘Patroltent.com’ or via the ‘Scoutreach.org.au’ Website Corroboree Medical information can be updated on the Registration page for scouts and leaders right up until Friday 13th Jan 2017.

Lake Macquarie Church Service Photos by Bryce Hoffmann, ACL from 1st Warners Bay Group


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Scout Report continues Key Dates for Corroboree: ŠŠ September 2016

Applications Open on-line

ŠŠ 31st October

Applications & deposit to your Scout Leader

ŠŠ 7th November

Applications & deposit (by group cheque) to H&C Region Office

ŠŠ 6th December

Final applications & payment deadline (group cheque) to H&C Region Office

ŠŠ 18th January

Scouts & Leaders move in for Corroboree

ŠŠ 22nd January

Corroboree finishes.

COST: $200.00 for Scouts, Leaders & Venturers. Leaders can contact the Organiser for weekend only attendance. ŠŠ 31st Oct - Deposit of $80.00 due with applications to your Scout Leader. Scout Leaders to have all applications with a group cheque to the H&C Region Office by Monday 7th November. ŠŠ 6th Dec – Final Group Cheque payment ($120.00 per/scout) to H&C Region Office.

CORROBOREE APPLICATION PROCESS: All scouts and leaders are required to register on-line via the ‘Patroltent’ Website. Applications will open in September. It goes without saying that all scouts & leaders must be registered members as recorded on the Scoutlink Data Base, as current members to attend Corroboree. Once Scouts & Leaders register on-line, the application document will need to be printed. For Scouts & Venturers the form needs to be signed by parents. The completed application form is to be given to your Scout Leader, who will also sign the application, then collectively forwarded to: H&C Scouts Region Office, PO Box 191, Wallsend NSW 2287, Group Cheque, payable to ‘Scouts Australia’.

Lake Macquarie BRAF Boat Harbour Photo by Keith Randall of H&C Activities Team


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Scout Report continues Plan Do Review Who can use Plan > Do > Review > ?

PLAN • Decide what you’re going to do - from games to major expeditions, scouts decide on their next adventure - make sure it is fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive. • Delegate responsibilities - choose a scout to lead the activity and delegate tasks to participants. • Work out what gear is needed - scouts prepare a list and source all the equipment that is needed for the adventure. • Discover what skills you need to learn to complete the adventure. • Determine your end goal, create a list of skills required and find someone to learn from. DO • Test out the new skills you’ve learnt. • Have fun, be challenged and enjoy the adventure. • Be youth led, adult supported. REVIEW • What did you hear, see, notice and enjoy about your adventure? • What did you learn that you didn’t know before? • How was it fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive • What did you learn about the team on your adventure? • What didn’t go to plan? • What would you do differently next time?

For info on Plan.Do.Review - ypr.scouts.com.au Keep up the great work you are all doing for your Scouts.

Bruce Leverton ‘ Marlu’ Regional Commissioner (Scouts) [email protected]


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Venturer Scout Report VENTURE 2016 Our yearly major event is just around the corner Even though the VIP tickets have ended you can still submit the E1 form before the closing date of 21/10/16 until the event fills up to our max numbers We have an early closing date due to the requirements of the Cockatoo Island Trust Once the maximum number of applications is received the event will be closed and could well close before 21/10/16 so if you would like to attend this wonderful even please submit your E1 form and money to the Region office ASAP We will need as many leader and rover help as we can get so if you could also submit the E1 form at the discounted cost as per page 2 of the form ASAP. For those who have already submitted your form and money, thank you. We will keep everyone updated with meeting times/ places and event activities through upcoming bulletin articles, Regional website and your DVSL’s. E1 Forms Reminder: All E1 forms and money is to be sent to the Region office before the closing date of the activity. No forms or money will be accepted at the Region run activity Could all leaders please remind your Venturers of this important point.

2016 Venturer Courses and Events The courses/ events that we have for the balance of the year are as follows: October 2016

ŠŠ 8th – 9th

Unit Management

ŠŠ 14th – 16th

Initiative Course- (Please note- this was moved from the 22nd – 23rd October 2016)

ŠŠ 29th – 30th

Venturer H&C Environmental Course

November 2016

ŠŠ 5th – 6th

Social Camp- Water Activities weekend

December 2016

ŠŠ 2nd – 4th

Hunter and Coastal Regional Venture (location in Sydney)

As some courses have limited numbers please complete and send your E1 forms and money to the region office as soon as possible. In addition to all the above courses the venturers and leaders have access to the exciting courses being run by the activities team. Could all leaders see that the units have access to the activities calendar that can be found on the region website so the units can add the courses to their programs.


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Venturer Scout Report, continues International/ Major Events Following are just some of the exciting events that are coming up: ŠŠ 31st Asia Pacific Regional Scout Jamboree in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. From the 27th July to 2nd August 2017. This is for anyone aged between 12.5years to 17 years (at the start of the jamboree). Email for more information [email protected] ŠŠ VCP Bundeslager 2017 10th German National Scout Jamboree. Apply to https://registrations.international. scouts.com.au for Venturer Scouts aged 14 to 17 in July 2017. Note, $750 deposit is due no later than 31/5/16. Total cost $3750 with pre- tours of Europe available at an extra cost. Funding grants of up to $1500 are available. Email [email protected] for more details. ŠŠ AV18 will be in QLD. When information is made available I will send it out to everyone. ŠŠ World Jamboree in 2019. Location will be in North America. Total numbers are aimed at between 40 000 to 60 000 at a cost of approx $7000 so start fundraising now. ŠŠ Rat Skin will be run over the 24th & 25th September 2016 ŠŠ Waratah will be run over the 11th to the 13th November 2016. Further information can be found at www. greaterwestscouts.com.au ŠŠ Another location to consider is the Kandersteg International Scout Centre ‘KISC’. This is a permanent world jamboree site in Switzerland and is run by Rovers from all over the world. You can arrange to attend anytime and can book lodges, chalets and campsites covering 17 hectares. More information on: www.kisc.ch/

Barry Kilby Regional Commissioner (Venturer Scouts) [email protected] www.hcventurers.com

Congratulations to:

Queen’s Scout Award

ŠŠ Emma Skaza – Cardiff Venturer Unit ŠŠ Jacob Bambach – Cardiff Venturer Unit On being awarded their Queen’s Scout award


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Activity Courses No. 1643 1644 1645 V-10 1646 1647 1648 1649 1650

Start Date 29 Oct 16 29 Oct 16 1 Oct 16 5 Nov 16 5 Nov 16 12 Nov 16 12 Nov 16 19 Nov 16 26 Nov 16 26 Nov 16

Day Sa/Su Sa/Su Tue Sa/Su Sa/Su Sa/Su Sa/Su Sa/Su Sa/Su Sa/Su



Environmental Camp White Water Region Activitiy Team Meeting @ 7.30 Canoeing - Flat Water Skills Venturers - Social Camp Basic Rock (Watagans) Abseiling (Watagans) Canyoning - Intro & Intermediate Caving - Intro & Intermediate White Water

Myuna Bay Barrington Rive Kantankye Lake Macquari Long Jetty Heaton Heaton Blue Mtns Timor Barrington Rive

Closing Date 7 Oct 16 7 Oct 16 14 Oct 16 14 Oct 16 21 Oct 16 21 Oct 16 28 Oct 16 4 Nov 16 4 Nov 16



$25.00 C, S, V $20.00 V RAT’s $20.00 V $20.00 V $30.00 V $30.00 V $30.00 V $30.00 V $20.00 V


Jamboree-On-The-Air and Jamboree-On-The-Internet (JOTA-JOTI) is an official international event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). JOTA-JOTI is a youth programme event intended for young people in Scouting of all ages. The purpose of JOTA-JOTI is to enable and encourage Scouts around the world to communicate with one another by means of amateur radio and the internet, providing a fun and educational Scouting experience and promoting their sense of belonging to a worldwide Scout Movement. It on the third full weekend in October each year, this year the 14 to 16 October 2016 for more information see ŠŠ http://international.scouts.com.au/programs-in-australia/jotajoti ŠŠ http://jotajoti.info/ ŠŠ or contact Greg Allen [email protected]

TIME NEEDED: 10 -20 minutes

Card Dash II

SUITABLE FOR: Joeys, Cubs and Scouts Equipment • Two sets of cards about the size of dominos, one half showing map symbols and the other half matching descriptions - the more the better!!! Game Description Make up two sets of cards. One half with map symbols and one with descriptions. All cards are placed face down at the end of the hall. In relays, each player from each team runs down to collect two random cards. After each player has been once the teams have to match symbols with descriptions. At the end, all un-matched cards can be returned to the end of the hall and the relay run again. The winning team is the patrol that has matched the most symbols and desciptions. www.scoutreach.org.au

Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Appointments, Transfers, Resignations 15-August-16



Griffiths, Colin AJSL 1st Bulahdelah Joey Mob Holdsworth, Richard TL(S) 1st Budgewoi Scout Troop SL-P 1st Budgewoi Scout Troop Home, Christopher TL(CS) Cardiff Cub Pack ACSL Cardiff Cub Pack Lane, Meredith ACSL 1st East Gosford Cub Pack ASL 1st East Gosford Scout Troop

1st Raymond Terrace Scout Troop Seaham Scout Troop 1st Ourimbah Cub Pack

For Games

ASL Peats Ridge Scout Troop Appt. TL(CS) 1st South Wallsend Cub Pack


www.scoutresources.org.uk/SR/games/index.html www.boyscouttrail.com/games.asp www.macscouter.com/games/Games4BS.asp https://au.pinterest.com/explore/cub-scout-games/ http://scoutermom.com/tag/games/




Handy Websites

RESIGNATIONS Hobday, Amy Sparkes, Hugh

Chapman, Shane Hawes, Gerard Skelton, Paul

Appt. TL(CS)

1st Teralba Cub Pack


Macalpine, Deborah CSL 1st Swansea Cub Pack DL(T) Newcastle District Mountain, Dennis TL(G) 1st Raymond Terrace Scout Group GL-P 1st Raymond Terrace Scout Group Wellham, Greta ASL 1st Scone Scout Troop SL-P 2nd Muswellbrook Scout Group

https://au.pinterest.com/th3d0ct0r/cub-scout-crafts/ http://moorecountyboyscouts.org/scoutingresources/scoutcrafts.html http://scoutermom.com/tag/crafts/

Joeys http://australianjoeyscouts1.4t.com/Sc/prog.html http://joeycentral.weebly.com/scout--joey-programs.html

Programming http://scouts.org.uk/media/765110/109.pdf

RESIGNATIONS Glendenning, Andrew DL(T) Newcastle District Scott, Clayton TL(CS) Dungog Cub Pack

12-September-16 RESIGNATIONS Foote, Tracey


1st Kanwal Scout Troop

19-September-16 APPOINTMENTS & TRANSFERS Bellette, Diane Daley, Zane Inwood, Cheryl Martin, Gary Urane, karolina

DCSL Lake Macquarie City District DL(SP) Lake Macquarie City District TL (CS) 1st Swansea Cub Pack ACSL 1st Swansea Cub Pack TL(CS) 1st Swansea Cub Pack ACSL 1st Swansea Cub Pack Appt TL(S) 1st Erina Heights Scout Troop ASL 1st Erina Heights Scout Troop Appt TL(JS) Maryland-Shortland Joey Mob AJSL Maryland-Shortland Joey Mob

Manning District Construction Weekend Photo by Bruce Cooke G.L. 1st Forster-Tuncurry Scout Group More to come next month


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


Regional Cuboree 2016

Region Cuboree 2016

Photo by Bryce Hoffmann, ACL from 1st Warners Bay Group


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016



Saturday Oct 22 - @7PM

Wyong Golf Club – 319 Pacific Hwy, Wyong

$10 Per Person (Over 18’s event only)

BRING YOUR FRIENDS ALONG FOR A NIGHT OF GOOD OLD FASHIONED TRIVIA AND LAUGHS BONUS POINTS FOR BEST DECORATED TABLE BAR FACILITIES AVAILABLE – BYO SNACKS For more information or to book a table, please contact Cherene Downes PH: 0420 505 322 or email [email protected]


Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin October 2016


October 2016 Bulletin.pdf

There are 600 plus leaders in the H & C Region and 4000 odd in NSW. Ask any one ... Allan George Group Leader from 1st. Paterson/Bolwarra Scout Group on.

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