Ottawa Catholic School Board November 27, 2012

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A summary of major Board decisions

annual general meeting December 4 7:30 p.m. Boardroom Catholic Edcuation Centre 570 West Hunt Club Road Nepean

Last meeting of 2012 is Tuesday, December 11

School Profile – St. Rose of Lima (formerly Bayshore Catholic) Elementary School Principal Donna Bekkers-Boyd and a delegation of teachers from the school shared the transformation and faith journey as Bayshore Catholic School changed its name to St. Rose of Lima. An official Mass was held November 14 presided over by His Grace, Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, S.J.

New Supervisory Officer appointed Trustees received a report from the Director of Education regarding the appointment of Mary Donaghy as Acting Supervisory Officer, effective January 1, 2013. Mrs. Donaghy will be responsible for the Special Education and Student Services Department and the Superintendent for the All Saints and Sacred Heart Families of Schools. Mrs. Donaghy will be replacing Greg Mullen, Superintendent of Human Resources, who is retiring.

For more information, please contact Mardi de Kemp Communications Officer at 613 224-4455, ext. 2326.

Inspired by a young life – St. Rose of Lima. Left to right: Betty-Ann Kealey, Trustee; Andrea Gillis, Teacher; Tim Graitson, Teacher; Paula Harlin, Teacher, Donna Bekkers-Boyd, Principal; Brenda Wilson, Superintendent; and Mark Mullan, Chairperson of the Board.

Mrs. Donaghy has been a teacher, department head, vice-principal

and school principal during her 20 year career with the board. Additionally, portfolio reassignments of three superintendents will take effect January 1, 2013 although their Family of School responsibilities will remain the same: • Tom D’Amico will move to Superintendent of Human Resources • Simone Oliver will move to Superintendent of Student Success – Elementary • Brenda Wilson will move to Superintendent of Student Success – Learning Technologies

Catholic Education Centre 570 West Hunt Club Road, Nepean, Ontario K2G 3R4 Tel: 613 224-2222 Fax: 613 224-5063

Principal and Vice-principal appointments and transfers There were a number of other appointments and transfers all effective January 1, 2013. • Sean Kelly has been appointed Principal of St. Patrick’s Intermediate School. Mr. Kelly is currently Vice-Principal of St. Joseph High School • Principal Brid McDonald moves from All Saints High School to St. Patrick’s High School and Principal Bill Walsh moves from St. Patrick’s Intermediate to All Saints High School • Itinerant Resource Teacher Wanda Symes has been appointed Vice-Principal at St. Mark High School • Vice-Principal Todd Campbell moves from St. Mark High School to St. Joseph High School

Audited Consolidated Financial Statements The Board approved the Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended August 31, 2012 as audited and reported upon by Deloitte & Touche LLP, Chartered Accountants, Licensed Public Accountants. This is a favourable independent Auditor’s Report with no qualifications. David Leach, Superintendent of Finance and Administration and Doreen Hume, Associate Partner from Deloitte & Touche made a presentation to the Board on behalf of the Audit Committee. The statements are located on the Board’s website.

Annual Energy Management Report Superintendent of Planning and Facilities, Fred Chrystal, shared the Annual Energy Management Report. Highlights include: • Demonstrated exemplary accumulated cost avoidance since 2005, saving $15,267,591

Kindergarten Registration 2013 The Ottawa Catholic School Board’s Kindergarten Registration period will be January 21-25, 2013 with registration continuing at any time into the spring and summer. • Exceeded 2011-12 energy conservation targets by $610,100 • Maximized energy incentives grants - $118,000 • In 2009, the Ministry of Education sent a Five Year Energy Reduction Goal of 10%. Our five year results: Electricity use down 33%, Natural Gas use down 34.5% despite an increase of 300,000 cubic feet of new space • 2011-12 reductions equivalent to elimination the carbon emissions of 1,445 passenger cars or 8,778 cars over the past seven years. Complete details are available in the Agenda Package for the November 27 meeting, pages 54-57.

Priorities for 2013 Facility Renewal

The Board approved facility renewal work in several areas: • Report on 2011-2012 expenditures under the Facility Renewal Program and School Condition grants • Projects that will be funded from the annual Facility Renewal Program (FRP) grant (Table 1). See projects approved in the amount of $5,795,153 on pages 51 & 52. • Projects that will be funded from the second year of the School Condition grant (Table 2). See projects approved in the amount of $2,422,178 on page 53. • Projects funded by the Board’s Proceeds of Disposition reserve fund. This $1.8 million fund came from the sale of surplus schools. Projects will include a combination of street or entry-way reorganizations, security and internal organization for uses like Learning Commons and Administration. • Replace the roof on Jean Vanier school.

• Transfer of $500,000 to repair and maintain the Catholic Education Centre. Complete details are available on the Board’s website and in the Agenda Package for the November 27 meeting, pages 46-53.

Transportation Policy Alignment between OSTA and OCSB On behalf of the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority Board of Directors, Superintendent David Leach submitted a report to the Trustees entitled “Policy Cross Reference – OSTA/OCSB.” Complete details are available in the Agenda Package for the November 27 meeting, pages 62-78. Upon receiving the report, the Board passed the following motions: 1. That Transportation Policy F-1.26 be immediately removed from the Ottawa Catholic School Board’s website, and; 2. That the recommendation to rescind such policy be submitted to the Board’s formal Policy and Procedure Review process.

OSTA – Effectiveness and Efficiency Review On behalf of the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority Board of Directors, Superintendent David Leach submitted a report to the Trustees entitled “OSTA – Effectiveness and Efficient Review. The report details OSTA’s readiness for the upcoming Effectiveness and Efficiency Review/Audit which is scheduled for December 11, 2012. Read complete details in the Agenda Package for the November 27 meeting, pages 79-88.


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