OBJECTİVE: In short terms, contributing on my firm that i work for and growing together. Not only exhibiting my abilities but also sharing them with my collegues. I would like to gain experiences and learn from their klowledge. I want to create an environment where i can adapt my theoretical knowledge to reality freely. In long terms, i am decided to learn Java in edition to CSharp. Finally i’ve already prepared myself to developing applications which simplify peoples workloads and provides interfaces which they can spend their time usefully .

EDUCATION: 2010 – 2014 Dokuz Eylül University Business Administration and Management, License Education Language: Turkish 2005 – 2009 İzmir Anadolu Kız High School

WORK EXPERIENCES: Arife Sinanç Büke, Intern

2013 Temmuz – Financial Consultancy Firm, MilkLab34(Mobile Interactive Learning Camp) Mobile Programming Intern. Medanis Web Agency, social media and marketing editor, seo based article writer. Kerzz Pos, software tester and call center officer-technical supporter.


Programming: C#, .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MVC 4, Mobile Programming, JAVA, Android, Firebase, Github

Software: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Sql Server 2014, Intellij IDE, Android Studio

Projects: A Mobile application based on a voluntariness subject(Using material design and firabase integrated ) ADDITIONAL EDUCATION &CERTIFICATES: Bilge Adam .NET and Database Expertise Education 2015, Turkey Economists Mobile Platform Mobile Technology Employment Project Certificate, Kosgeb Entrepreneurship Certificate , Yapı Kredi Banking Academy Banking Certificate.


Reading:Advanced, Writing:Advanced, Speaking:Good Photography


Marital Status: Single

Birthdate/Birthplace: 14.01.1991/ İzmir-Konak Sex: Female

Driving Licence: B

REFERENCES: MERVE KELEŞ Owner at Milklab34, Senior Swift & Android Developer

BURCU TOPUZ Accounting/Finans (Kerzz Pos) 05303924729


OBJECTÄ°VE: In short terms, contributing on my firm ... -

Economists Mobile Platform Mobile Technology Employment Project Certificate, Kosgeb Entrepreneurship. Certificate , Yapı Kredi Banking Academy Banking ...

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