Dear Wayside Parents: We have experienced Walk-a-Thon, Red Ribbon Week, Halloween/Fall Harvest, Book Fair, and Parent-Teacher Conferences. The cool air is blowing and soon it will be Thanksgiving. What a wonderful life we have! May we all count our blessings! Again this school year, I am challenging our students to bring canned food items for the annual Salvation Army Canned Food Drive. I believe our giving spirit will indeed rise up and we will demonstrate love through our generosity. Our goal is to collect 6451 canned items! The collection is from November 1st through November 11th. So, let’s get busy! If we raise at least 6451 items, we will celebrate with a pajama day for each class that collected at least 250 items. Pajama day will be on Friday, November 18th. If we beat our 2014 record of 7210 items I will kiss an animal during an all-school assembly. Also, please donate any used eyeglasses for the Lions Club project at Mrs. Gurule’s office. These eyeglasses are recycled for those less fortunate. Thank you in advance for your considerate efforts to help those who can use our compassion. Gently used coats are also being collected for donation for those in need. If you would like to donate a warm coat, gloves, scarf, or a stocking cap we will gladly take them. These too will be forwarded on for distribution. Thanksgiving break is the week of November 21st through the 25th this year. Please mark your calendars accordingly this year and enjoy the longer break. In closing, I want to express my appreciation to each parent for the support you give your child and our school. The Wayside teachers and staff know how blessed we are to have such incredible families. You make an incredible impact on our school. Thank you all very much! Sincerely, Ken Copeland

Counselor’s Corner by Ms. Gurule Happy November! Red Ribbon Week is in full swing! It is so fun to see the students dress up each day, excited to be here! Classroom guidance lessons are about making safe and healthy choices while we celebrate Red Ribbon Week. We will return to our study of the I-Care Rules after Red Ribbon Week. The I-Care Rules are: 1)We listen to each other 2)Hands are for helping, not hurting 3)We use I-Care Language 4) We care about each other’s feelings 5) We are responsible for what we say and what we do. Fourth and Fifth grade classes recently read and discussed a book about bullying. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Have a great November!!

Hello Warriors! Art show is looking great at Washington Park Mall and will be up until Sunday, November 6th. The next 9 weeks will be full of upper grade poppy making for the Veteran’s Day program, clay projects and art lessons covering Value and Texture! If you have not made it out to the mall please do so and pat your Warrior on the back for a job well done!

Music News for November 5th Grade – Students are working hard in preparation for the Veterans Day performance. The Veterans Day performance will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Friday November 11th. 4th Grade – Students are learning about note values and counting. Musical Math worksheets. 3rd Grade – Students are learning about note values and counting. Musical Math worksheets. 2nd Grade - Students are working hard in preparation for the Christmas program. 1st grade – Students are learning about using different voices, echoing, and Music that tells stories. Pre-K & Kinder – Singing songs, Reinforcing Class Studies. (Super simple Songs, A B C Jamboree Story Bots and The Learning Station)

All Classes will be getting ready for the Holiday Season; we will be singing songs that will be sung during the Sing-a-Long portion of the program.

Roller Skating begins Nov 15th .Personal helmets and safety gear encouraged . Parents welcome.

Thank you Wayside parents for an Outstanding October!! So many of you volunteered, attended events and donated to our school. We could not ask for better parents! Here is a quick recap: -As always, Wayside Carnival was a huge success. For three hours, our school was packed with kids and families enjoying games, food, inflatables and the ever-popular pie-in-the-face. -Walk-A-Thon was awesome!! Together we raised nearly $29,000 for our school! This money will be used to do great things for Wayside! -Book fair was also a great event for our School! Thanks to the great success, Wayside was able to donate needed books to all first-year elementary teachers in our school district! We look forward to a slower month in November! Please continue to send in Boxtops and turn in your mall receipts. These are both great programs that help us bring in money for Wayside. Upcoming Dates: WPSA Meeting Tues. November 1st at noon. Candy Collection! Did your kids get way too much candy on Halloween??? Send the excess candy to school and we will donate it to our troops! Collection dates are 11/1- 11/3. Walk-A-Thon Pizza Party! Friday 11/4. If your child raised $150 individually, $250 as a family, or ran the most laps in their class they are invited to the Pizza Party! Teachers have been sent a list of students invited to attend. Popcorn Friday! Come help us pop popcorn for our kids, Friday 11/11 7:30-10:30 in the cafeteria Breakfast with Santa!! Mark your calendar for 12/3! More details to come!

Other Notes: Join us on Facebook and stay up-to-date with all that is going on at Wayside. Facebook: Bartlesville Wayside Parent Support Association We ordered a second round of Wayside t-shirts. Email [email protected] if you would like to purchase a t-shirt.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the fall book fair, either by volunteering or purchasing or both. Final numbers aren’t in yet, but our sales were great and our donations for books for first-year elementary teachers in the district will be so appreciated! Special thanks go to Tracey Johnson and Hilary Kamplain, Book Fair co-chairpersons. They did a great job helping to prepare for the book fair and arranging all the volunteers. If you missed the book fair, the online fair will be open until November 2. You can access the online fair at homepage/wayside. Orders will be delivered to the school free of charge, and we will still get profits from online orders. Reading Counts and Sequoyah are in full swing! A few students are already eligible to go bowling with us in the spring because they have read and passed the quizzes on 12 Sequoyah books, and several students are getting close to the top prize for Reading Counts! There is still plenty of time to get going on these programs if your children haven’t participated yet. If you have any questions about these programs or anything else, please contact me at [email protected], or stop by the library sometime!

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