Republic of the Philippines Department of Education National Capilal Region

[email protected] DIVISION OFFICE QUEZON CITY Nueva Ecija St., Bago Bantay, Quezon City


May 16, 2018 MEMORANDUM TO Asst. Schools Division Superintendents Chiefs, CID and SGOD DivisioD,/District Supervisors Elementary/Secondary School PrincipalVOffi cerJn-Charge Head TeachersMaster TeacherVTeachers In4harge

Sportr Technicrl Workitrg Group Utrit Chairmen alld Vic6chairmen



There will be a meeting on Friday, May 18,2018, l:00 p.m. Conference Room.


The agenda of the said meeting are: a. Home and Away Games b. After School Physiaal Activity Progam Signatue sports per district d. 2018 Volleybalt League for Teachers, School Heads and Supewisors e. Sports Clinic for Coaches & Olliciating Officials Other mattcrs


5:00 p.m. at the SDO-QC




Attached is the list of Sports TWG, Chairmen and vice-Chairmen


Attendance is enjoined. lmmediate and wide dissemination ofthis Memorandum is desired

T]ESADA. CESO V Division Sup€rintendent


Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Narional Capilal Region

SCHOOLS DTVISION OFFICE QIIEZON CITY Nueva Ecija St., Bago Bantay, Quezon City


NO. l

Dr. Joel L. Colobong Mr. Philip V. Austria Dr. Mary Ann I. Rondaris Mrs. Roselyn S. Coiol Mr. Ferdinand Joseph Fabia Mrs. Maria Salome D. Manzano Mrs. Varren T. Pechon Mr. Samuel Caddarao Mrs. Ruby Rose U. Abuan Mrs. Joy N. Teves Mr. Manuel V. Fernandez Mr. Bryan C. Paloc Ms. Pame la Joy M. Temporosa Mr. Rodsie Rubo Dr. Yolanda AmDonsan


4 5


7 8



lt t2 l3

l4 l5





sDo-QC sDo-Qc New Era Hi School Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) High School San Gabriel Elem. School

Kamuning Elem. School Benigno Aquino Elem. School Carlos P. Garcia High School Quirino Elem School Commonwealth Elem School Fairview Elem. School

sDo-QC Balingasa ES San Bartolome High School

UNIT CHAIRMf,N AND VICE-CHAIRMf,N NAME DfSIGNATION Chairman Vice-Chairman (Elementary) Vice-Chairman (High School) Chairman Vice-Chairman (Elementary) Vice-Chairman (High School) Chairman Vice-Chairman (Elementary) Vice-Chairman (High School ) Chairman Vice-Chaiman (Elemenlary) Vice-Chairman (High School) Chairman vice{hairman (Elementary) Vice-Chairman (High School) Chairman Vice-Chairman (Elementary )

Vice4hairman (High School)



Chairman Vice-Chairman


Revmund R Valdez Mr. George M. Meleg to Mr. Maximo Placio Dr. Rosalilo R. de Roda Dr. Randy G. Tagaan Mr. Joseph Palisoc Mrs. Maric s S. Santos Ms Virginia P. Macapagal Dr. Eladio Escolano Mrs. Janet D. Dionio Mr. Julio R. Villapa Mrs. Remedios P. Danao Mr. Gerry Isip Dr. Ma Dcbbie M. Resma Dr. Luis Tagayun Dr. Edgardo V. Morales Mr. Luisito o. Cleto Dr. Ruby de Jesus Mr. Abelardo Giron Mr. Raul Albarece

Notice of Meeting.pdf

6 days ago - 5 Mr. Ferdinand Joseph Fabia Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) High School. 6 Mrs. Maria Salome D. Manzano San Gabriel Elem. School.

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