AL BAKER ASSEMBLY #35 NEWSLETTER! President............Derrin Berger Vice President.....Les Muldorf Treasurer.............Joel Zaritsky

Secretary.............Frank Monaco Scribe..................Craig Kunaschk

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Meeting Location This Month Works in Progress

Next Month Milanese Italian Restaurant 115 Main Street Poughkeepsie, NY Tuesday October 11, 2011 Meeting Time 7:30 PM

Nathan Kranzo Lecture

October Meeting - Works in Progress This type of meeting is always a lot of fun and we all learn at lot. Not to mention, being able to help out your fellow magic brethren with his/her act. Works in progress is just that....we get to see the stuff our members have been working on and help them with suggestions, ideas and just general inspiration. We already have a few volunteers that will be showing us what they have been working on.....How about you?? You are free to show the group what you want help with. You will not be judged in anyway, as this will be a “judgement free zone.” We all understand that these are works in progress and will be there to give suggestions and advice. Last time was a big success and those that did perform something, walked away with a lot of information about their act that only years of experience could provide. So, if you have something you would like to show the club and get some pointers and suggestions for improvement, please contact us and let us know.

Please note that the 2011 - 2012 Dues are Contact Joel Zaritsky - [email protected]





President’s Words by Derrin Berger

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strain) Ch-ch-Changes Don't want to be a richer man Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes I don't think David Bowie knows much about Erdnase or Cardini, and probably doesn't do the GOAT or Impulse changes, but the lyrics seemed appropriate. Fall is officially here, marked by the now ever increasing complaints that it's cold in the morning (which will probably last until next May) and the leaves are starting to create their annual blanket over my lawn.   But some things aren't changing, my house continues to let me know that I am completely powerless over plumbing, roofing, and now major appliances.  Oh well, at least the magic books are still ok, right? The new fall colors are in!  I've officially retired a deck today.  For me, retiring a deck of cards means bringing it to the office, and it's a lot like the leaves from Spring to Fall.  The box is opened, and there's the unmistakeable smell of a new deck.  And then you take them out and handle them very carefully, which is tough because they're still slick.  You want to "break" them in, but for some reason that still means treating them like newborns.  How can you not be terribly disappointed the first time you accidentally drop them, breaking them for real?  Inevitably, something gets on a few of them or a corner gets slightly nicked, and alas, they'll never fan the same again.  Sure, those flowers and plants are still alive, but they just don't have the same feel as they did when they first sprouted.  But then the cards start to get ripe.  More of them get a few crumbs on them, the slickness is gone, but it's actually better.  You just go from a thumb fan to a pressure fan and it looks really good.  Plus, the doubles don't slip apart as easily.  These tomatoes are ready to be picked.  Nice, broken in, fanning, double lifting, quick passing tomatoes.  And now that they're all grown up, you get more bold.  They go from the magic room to the living room to the kitchen.  And let's face it, when they hit the kitchen it's no holds barred.  Nothing says "key card" like a drop of bbq sauce slipped on at the right time.  This is a good deck.  Then it gets colder, school busses start showing up on the roads again, and there's new TV shows.  You know what happens next.  Even though the flaps on the box fell off months ago, you still use it, but the structural integrity of the case is dubious at best.  Very dubious. In fact, if this were a nursery rhyme, the big bad wolf would've blown that box down accidentally while sneezing.  But that's not all.  In a moment of teenage reckless abandon, one card goes rogue and decides to take a trip landing between the seats of the car.  You know it's gone.  The only fighting chance you have is another card with something sticky on it.  But let's face it, that card is now forever lost with a hair clip and the dime you had ready at a drive-thru to pay with exact





President’s Words (continued) change.  The first leaf has fallen, this is definitely not the tree it used to be.  And so it gets retired.  Some may go in the box of "extras", you know, for tricks that need a duplicate, or to practice a torn and restored.  Some may be sent to other gardens.  For me, it's my office.  They're always nearby, ready to be fiddled with until they can no longer stand on their own and they're raked into the trash can.  So, as the season brings me blue Tally-Ho's, I say thanks to my old red bikes.  You kept me company on many conference calls and car rides.  You've seen the magic room, the living room, the kitchen.  You've seen carpets and tables, crumbs and colas.  You've seen hands, feet, knees, and arms.  You've seen tears and folds, counts and springs.  And I thank you... just wish you could've seen an audience. Next meeting

The next meeting will be an important one, with 2 main topics.  First, we'll be doing another "works-inprogress" night.  This is a great chance to demo something for the group.  I've had a few people already tell me they'd like to participate, so you won't be alone.  Feel free to bring something to show and share.   Secondly, 2012 will mark the 70th anniversary of our assembly, and we should do something special.   We've been chatting casually about the idea of doing a banquet and I think this should be the occasion for it.  We will be spending a portion of the meeting brainstorming and talking about the logistics of putting on a banquet next year.  This is not an easy task, logistically and financially, so I'd like to put together member committees to take on portions of the banquet.  Come to the meeting with ideas for locations, food, performers, etc. and we'll get moving on a big event for next year.  

- Derrin



Assembly Report for September LET’S TALK ABOUT TRICKS POUGHKEEPSIE,  NY  –  Our  September  meeting  began  with  Joe  Quitoni  leading  a  Broken  Wand   Ceremony  for  Peter  White,  owner  of  P&A  Silks.      Over  the  years,  Peter  attended  many  of  our   meetings,  lectured  on  several  occasions  and  gave  advice  to  many  of  our  assembly  members,   past  and  present.    After  discussing  a  number  of  upcoming  local  shows,  we  were  dazzled  by  our  guest  lecturer,   Joshua  Jay,  who  gave  us  two  hours  of  incredible  effects.    Joshua  began  the  meeting  with   Hitchcock,  a  wonderful  effect  with  the  torn  corners  of  cards  ending  up  in  unlikely  places.    Able   assistants  Ariel  Stein,  Terry  Morgan,  Derrin  Berger  and  Kevin  Manning  helped  with  this   knock-­‐out  effect.     Joshua  stunned  us  with  his  handling  of  Troy  Hoosier’s  Charming  Chinese  Challenge.    Ariel   assisted  again  with  a  devious  watch  prediction  effect.    Derrin  and  Frank  Monaco  found  a   dollar  transported  to  Joel  Zaritsky’s  wallet  in  Bill  to  Anywhere.  Kevin  helped  again  with   Transporter.     We  were  amazed  all  over  again  by  Any  Card  at  Any  Number.    Joshua  Pinished  up  the  evening   with  an  amazing  three  coin  effect.    We  all  learned  a  very  effective  coin  vanish  –  provided  you   remembered  to  bring  a  coin  from  home.    If  you  have  the  opportunity  to  see  Joshua  lecture,  it’s   time  well  spent.    Thanks  to  Joshua  Jay  for  once  again  visiting  our  club  and  inspiring  us  to  be   our  best.    

--Craig Kunaschk

News you can use...and other “stuff” Meir Yedid worked out a deal with Lennart Green and was able to buy all the remaining copies of his hard to get book “Green Northern Lights Magic.” And as a favor to Meir he agreed to autograph and date all the copies. At the moment this is an exclusive offer for everyone on his mailing list. There are no external links that will lead anyone else to this book. Meir wants to give those people every possible opportunity to get this book before it sells out. Luckily I am on that list, so you now know about it too........ Autographed Green Northern Lights Magic Book

This is a rare and exclusive opportunity to purchase a copy of Lennart Green’s sought after "The Green Northern Lights Magic" book. After the recent Metro-Magic convention in New Jersey Meir convinced Lennart to sell him all his remaining stock and he also agreed to autograph and date every single copy. Although Lennart is known for his very difficult sleight-of-hand card magic this book is a departure. He included many routines and techniques that require little or no skill. Instead of sleight-of-hand you are treated to magic with ingenious subtleties and hidden mathematical principles. These are not quick mathematical tricks but are full routines, some lengthy and one is even his current closer. Along the way he teaches some very interesting techniques that are simple and deceptive. Sections, routines and techniques include: Definitions And Terminology, Communicating In Magic: SenderReceiver And Message, A Few Presentational Tips, Love-Hate-Admiration, Index Intuition, The Rosetta Shuffle, Rainman, XO-Rainman, XXO-Rainman, Numerology 13-3-1, Numerology 13+13, The Bloodhound, The 26.000 Bet, The 4 Card Bet, The Remote Control I, The Remote Control II, I’m Not Peeking I, I’m Not Peeking II, The Terrorist, SML-Small Medium Large, E-Force & E-Deals, Technical Addendum, and One For The Road. But that is not all! Lennart also decided to include his thoughts and theories about the performance of magic and how it should be presented. Book is $25 CLICK HERE: For more info and to order.

On the Discovery Channel......

About the Show Premieres Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 10PM E/P! Penn & Teller bring their unique vision of the world in a new interactive series with a twist. In each episode, Penn & Teller make up to seven outrageous claims. While most of the wildly unbelievable stories are absolutely, positively true - one of them is a BIG FAT LIE. It will be up to viewers to spot the fake and VOTE LIVE online or with the new GUESS THE LIE app.

Penn & Teller Tell a Lie A Head of Hair Can Lift A Mustang TV-14 (DL) Penn & Teller make 7 outrageous claims. 6 are true and one is a big fat lie! Stories include, a head of hair can lift a car filled with people ten feet in the air, profanity can lessen pain, if you can land a plane with it's doors. Oct Oct Oct Oct

05, 06, 08, 09,

10:00 12:00 10:00 12:00

(60 minutes)

pm am pm am

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Penn & Teller Tell a Lie Forest Fire vs Jet Engine TV-14 (DL) Penn & Teller make 7 outrageous claims. 6 are true and one is a big fat lie. Stories include, a torch fueled by bacon can cut through solid steel, wrestlers can be defeated by a large cheese and wallpaper is strong enough to withstand a wrecking ball. Oct 12, 10:00 pm Oct 13, 12:00 am Oct 16, 10:00 pm (60 minutes)

More information and show times can be found at the link above.

It’s Good to be the King..... - Mel Brooks -


New York, NY - The Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.) will award illusionist David Copperfield their highest honor today, "Magician of the Century", and named him the ‘King of Magic,’ an award which has never before been given by the association. S.A.M., the oldest and most prestigious magic organization in the world founded in 1902 and led by past president Harry Houdini himself, is recognizing Copperfield for his efforts to preserve, promote and enhance the art of magic throughout his legendary career. Its esteemed national president, Vinny Grosso, says that Copperfield has, "accomplished more than anyone else in the field of magic today." Copperfield was named Magician of the Century for the last century, and Magician of the Millennium from other organizations. Among his many achievements, S.A.M. highlighted Copperfield’s dedication to excellence which has earned him the Living Legend Award from The Library of Congress, the first Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame awarded to a living magician, a knighthood by the French government, 11 Guinness World Records and 21 Emmy awards. He has sold more tickets than any other solo artist in history and recently crossed $3 billion in ticket sales worldwide. In 1982, Copperfield created Project Magic, which teaches sleight-ofhand magic to those with disabilities as a method of physical and occupational therapy. In addition, Copperfield is the creator and curator of the International Museum and Library of Conjuring Arts, which holds the world’s largest collection of historical magical artifacts, including Houdini's Water Torture Cell and Orson Welles' Buzz Saw Illusion. The Society of American Magicians was founded on May 10, 1902 in Martinka's famous magic shop in New York City, New York. For over a century it has promoted the ideals shared by Kellar, Houdini, Thurston and over 45,000 others world-wide who have held membership in the society. Copperfield said, "I’m humbled by the honor and grateful to be recognized by this great organization."

C o n v e n t i o n s


Convention Name


Sept 8-11, 2011

Magic in the Rockies

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

Sept 16-18, 2011

Portland Magic Jam Portland, Oregon, United States

Oct 6-8, 2011

Carolina Close-up Convention

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Oct 6-8, 2011

Magic Convention Lodz

Lodz, Poland

Oct 14-16, 2011

Adelaide Magic Convention

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Oct 16-18, 2011


Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Oct 19-22, 2011

Magic & Meaning

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Nov 4-6, 2011

Daytona Festival Of Magic

Daytona Beach, Florida, United States

Nov 5, 2011


Peabody, Massachusetts, United States

Nov 11-12, 2011

Motor City Close-Up Taylor, Michigan, United States Convention

Did you know about.... The S.A.M. Magic Center The S.A.M. Magic Center Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation that was created under the auspices of the Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.) The primary goal of the S.A.M. Magic Center Foundation is to coordinate, facilitate, and fund current S.A.M. and other magic related programs that serve a non-profit purpose. View the YouTube clip below explaining and touring the center. Using the S.A.M. links on the last page of this newsletter, you can also donate to the center. (see S.A.M. Magic Center link)

S.A.M. Magic Center


2012 Convention to be held in Las Vegas, NV! The 2012 S.A.M. Convention will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Monday, July 23 - Thursday July 26, 2012 at the Golden Nugget! Watch this page for more info.

I.B.M. and S.A.M. to hold Joint Convention in 2014 The International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians have announced a unanimous agreement to hold a joint convention in St. Louis, Missouri on July 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 2014. Following the success of the North American Championships of Magic recently held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the two organizations also will host the 2nd FISM North American Championship of Magic concurrently with the joint convention. Venue for the five day event will be the 1075 room Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel, with 55,000 square feet of meeting space, located six blocks from the Gateway Arch and adjacent to two theaters under consideration for shows and contests. The name of the convention will be the IBM/SAM 2014 Combined Convention. The steering committee has named Shawn Farquhar and Mark Weidhaas as co-chairs of the convention.

S.A.M. Home Page S.A.M. Merchandise S.Y.M. Website

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abandon, one card goes rogue and decides to take a trip landing between the seats of the car. You know. it's gone. The only fighting chance you have is another card with something sticky on it. But let's face it,. that card is now forever lost with a hair clip and the dime you had ready at a drive-thru to pay with exact. Page 2 of ...

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