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November 2017

! Wednesday, ! November 29th ! 1:15pm !

Student Council members cleaning up Oak Park


Reminder ! No School !

Friday, November 10th - Veteran’s Day! Thursday, November 23rd - Thanksgiving! Friday, November 24th - Vacation !

Be Respectful – Be Responsible – Be Safe!


We are teaching core values to all students at Jim Hill. These core values provide a foundation for a positive learning environment. Students are taught to be respectful, responsible and safe throughout all areas within the school. Look for posters in the school that display this information. Please join us in teaching these values to students. Jim Hill is a great school where students thrive and succeed!!

! Holiday Vacation ! begins! Friday, Dec. 22nd!

At Jim Hill Middle School, we want every student to be successful academically. To aide in their success, we are implementing an intervention program. The intervention program is a great way for your child to work with their teacher(s) towards improving their grade(s). Parents may access PowerSchool to monitor their child's grades at https://minot.ps.state.nd.us/public/home.html. ! ! Intervention has been initiated for several purposes. These include:! ! • Complete incomplete assignments or missing assignments! ! • Receive extra assistance on assignments! ! • Re-teach concepts ! ! • Make up tests or retake tests! ! This is not intended as student discipline but has been implemented as an academic aid to success. Students benefit by working directly with the teacher in the class that they are failing. Students that are failing will meet with that teacher from 3:15-3:45pm Monday-Thursday. ! ! Your support and assistance is vital in helping your child succeed! The staff at Jim Hill Middle School wants you to know that together as a team we will work with you and your child to do all we can to help

Friday fun with some of our Student Council members cleaning up Oak Park!

News from the Lunchroom!


At Jim Hill we take pride in knowing we are able to give the students a full range of lunch options to ensure all students eat a healthy lunch they enjoy. We offer 3 main meal options every day. Ala carte items and extra portions are always available, for an extra cost. Parents are encouraged to check lunch balances on a regular basis to maintain a positive account. !

! !

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)!

What is “My School Bucks”? My School Bucks is an online App that allows parent’s/guardians to add money to their child’s lunch account. Parents can also add restrictions on purchases. A signed form is required for restrictions and can be sent home with your child upon request. My School Bucks is located on the Jim Hill webpage under the Resources sections, or it can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Students receive a Bonus meal each time a payment of $25 or more is made to the account using this program.!


I recently made a payment to my child’s lunch account, but I received a letter that states my child’s lunch account has a negative balance. How is this that possible?
 Your child’s Transaction Report is available for you to review on My School Bucks app, or if requested. You can verify purchases and payments. The negative balance letters are generated automatically for all accounts with a negative balance, even -$.25, and will continue to be mailed until the account has a positive balance.!


My student receives free lunch, why am I receiving a Negative Balance letter?
 Free/reduced lunch does not cover ala carte items or extra portions. Food items will not be taken away, from students, instead the lunch account will be charged. Parents/guardians are responsible for payment to cover these charges. !


What is an Alternate Lunch? When a student’s account reaches a -$15 balance, they are served an alternate lunch free of charge. The alternate lunch consists of 2 pieces of bread, peanut butter, jelly and a milk. We will only serve this to a student for 5 consecutive school We want all students to enjoy their lunch time, take a break and socialize with their friends. We always expect respect for themselves, their peers and the staff. Responsibility and safety are also expected. Following these expectations makes lunch enjoyable for everyone. !


Expectations:! ! • Walk and be safe! !

• Remain in the seat chosen upon entrance into the lunchroom

• Clean up after yourself and your table if a mess or spill happens

• Use respectful language with your peers and staff

• Use an inside voice

• Respect the personal space and boundaries of others, keep hands to self

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