The Ridge Academy Newsletter March 2017 - Issue 31

Message from Pete Hales - Principal

We had a really good Red Nose Day and managed to raise £236.02 for Comic Relief. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this possible and encouraged the children to get sponsored. I think this worked really well and was the biggest contribution towards the amount. We raised £15 from the staff sweepstake, nobody pulled the winning song which was “Sneezy Lover” so we put all contributions towards Comic Relief. We also made £25 from the cake sale so thank you to those that both bought and brought cakes to sell. Thank you to all of those who attended the Easter Fayre yesterday. The children really enjoyed raising money and running the stalls. We wish Mr Shaw a very successful trip to the orphanage in Nepal during the Easter holidays and we wish you all a good Easter break.

[email protected] 01242 512680/07762995820

EGGCITING NEWS!: BREAKFAST CLUB LAUNCH COMING AFTER EATER HOLIDAYS The Greggs Breakfast Club scheme provides a simple, nutritious breakfast to children in selected primary schools. Thanks to the generous assistance of volunteer helpers, Greggs are able to provide this breakfast free of charge and our school has been chosen. Eating breakfast has been shown to make a difference to children’s concentration in lessons and may have longerterm learning benefits. What’s more, coming to the Breakfast Club is a lot of fun!

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Starfish Roll Up! Roll Up! Starfish Class have been excited to discover that their topic this term is all about The Circus! We have begun our topic by creating our own Starfish Circus role play area in our classroom, and we’ve been having a go at circus skills – such as walking on a tight -rope and juggling hoops. It’s been great fun! In English, we have made posters advertising our Starfish Circus and in Maths, we have been learning about coin value and using coins to buy tickets and snacks in our Circus Ticket Office. We have had the pleasure of welcoming two new children into our class this term, Lilly and Jonty! Thank you to the rest of the Starfish Class for being welcoming and kind to our new friends. Congratulations also go to Codie for being our youngest Mentor in class at only 5 years old! A brilliant achievement! We have more children in our class wanting to earn their Mentorships this term, so keep up the good work!

SEAHORSES This term Seahorses have discovered that their new topic is Circuses. The children have worked really hard to make their class look like a Big Top and create some friendly clowns for display. We made some clay clowns and described their personalities with lots of adjectives. We had Spangles the clown visit our school and perform lots of tricks, including stilt walking, riding a unicycle and even some magic. Afterwards, Spangles wrote to Seahorses and left them a trunk of his old clown costumes to wear. The children had fun dressing up in silly outfits and are writing back to Spangles to thank him. We have had a really good start to the new term and are looking forward to getting up to some more clowning around.

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Stingray Our topic this term is Tomb Raiders, where we will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians. The children have already learnt about how the Papyrus weed was really important to the Egyptians as they used it to make mats, sandals, baskets but it was mainly used to make a type of paper. The children made their own version of Papyrus paper by using tea bags to stain ordinary paper. The children have also learnt that the Ancient Egyptians devised a formal writing system using symbols to represent different letters and objects. These were called Hieroglyphics. The children used the hieroglyphics to write their own name or a secret message! In other areas of the curriculum the children have been learning the skills and rules of how to play Tag Rugby and in computers we have been looking at how to put a power point together. World Book Day was great with lots of the children dressing up! In class we read and completed some work on the book ‘Faster, Faster Little Red Train’ by Benedict Blathwayt. The children had to create and colour in a huge map of where the Little Red Train had to visit when it covered for the Express train.

Seadragons ‘Tomb Raiders’ The topic for Seadragons class this term is ‘Tomb Raiders’. In this topic, the boys will learn about all things to do with Egyptians. So far the boys have engaged in an Immersion week where they have created some Big Art pieces of Tutankhamun’s Death mask and a Pyramid. They are also in the process of making a Sarcophagus! Seadragons class have also made 3D Pyramids from Lego, wrote their class name using Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics and made their own Cartouches of out clay. Our classroom is looking fantastic – well done!

Mrs Geatches, Mr Meggs and Seadragons Class Team

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Family Support

Mr Shaw volunteering in Nepal! During the Easter Holidays, Mr Shaw will be travelling to Nepal with his 12 year old daughter to do some volunteering in a children’s orphanage . The children are at this orphanage because of poverty, neglect and family bereavement and so are unable to stay with their parents. It would be fantastic to raise some money to be taken to the orphanage. As part of this fundraising there is a “Name the Bear” competition which costs 50p per go and “Guess how many eggs are in the jar” which is 20p per guess. We would also be grateful for any children's clothing that could be taken to Nepal.

The parenting course has now finished and was very successful with positive feedback from parents and carers. The next course will be running in October. If you would like further information then please contact Family Support.

Charles Shaw-

[email protected] School mobile: 07543 076701 Sarah Loveridge [email protected] School mobile: 07842214801 Page 4

COFFEE MORNINGS @ THE RIDGE 9:30AM—11:30AM All parents/carers are welcome to come to our informal coffee morning to enjoy a cuppa and chat. Monday April 24th 2017 Monday May 15th 2017 Monday June 12th 2017 July 10th

We have a limited supply of Malvern Show tickets available for Friday 12th May. It would be great for you to see the project the children have created. We have managed to get these for a huge discount @ £10 each. Please ring the office for details. Children go for free with an adult. Dates for your diary

END OF TERM—FRIDAY 7TH APRIL Back to school—Monday 24th april May day bank holiday—1st may Field studies residential—15th –17th may Half term—29th may—2nd june Summer fun day— Friday 7th july Leavers assembly—Thursday 20th july

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We had Spangles the clown visit our school and perform lots of tricks, including stilt walking, riding a unicy- cle and even some magic. Afterwards, Spangles wrote to Seahorses and left them a trunk of his old clown costumes to wear. The children. had fun dressing up in silly outfits and are writing back to Spangles to thank ...

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