Carisbrook School “Seek Excellence Together” “Whāia te iti kahuraki ka mahi tahi tātou” Newsletter 27

Thursday 1st September 2016

Principal’s Report

Carisbrook (Main) 217 South Rd, Caversham Ph: 455 8315 Fax: 455 3720 Carisbrook (Heights) 38 Riselaw Rd, Calton Hill Ph: 487 7465 Fax: 487 7465

Resilient Responsible Respectful

Kia ora, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana, Malo e Lelei, Fakaalofa Lahi atu, Bula Vinaka, Namaste, Ni Hao, Nei Ho, Selamat, Konnichiwa, Kamusta, Salam, Malo ni & greetings. The Otago Polyfest is coming up in week 8. We will have both our Pasifika group and our Kapa Haka group performing at this festival. Yesterday our Kapa Haka group spent most of the day based at the Carisbrook Heights Hall rehearsing together and participating in some team building activities. Next week we have our Pasifika Fono on Thursday 8th September starting at 6pm. We have our Pasifika performance group performing, we have our specialist maths teachers talking about ways to support your children with maths at home and we will finish with a supper. Next week on Tuesday 6th September we have our Singapore Cultural Exchange information evening for year six and seven students and their parents. This starts at 6.00pm. Come along and learn more about this opportunity. We have had a significant number of new enrolments this term and our current school roll is 349. Our school roll has been very stable over the last three years as can be seen from the following table. School Roll 2016 2015 2014 2013

August 30th 349 345 342 343

December 1st ? 354 357 358

Mrs Beharrell and Mrs Hodges have continued with their ‘Accelerated Literacy Learning’ (ALL) groups for one hour per day. The ‘ALL’ programme has been very effective in changing the attitude of some of our more reluctant writers. Feedback from the students who have been through this intervention programme has been positive, from both an enjoyment factor and from the quality of work. At the end of the fifteen week intervention programme, the ‘ALL’ teachers and I will attend a feedback day in Christchurch where ‘ALL’ teachers from around the country will share their intervention programmes and reports. This is great professional development for teachers. Our swimming pool refurbishers will have workers onsite for the week starting the 12 th of September and plan to have them stay in Dunedin until the job is finished. We are still on track to have the pool completed and ready for use for the start of next term. Our swimming pool is now fully booked from week two until the end of week nine next term. Our pool will be used for coached swimming sessions by ourselves, St Bernadette's School and Bathgate School. Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says this year’s expansion of the ‘Fruit in Schools’ programme is seeing a record volume of fresh produce delivered to 547 schools across the country, benefitting more than 100,000 students. “Fruit in Schools complements the Childhood Obesity Plan. New Zealand is one of the first OECD countries to have a target and comprehensive plan to tackle childhood obesity.” Following the Ministry of Education’s decile funding changes, all existing schools have remained in the Fruit in Schools programme including Carisbrook School. This inclusion will be reassessed at the end of this year. It is great having the Carisbrook chickens onsite here in our Carisbrook gardens. Some of these chickens are the chickens that hatched in the incubator here in our own school library late last year. The eggs we get from the chickens will be used in our school food technology programme and sold when there is a surplus supply. Continued on back page [email protected]

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Carisbrook School

to our new students….

Eshal Hakik

Shawaiz Hakik

Roxanna Harrington-King

Scholastics Book Club - Issue 6

Orders and money are due back to the school office by 9am on 7 September 2016. Please ensure that the “item number” is clearly entered on the order form.

Have you lost your glasses?

We have been handed in 5 pairs of children’s prescription glasses over the last couple of terms. If you think these may belong to your child please see Mrs Munro.  Black square Esprit glasses with rose lens  Grey and Blue square Star Wars glasses  Bridgman Silver Oval Glasses with black arms  Mambo Metallic red colour square  Thick brown square glasses

Road Safety!

We have had a report of a near miss of a child getting out of a parked car and running straight across the road in front of a car. PLEASE remember and follow these safety points: Do not park on the yellow lines.  Do not park or stop on footpaths.  Do not drive into or park on the school grounds.  Do not stop across driveways.  Please drive slowing and be on alert around the school.  Please use the drop off/pick up zone on South Road.  Please make sure children use the pedestrian crossing when crossing South Road.

Mufti / Wacky Hair Day - Tomorrow, Friday 2 September Come to school in mufti with wacky hair. Gold coin donation A FUNdraiser for KidsCan KidsCan supports our school with food, shoes, jackets, tissues, plasters, head lice treatment, hand sanitiser etc. The cycling elective made it to the teeth yesterday.

The senior 'Rubbish' elective learned about the effect of rubbish on our wildlife in a wonderful presentation by Laura from the Royal Albatross Centre. This group are working hard to make Carisbrook School rubbish free.

Our seniors went shopping at Pak-n-Save last week, learning how to read food labels as part of our healthy nutrition focus. Our thanks to Reta Trotman for sharing her expertise with our students.

The STEM class winners of the marble challenge. Charged with the job of building a road for a marble that will take the LONGEST travel time from start to dropping in a cup, this team just beat the runners up by milliseconds. The STEM class will be working with the chemistry department at the university of Otago later this term.

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HealthYUM Lunches

Carisbrook Seniors present an exciting healthy & nutritious lunch option. $4 Small / $5 Large (extra sandwich) Your choice of sandwich fillings, fruit, homemade baking and a milk. Available Every Monday!! Please order before 9am at the school office.

At this stage we will only be making them on Mondays instead of Easy-Lunches and will hopefully have these lunches available on other days. We would love any parent volunteers to help on a rotating roster to help prepare these lunches. If you are able to assist, please contact Ann Ruxton.

Reading at Home

When your child is reading at home here are some ideas and questions you can ask that will help your child.

 

Reading makes more sense if your child can relate it to their own life. Help them to make connections between what they are reading and their own lives and experiences. For example, "that’s a funny story about a grandad – what does your grandad do that makes you laugh?", "We saw a big mountain in that book, what is our mountain called, and where did the name come from?" Get your child to tell you about what they are reading. Who is their favourite character and why? Is there anyone like that in your family? What do they think is going to happen? What have they learnt from their reading? Does it remind them of any of their own experiences?

Surplus Eggs for Sale

These eggs are from our school chooks which are well fed and cared for, making for delicious eggs! $3.00 per 1/2 dozen or 50 cents per egg. Check with office for availability.

Are you interested in having cheaper internet access and phone charges?

Carisbrook School is involved in a project supported by Dunedin Rotary Clubs and in partnership with internet provider Greenfields Limited. The Rotary Wi-Fi project will take families with a copper phone line and convert them to a digital phone connection, a ‘voice over internet’ system. Receiver boxes will be installed on the roofs of the participating houses and a small tower erected on the roof of a school building. This will cost significantly less than what households are currently paying for their phone landline and internet. Households will be pay monthly for the new phone connection and have free access to the internet through the school system. We are initially after twenty households to be set up on this system and utilise our Carisbrook School ultra fast broadband internet. There is the potential to have fifty households connected in the first year and extended to 150 households in the second year of operation. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity and coming along to an information session please complete the attached ‘expression of interest’ slip. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………...………………………………………………… Cheap Internet/Phone Expression of Interest:I am interested in being provided with cheaper phone and internet access through this initiative and would like to attend an information session at Carisbrook School. Name:- _______________________________________________________ Contact e-mail:- ________________________________________________ OR Contact phone:- ________________________________________________ Carisbrook Students Name:- ______________________________________________

Important Diary Dates September Thursday Friday Tuesday Thursday Monday Monday Friday November Friday

1 2 6 8 12 12-16

Year 7/8 Stewart Island Information Meeting for parents/caregivers in the Orange Block 6-7pm KidsCan National Mufti Day Singapore Cultural Exchange Information Evening 6pm Year 6/7 Year 0-1 Camp/Sleepover Duffy Role Model Assembly at 1:40pm Polyfest


Secondary Schools Orientation Day 2017 for Year 9

Carisbrook School

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Computers in Homes:Computers in Homes programme has been allocated another 25 places for terms three and four. The training is provided at Carisbrook School and participants must complete twenty hours of training onsite. Participants receive a desktop computer or laptop at their graduation ceremony and a subsidized internet connection for $10.00 per month. The participants must contribute $50.00 towards this programme. Carisbrook School has been the centre of training for Dunedin for the last three years. Carisbrook School has also now received the contract to provide the ‘Computers in Homes Refugee Programme’. This will start in the next few weeks and has a slightly different approach than the standardised ‘Computers in Homes‘ programmes. Contact the Carisbrook School office if you would like to be part of the ‘Computers in Homes’ programme. Incredible Years Parenting Course:After a successful programme last term, Carisbrook School is again a venue for the ‘Incredible Years Parenting Programme’ and we are hopeful we will be having them held here again in the future. This is a programme for parents and caregivers of three to eight year old children designed to develop positive family relationships, empower parents to make change and to manage difficult behaviour. This programme is funded by the MOE and run by the Ministry of Education personnel. Previous participants have found it to be an enjoyable and very helpful programme. Contact the Carisbrook School Office if you would like to participate. Foodbank:Carisbrook School has been providing a Foodbank service to families in need within our community this term. This was initiated by our Pastoral Care teacher, Mrs Swan last year and is run by one of our parents from our community, Rob de Groot and his new assistant Stacey Taylor, along with John Fitzgibbon. We very much appreciate the hard work of our helpers. This service is very much appreciated by those families receiving this support. English Language Programmes for Refugee Adults:An English language course continues to be provided to the parents of our refugee students and to other Syrian refugee adults from around Dunedin. This language programme operates three mornings a week here, from 9.30am to 12.30pm. The language programme will be extended to cater for the new arrivals from each intake. This language programme is funded and managed by an outside agency but takes place at Carisbrook School.

Principal’s Report Continued...

Our next step is to have a beehive onsite that will supply the school with honey. Initially it is planned to have the beehive placed behind fences at the rear of the school pool but long term wise we propose to have a perspex hive within a classroom with bees accessing their hive through a perspex tube connected through the classroom wall with the outside. Several schools have established bee hives onsite and as well as the honey, the hives are a wonderful educational resource. As of next week we are going to have a Board of Trustees section in each newsletter. This will provide information from the Board of Trustees on what is happening on a governance level. Stop Work Meeting:- The government are proposing some major changes to New Zealand education that will have a major impact on all schools and the quality of education that will be provided to students. The primary education union and the secondary education union are meeting with all teachers on Tuesday 6th September 2016 at 1:30pm. School will remain open but with limited staff onsite. We encourage parents and caregivers to collect their children from school at 12.50pm if possible. Parents and / or caregivers taking children home need to complete the attached permission slip and return this to the classroom teacher. Without the permission slip, children will be kept at school for the afternoon.

Regards Ben Sincock, Principal ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… STOP WORK MEETING - RETURN SLIP My child is allowed to finish school at 12.50pm on Tuesday 6th September.

Child’s Name: ______________________________________________ Room:__________________________ My child is allowed to walk home:

I will pick my child up from their classroom:

Parents Signature: ________________________________________

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