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Principal’s News  Congratulations 

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Derbyshire who welcomed their daughter on Tuesday morning. We have suggested  they name her Gita after the storm, but they have gone for a far nicer name of Eliza Ellen.    Tree Trimming  Thank you to the army of parents who turned up at school last week to clear the trees. This was great timing as  it saved the school a big clean up after the storm.    Parent/Teacher Interviews  Interview evening is on Monday 5th March. Please use this link to book appointments. We will be finishing school  at 12:45pm, with buses running at 1pm. Interviews will then start at 1.10pm, with the last appointment at  6.50pm. Any issues, please give the office a call.    Athletics  We have interschool at Kaponga next week on Thursday. We need parent help to transport the students to and  from Kaponga (at the Kaponga rugby/cricket ground, not the school). If you can help please be at school at  9.15am. Please ensure all students come to school with extra water, wearing sunscreen and their school hat.     Union Meeting - 20th March  The teachers have a union meeting on the 20th at 2pm in Hawera. The school will not be open for instruction in  the afternoon as we will have reduced staff numbers, but students will be supervised until the buses leave  school at 3pm. You are welcome to pick your child/ren up early at 1pm if you wish. Please let the office know if  you do so.    Sports Registrations  Please get ​basketball​ and ​netball​ ​REGISTRATIONS IN BY TOMORROW​.  Fees needs to be paid before the seasons start. Fees for basketball are Yr 1-4 $15, Yr 5-8 $40. Netball fees  are Yr 7/8 $50, Yr 5/6 $40, Yr 3/4 $30.    Cricket  The A’s are play at school tomorrow afternoon, 4pm kickoff. The B’s have a bye.    Yr 7/8 Immunisations  Forms have been sent home for vaccinations, which are scheduled for Thursday 22nd March. Please return  these to school asap.    Mt SPA Try-athlon  Year 4-8 students interested in competing in the Mt SPA Try-athlon on 16th March, please check out the  school website for all the details and ​register​ by Thursday 8th March.   

Nga mihi nui kia koutou,   Jarad Chittenden  Principal 

Student Council 2018 


Back row from left: Jayden F, Ashton S, Harry G (Head Boy), Ebony K (Head Girl), Charlotte M, Teague M  Front row from left: Jamesen P, Katelyn S, Jorja S, Bethany C, Caro O, Quade E  Absent: Fergus M, Catherine H 


  Monday 5th March  Please log onto the below website to book your interview time  with your child's teacher. 

www.schoolinterviews.co.nz  Entry Code: ​re5ut  Any issues please call the office 


Students of the Week   


Principals Pick  Lochie M 

Upholding school values 


Student of the Week   



1  Tessa C 

Helpfulness in class 

2  Ruby R 

Always on task, great role model and friend 

3  Aroha T 

Great reading results 

4  Remi J 

Listening and following instructions with a big smile 

5  Grace Fo 

Great research skills 

6  Hannah B 

Outstanding school values and empathy towards  others 

7  Bryn E 

Great attitude and effort in class 

8  Karley G 

Great start to school   



Local News 





Have you thought   about joining the  Parent/Teacher  Association?

Next Meeting  Monday 19th March  7pm   

Upcoming Events




Thursday 1st March 

Interschool Athletics @ Kaponga 

Monday 5th March 

Parent/Teacher Interviews 

Tuesday 6th March 

SNAG Golf Lessons at School 

Monday 12th March 

Taranaki Anniversary - School Closed 

Tuesday 13th March 

Yr 5-8 Basketball Starts 

Wednesday 14th March 

School Swimming Sports - Stratford 

Friday 16th March 

Mt SPA Try-athlon 

19 - 22nd March 

Life Education Truck at School 

30th March - 3rd April 

Easter - School Closed 

Wednesday 4th April 

EPro8 Challenge Yr 7/8 in Manaia @ 5pm 

Thursday 5th April 

EPro8 Challenge Yr 5/6 in Manaia @ 9.30am 

Friday 13th April 

End of Term 1 

Monday 30th April 

Start of Term 2 & Yr 1-4 Miniball Starts 

Wednesday 2nd May 

Netball Starts 

Wednesday 16th May 

Yr 5/6 Rippa Tournament 

Wednesday 23rd May 

School Photos 

Wednesday 27th June 

Yr 7/8 Rippa Tournament 


Board of Trustees - Next Meeting  Tuesday 13th March @ 7pm   

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) - Next Meeting  Monday 19th March @ 7pm   


Newsletter - 2018, Term 1, Week 4.pdf

they name her Gita after the storm, but they have gone for a far nicer name of Eliza Ellen. ... Fees needs to be paid before the seasons start. Fees for basketball ...

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