November 2017

Visit of the Secretary On the 7th of November the Addnl. Chief Secretary of the Rural Development Department and Panchayat Raj of the State Tamil Nadu Mr. Hansraj Varma visited the Institute in Auroville. The Rural Development Department and Panchayat Raj deals with implementing schemes to benefit the rural population of Tamil Nadu and are responsible for the local governance institutions. The Se-

cretary was accompanied by the Collector of the Villupuram District, as well as other leading officials. During their short stay they met with the Secretary of the Auroville Foundation Mr. Mohan Verghese Chunkath, SLI Executives and the author, Ms.Anradha Mujumdhar. Furthermore they took a look at the two SLI faculties Auroville Earth Institute and Sunlit Future and enjoyed the great food at Naturellement Café.

“At the end of the visit Mr. Varma assured the SLI team that he will expedite the remaining legal process for the institution and ensure that there will be 'quick action' from the department side.” - Ramasubramanian

Director of the SLI

The Ladies from Tiruppur: Tirumadi SHGs has thus far been just a theoretical aspect in our curriculum. A comprehension of how they actually work and the issues faced by them were just academic manuscripts! Being students from Xavier School of Management (formerly known as XIMB), Bhubaneswar, we yearn to perceive the practical Rural Development and the opportunity just knocked itself with the ladies from the village Peria Kanur, Tiruppur... To the article

“We came here with a determination of starting an enterprise on herbalbased food; we had also assured our PD that after completing three days of training at SLI we will definitely start up an enterprise. Three days at SLI has moulded us strong, we will start an enterprise and shine as proud women.” - Sivagami.A

Tiruppur District, Health Food: Processing and Marketing

Changes in the SLI Programmes In the last 1.5 months without a regular programme at the SLI the team had a lot of time to think through the programmes. In order to improve the from SLI provided programmes some changes were announced. In future some programmes will be created and organised for a special community with its special needs. To find out what

issues are present and which content could serve the best a SLI team will visit the community before designing the programme. After the programme took place their will also be a good follow up with further visits. These changes should improve the quality and impact of the programmes even more.

Programmes in November 2017

In November a total of 3 Programmes took place. The participants came from 9 of the 32 Districts of Tamil Nadu. The respective Districts are highlighted yellow in the map below.

“What we learned here we would like to execute in our village.“ - Rani. S

Dharmapuri District, Sustainable Agriculture - Millets

3/12 Uniqueness of SLI To ensure a constant improvement in the quality of the programmes a good documentation is necessary. Information such as earnest feedback of the participants and faculties are collected from all programmes and are further modified to serve for example as information material or content of this Newsletter. At

the end of this month a part of the SLI Team sat together to look at some detailed feedback in form of videos. The participants shown in the videos reflected on various aspects of the programme and how they would use the gained knowledge. The footage was examined in order to create a video presenting the work of the SLI.

Watch Feedback Video

Participants’ rating of the SLI in September 2017

What exactly is the Sustainable Livelihood Institute? The Sustainable Livelihood Institute (SLI) was created in 2015 with the goal to provide the knowledge concentrated in Auroville of how to create a reasonable standard of living without harming the environment to the rural communities of Tamil Nadu. In order to achieve this goal many programmes, usually lasting for about three days, are designed, organised and delivered. Community members from all over Tamil Nadu as well as officials of the Rural Development Department gain knowledge and hands-on experience in the fields of perspective building, skill building and management. Sustainable Livelihood Institute is an initiative of the Government of Tamil Nadu in partnership with the intentional community of Auroville.

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SLI is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals

Contact: [email protected] Website Or check out our blog: No Copyright. Please feel free use the information in the newsletter with acknowledgement. If you inform us, we will bless you.

Newsletter 2017-11.pdf

by them were just academic manuscripts! Being students from. Xavier School of Management (formerly known as XIMB),. Bhubaneswar, we yearn to perceive the practical Rural. Development and the opportunity just knocked itself with the. ladies from the village Peria Kanur, Tiruppur... To the article. 3/12 Uniqueness of SLI.

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