My precious data Data management planning workshop Open Science Course 2016

What do we do?

- Start to think data management - Get familiar with DMPtuuli - Work with data management plan (real or fictional)

How do you think your data? Research oriented - it’s just data - It’s needed for research

Contribution oriented - It’s one output of my research - It is as important as my publications - It’s part of my contribution to science community

Learning to value your data You might have an unique data set that is not available anywhere else - Samples from environment that does not exist anymore - Collection of data that no one else has collected - Value of research data might last longer than the value of publication -

It can re-analysed/used differently in different context Future research: real-time analysis

Don’t be shy!

How to make a data management plan?

Questions for data management plan - Data -

How do you collect your data? (methods, formats, tools) Where is data saved during research project? (sensitive data handling, sharing data etc.) How do you analyse/use data (methods/tools)

- Ethics/Legal -

Commitment to ethical standards

- Publishing/Long-term preservation -

Where is data after research project? (repository) How can it be accessed? (licence) How can it be found? (metadata) How can it be used (format and documentation)

DMP: Academy of Finland -

Partners Type of data Technical documentation Ethics and legal Publishing and long-term preservation t-plan/

DMP: Finnish Social Science Data Archive

DMPTuuli Simple service for writing data management plans - Funder specific guidance - Additional organisation specific guidance - Exports several formats (pdf, docx, csv, text, json, html, xml)

Publishing Data

Requirements from funders We require that principal investigators of Academy-funded research projects see to that the projects data are stored and made available through major national or international archives or storage services that are important in the fields concerned. Data may for justified reasons, however, come in varying degrees of openness, ranging from fully open to strictly confidential.

Requirements from publishers An inherent principle of publication is that others should be able to replicate and build upon the authors' published claims. A condition of publication in a Nature journal is that authors are required to make materials, data, code, and associated protocols promptly available to readers without undue qualifications.

Dropbox is NOT an repository!!!

Publishing data Let people know about your data - Publishing metadata - Publishing metadata + data Re-usability? - Data is available (data dump) - Data and documentation - Data available as service -

“So called” open data Opening data that is usable for others - Messy - No documentation Re-usability? - None

Where do I put my data? Repository lists: - - Some generic repositories: - IDA (starting 2017 for long-term preservation) JYU: dataverse, JYX cience

You can always ask help: [email protected]

Please inform university library when you publish data set

My precious data - GitHub

Open Science Course 2016 ... It's part of my contribution to science community ... Exports several formats (pdf, docx, csv, text, json, html, xml) ... · cience ...

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