MVU THEATER ARTS SUMMER CAMP July 9th - 13th, 12:30 - 5:00 ( For Grades 3 & 12 ) NEW THIS YEAR, A NEW DRAMA CAMP THIS SUMMER 2018 ! (Vermont Community Foundation Grant Funded) SIGN UP NOW if interested, confirmations will go out the end of May or early June. Students in the Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union in the towns of Swanton, Highgate, Franklin, Sheldon and at MVU MS&HS, ages 8 to 18, ARE INVITED to participate in the MVU THEATER ARTS SUMMER CAMP the week of Monday July 9 through Friday July 13, from 12:30 to 5:00 pm. Our local, Ernie Hemingway, Director/Writer, who has been working with youth over 30 years, providing theater activities that include summer theater programs that tour Vermont (Suitcase Theater, Backpack Theater, The Traveling Storyteller & Co., Island Roads Theater), will be directing the MVU Theater Arts Camp.

This program promotes responsibility,

creativity, confidence and leadership in performers.

This is a week of dramatic arts

(improvisation, drama games, readers theater, set building and production) with a final end of week free dramatic performance on Friday at 5:30 pm for family and community. Transportation is available from Elementary Schools at noon, with a return bus to the Elementary School drop off between 5:05-5:30 pm. Parents/guardians must provide transportation from / to Elementary School for noon pickup and drop off time. Parents/guardians, must be at Elementary School when bus arrives, if child is taking the 5:00pm MVU dismissal bus. Parents can drive students to/from MVU if wanted for the program beginning time 12:30 and ending time 5:00.

Students participating in the morning Franklin Summer Academy program,

can take the midday bus to MVU.

If parent/guardian is not present at Elementary School

parking lot for when the bus arrives (tba), this bus cannot wait on parents. If a parent is not there, the child will not be able to participate with the busing the rest of the week. Please only those who can provide reliable transportation or car pool should register for this class. Be aware there is limited class space.


MVU Theater Arts Summer Camp




FRIDAY May 25th

STUDENT NAME: ________________________________________________ GRADE: ___________ FRANKLIN SCHOOL TEACHER NAME: __________________________________________________

Check Here For MVU THEATER ARTS SUMMER CAMP July 9 - 13 (Theater Arts Camp operates 12:30 - 5:00pm) Transportation: Parent/Guardian will transport:  Bring Child To MVU for 12:30

 Pick Up From MVU at 5:00pm

Taking Bus :   Noon Bus (Franklin Elementary School to MVU)  5:00 pm Bus to Franklin School (parent pickup time at Franklin School parking lot To Be Announced, will be sometime between 5:15-5:30, one bus for 3 towns, route not yet determined) Please check off that you understand ___ Parents/guardians, must be at Franklin School 5:15-5:30 (tba) to pick up their child Monday through Thursday, if child is taking the 5:00pm MVU dismissal bus ___ Parents/guardians expected to come to the drama presentation Friday July 13 at 5:15 pm and after the 5:30 pm performance will take their child home. THIS PROGRAM DEPENDS UPON A VERMONT COMMUNITY FOUNDATION GRANT AWARD. WE WILL BE NOTIFIED IF WE WILL BE FUNDED, AT THE END OF MAY. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED IF THE MVU THEATER ARTS SUMMER CAMP WILL BE HELD OR NOT AND STUDENT CONFIRMATIONS SENT HOME IN EARLY JUNE. 2

MVU Theater Arts Summer Camp Student Information & Parental Permission Student name __________________________________ Grade _____ Parent/Guardian____________________________________________ Mailing Address (street,town,zip)_______________________________ Home Phone _____________________Work_____________________

1)The Crossroads Program is required to seek community support. In an effort to do that, do we have your permission to photograph and/ or videotape your child for use in bulletin boards, publications, websites and for program promotion? __ Yes __ No

Emergency Contact Person (Name) ____________________________

2) Does your child have any medical conditions? __ Yes __ No If yes, please explain ____________________ _____________________________________

Emergency Contact Phone# (AM)_______________ (PM)___________

3) Does your child have any allergies?

Cell Phone #s: _____________________________________________ Emails (if any) _____________________________________________

__ Yes __ No Any child who is to leave the program early, MUST have a note from a If yes, please explain ___________________ parent sent to the After School Coordinator, indicating when and who will ____________________________________ be picking up the child. 4) Does your child need an Epi-pen or an Inhaler? __ Yes __ No My child will be  taking bus  picked up  walking home If yes, please send your child with one in their Transportation, if taking bus: backpack and notify us that it is there. Address for pick-up:_________________________________________

5) Does your child have any special conditions or needs, educational, physical or behavioral, that we should be aware of, to ensure your Please List All Individuals that are allowed to pick up your child child enjoys and benefits from our program (use another sheet if needed): (IEP, EST, 504, other)? Feel free to call If yes, Name _______________________________phone_______________ please explain__________________________ _____________________________________ Name _______________________________phone_______________ Address for drop-off: ________________________________________

The Franklin, Highgate, Sheldon, Swanton Schools, MVU Theater Arts Summer Camp, Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union, FNWSU After School & Summer Programs, and other program partners and its employees (hereinafter referred to as the District) will exercise reasonable judgment and care in the planning and operation of the trips and/or programs. I understand and agree that neither the District nor its employees will be liable for injuries resulting from accidents or unanticipated occurrences beyond their control. I also understand and accept that volunteers, including other parents, as well as other members of the community assist in operating these programs and trips. In case of illness or accident, I request the District to contact me. If I cannot be reached or the emergency contact person cannot be reached at the phone numbers provided, I authorize and direct district personnel to seek emergency medical care or take other action they believe is necessary to protect the best interest of my child/ward. If my child/ward is taken for emergency medical treatment, I hereby authorize the attending physician to administer the emergency treatment s/he believes is appropriate, and I agree to pay any resulting expenses. I have read the above form, information in this flyer and my signature below demonstrates I have provided my consent for my child/ward to participate in these summer programs and field trips. __________________________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature



MVU Theater Arts Summer Camp Student & Parent Agreement BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS Behavior expectations are the same as the school day. Students are to  be respectful,  be responsible,  be caring. Our summer programs are an environment that promotes a positive experience for all students and staff. Disruptive behavior is not allowed. Disruptive behavior may be anything that disturbs the instructor or other students during the program. Attending the Crossroads After School Program, Summer Academy Programs. and MVU Theater Arts Summer Camp is a privilege. Appropriate behavior is expected of youth at all times. Crossroads, Summer Academy. and MVU Theater Arts Summer Camp behavior expectations follow the schools and bus rules. Students are first given a verbal warning. If inappropriate behavior continues, the youth will be removed from the program, and parents will be called to pick up their child. With our short summer program, children who are sent home for behavior will be out for the rest of the summer. CROSSROADS / SUMMER ACADEMY AGREEMENT – CODE OF CONDUCT 

I will stay in the classroom/activity area and with my group unless I have permission from the instructor or Camp Coordinator/Director to leave.  I will behave in a way that is respectful to the teacher and other students.  I will use appropriate language when talking with other students, with the instructor and in class.  I will treat with respect and will be responsible in handling program equipment, using school building facilities and school property.  I will respect other people’s feelings, bodies and property.  I will use words to resolve conflicts and will avoid physical conflicts.  I will eat and handle my snack in an appropriate manner.  I understand that these expectations are the same for the bus ride home. I have read these rules and agree to follow them while attending the Highgate S.A.I.L. summer program and/or MVU Theater Arts Summer Camp. _________________________________ Student’s Signature

____________ Date

As a Parent/Guardian, I have read and agree with the above. _________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature

____________ Date

Thank you for your time and consideration. This behavior agreement is important, it helps to make sure 4 all children and will keep them safe. Thank you. that the program will be a positive experience for Please sign and return this page with your registration .

mvu theater arts summer camp

Transportation is available from Elementary Schools at noon, with a return bus to the ... at Elementary School when bus arrives, if child is taking the 5:00pm MVU ...

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