Mother’s Day – April 3rd − Mothering Sunday was celebrated in Britain beginning in the 17th century – so it’s not just a florist’s marketing genius − Apprentices and servants would return home for the day to visit their mothers, often with a “mothering cake” (like a simnel cake) − These days, it's one of the biggest holidays for giving gifts, making long distance telephone calls and sending flowers − It’s also an opportunity to emotionally engage with a huge audience of women in the UK and their families

250,000 UK searches… …are expected for “Mothers Day” with a sharp spike in the week leading up to Mother’s Day, starting up to four weeks before

Search trends Gift ideas, flowers, cards and poems are the top searches, as well as people checking the date YouTube and Mobile search also show significant peaks

Most terms are stable year on year, but “Mothers Day Offers” have been growing in popularity

Brand trends − Mother’s Day is a huge opportunity for manufacturers and retailers of flowers, chocolates, health and beauty − But it’s also an opportunity for brands to engage:    

Mothers of all ages Fathers of young children Teenagers Everyone else with a mother!

Mother’s Day with Google We’ve got some tactical ideas to use our platforms to support your brands around Mother’s day

Date Reminder − People are asking Google to check the date of Mother’s day − Give them the option to get a reminder from your brand – free of charge – five days before − This could be a browser app like a Chrome Extension or as simple as a text message − Use it to offer a discount or offer for a Mother’s Day gift

Idea Generator − People are asking Google for help suggesting a present for their mum − Retail brands could offer help − Fill in some details about your mum to get a tailored suggestion for a gift − Link to the nearest store locator or offer online ordering

Mother’s Day Messages Company


Happy mother’s from Vicky





There’s nothing nicer than a home-made card (apart, perhaps from a digital equivalent!) Allow people to create a special video message using a custom YouTube gadget on a brand channel Users can upload photos from their digital albums, to be automatically edited to music with a personal message

Celebrity Messages −

Make your mum’s

Mother’s Day... ...with a special message from

Matt Cardle


Get a celebrity to record video messages for mums Kids can submit requests in the weeks running up to Mother’s Day Use your brand spokesperson or a choice or someone Mum’s going to love Use a YouTube masthead, online display and search to generate requests Film in one or two days – maybe even live on Mother’s day Host the videos on a brand channel and encourage sharing via Facebook and Twitter

Mothers’ Day Map Location Company


 Pubs Restaurants

Country walks Afternoon tea

Use Google maps API to create a Mother’s Day Guide – a map populated with great restaurants and pubs for Sunday lunch, with suggestions for family walks and local entertainment Dads can refine the kinds of things Mum might like, and the map would repopulate

The first UK Live Interactive YouTube masthead − To all the mothers of the world...

Happy Mother’s Day

Vicky Happy Mother’s Day Mum. Thanks for soup and cuddles last week. Luv u

[email protected] Sorry I forgot about dinner. Best mum ever for making me a sandwich anyway.


On Mother’s Day, create a ticker of live tweets on the YouTube homepage Alert the children who have entered a minute before their message is played – so they can get mum to look at the computer Build a brand association with Mother’s day by collecting the tweets on a brand channel, along with video messages submitted

Remind the UK! − Don’t forget... Mother’s Day is in...


− Don’t forget... Mother’s Day is in... THREE


− Don’t forget... Mother’s Day is in...


It’s hard to believe, but every year thousands of young people forget Mother’s day Your brand can save the nation mothers by reminding people using a Google Display Network and YouTube brand blast The Google Display Network can reach 84% of the UK online audience Or target specific groups, like teenagers and young adults, on gaming and social sites Use YouTube in-video overlays while they are watching entertainment content

Hyperlocal Offers

Don’t forget Mother’s Day Flowers in your area...

− Integrate Mobile Display ads with local advertising − While Dad’s playing Angry Birds, tell him where he can get a Mother’s Day present locally

Online Coupon 1

Customer searches for a laptop on a mobile device




Ad for company XYZ is triggered, along with its offer

Offer expands when the customer clicks the plus box

Customer stores the offer via email or SMS

− Offer Ad Extensions allows you to offer a printable offer with your search ad − Ideal for retailers or health and beauty brands

Mum’s own TV channel − Kids can customise a YouTube playlist for mum within their user channel − Help them pick some TV for her to relax with on Sunday evening − Include a special Mother’s Day video message, created in a custom brand channel

Mother's Day Messages

Page 9 ... Ideal for retailers or health and beauty brands. Customer searches for a laptop on a mobile device. 1. Ad for company XYZ is triggered, along.

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