Motherhood Theme Statement- Care for the Whole Person This exercise is meant to help you discern how your focus is placed. It will help you balance the focus in caring for the whole person - the body, mind and the soul of your child.Please list the % of time spent by you in each of these activities. Activity %Time 1

Body Food,Health,Sleep


Body Academic Achievement & College Prep


Body Skills- Chess, thinking, writing, speaking, robotics


Body Sports


Mind Giving them emotional support. Help them in Dealing with Emotions-Communication and Emotional Intelligence in Krsna Consciousness


Soul Remind Child of their identity-servant of Krsna


Soul Qualities - Tolerance, Humility, Patience, Faith in Krsna, Fearlessness


Soul Reading SP Books


Soul Temple Service

10 Soul Home Altar Service 11 Soul Chant Hare Krsna Total


How do I feel about the distribution of my Time/Focus as a mother?

What does such distribution of Focus tell me about my own spirituality?

Presented by for “The Heart of a Mother” seminar series

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Do I experience fear in putting more time and energy on the spiritual focus thinking my child may be behind in material aspects?

What inspiration do I feel when I hear " If I focus on the spiritual aspects of parenting, Krsna will help me in the physical and emotional aspects as well."?

Is a spiritual focus more than helping my child learn shlokas and rituals? If yes what else is it based on what we have heard?

Motherhood Personal Theme Statement After reading and hearing so much about these great mother luminaries and how they spiritually nurtured their children while taking care of their bodies and mind, what would my personal theme as a mother be from now on? What themes I would apply to help my child grow with faith in Krsna and surrender to Krsna.

Presented by for “The Heart of a Mother” seminar series

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Motherhood Theme Statement.pdf

... identity-servant of Krsna. 7 Soul Qualities - Tolerance, Humility, Patience, Faith in Krsna,. Fearlessness. 8 Soul Reading SP Books. 9 Soul Temple. Service.

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