Morrison Creek Tributaries å Morrison Creek Mainstem

Puntledge El.

å Rd ne rla be m Ti

Trib 2

Lake Trail Jr.

y Hw

Rd b eb d W yR ur lsb Sa

nd la In

Arden Creek


Arden El


First Supply Trib B

First Supply Trib A

First Supply Trib A-B

Trib 5

Trib 6

n Isla wy dH

First Supply Creek Mainstem

nd Inla

First Supply Trib C

Trib 7

First Supply Trib E First Supply Trib D Y


Trib 10


Nellie Creek Trib A Trib 8 Nellie Creek Mainstem

Trib 11 Trib 9

Trib 10-A CC

Trib 13 Trib 10-C Trib 10-B

Trib 12-A Trib 12-A-1

Trib 12

Legend Morrison Main Arden Creek Morrison Tributary 2 Constructed A-1 First Supply Main First Supply Tributary A natural First Supply Tributary A-B First Supply Tributary A Constructed First Supply Tributary B First Supply Tributary C First Supply Tributary D First Supply Tributary E Nellie Creek Nellie Tributary A Morrison Tributary 5 Morrison Tributary 6 Morrison Tributary 7 Morrison Tributary 10-A Morrison Tributary 8 Morrison Tributary 10-B Morrison Tributary 9 Morrison Trib_12_A Morrison Tributary 10 Morrison Tributary 11 Morrison Trib_12_A_1 Morrison Tributary 12 Morrison Trib 10_C Morrison Tributary 13

Map Sheet 92F065 Scale 1:20,000

N 300



Stream (RDCS Sensitive Habitat Atlas) Ditches Watershed Boundary Wetlands (Project Watershed) Wetlands (Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory)



600 Meters

Universal Transverse Mercator Zone 10 NAD 83

This map was created by Comox Valley Project Watershed Society, using linework produced for utilization in the 2001 version of the Comox Strathcona Sensitive Habitat Atlas. The aerial photo used for this map was taken in 2002. Only portions of the Atlas are displayed on this map. To view a complete version of the Sensitive Habitat Atlas contact the Regional District of Comox Strathcona. Project Watershed and its partners are not responsible for damages resulting from any omissions, deletion or errors.


Map created March 2003


Morrison Creek Tributaries.pdf

Lake. Trail Jr. Arden El. Inland Hwy. Salsbury Rd. Webb Rd. Timberlane Rd. Mainstem. First Supply. Trib A. First Supply. Trib A-B. First Supply Creek. Mainstem.

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