Servo Control GUI Brief This is a very simple example to interface the servo, in way to control position, direct PWM or access and change the ID, Baudrate and the PID control gains.

Download and install Morpheus servo firmware Using Robotis RoboPlus Terminal First you need to install Robotis RoboPlus, go to Robotis web page, download and install. Disconnect your servo from power and open RoboPlus Terminal on the com port where the servo is connected. Note that the servo bootloader works at 57600 baud. Press and keep cardinal # key down until you connect your servo and it starts replying asterisks *. Now you have entered bootloader.

Press L key to prepare servo to download the new code. For other commands and help press h

In Files tab chose Transmit file

Locate the hex file and click Open

Wait until it finishes, in the end a message of Success will show up. Then press C, this will clear all the EEPROM, so the servo can load the default configuration. Press R to reset and start the code.

Starting with the Morpheus GUI interface

Open the program, insert the com port to the one servo is connected, use 1000000 baud (1MBaud) as baudrate and in the end click connect. Change Servo ID If the servo is disconnected or the selected ID servo does not exist on the bus or even the baudrate is not the same as the servo, the servo ID text field will be filled in red.

If the servo is recognized by the program, the ID text field will be filled in green.

Changing the Servo ID

Enter the new ID for the servo on the New ID field. This must be bigger than 0 and smaller than 254, once 254 usually is used as master and 255 is the BROADCAST ID.

Press Send and if the operation is successful, an OK will show and the ID field will still be green.

Fill the baudrate field with the pretended speed, since its supported by the servo, otherwise will not be accepted. Press Send to change it.

Position control is possible using

Scroll control or filling the position and speed fields and pressing Send

The PWM control is similar to the normal control. Select Direct PWM Control Either use the scroll to change the PWM or fill the pwm field and press send.

By : Ricardo Silva Marinheiro 14 February,2011

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