Monthly Report

October 2017

System-wide Sales RUB MM

Accelerating pace of system-wide sales growth as we enter the high season for delivery business

Note: system-wide sales - gross sales (incl. VAT where applicable but excluding sales tax) of all Dodo Pizza stores including both franchised and company-owned. Link: sales and traffic of each store since inception.


Store Count Number of stores

New stores October 2017 Ivanteevka-1







Naberezhnye Chelny-5

Astana-5 (KZ)


Chain Growth Pipeline As of 31st October 2017

247 Already operating stores


57 Stores at construction stage


22 Stores at design stage


67 Stores at location approval stage


320 Remaining stores as per signed franchising agreements


Russia Chain Results

Russia System-wide Sales Month-over-Month (MoM) RUB MM




Year-over-Year (YoY)

Av. Ticket






Note: gross sales including VAT where applicable. Traffic=number of transactions.



Av. Ticket







Like-for-Like Sales and Traffic (YoY) YoY LFL - Detailed for October 2017 Ongoing strong sales and traffic dynamics among stores in all age groups

Dynamics of YoY LFL for all stores older than 2 years


Sales Channels Review October 2017

Average Ticket by Channel RUB / ticket


Financial Review

Franchising — Consolidated Results

Note: franchising results net of VAT; sales of franchised stores includes VAT where applicable. Source: management accounts.


Corporate Chain — Consolidated Results

Note: all results net of VAT. See appendix for detailed store-by-store P&L. * delivery costs as percentage of delivery revenue. Source: management accounts - Syktyvkar, Moscow, St Pete.


Corporate Chain — Stores Review

September 2017 RUB thousands

Note: net results ex. VAT. Store-level EBITDA does not include chain administrative expenses. Source: management accounts - Syktyvkar, Moscow, St Pete.


Side-by-side Retail P&L (1/2)

Note: all results net of VAT. * delivery costs as percentage of delivery revenue. Source: management accounts.


Side-by-side Retail P&L (2/2)

Note: all results net of VAT. * delivery costs as percentage of delivery revenue. Source: management accounts.


Monthly Report - October 2017 - Public.pdf

Store Count New stores. October 2017. Ivanteevka-1 Bryansk-1. Naro-Fominsk-1 Nevinnomysk-1. Orenburg-1 Kingisepp-1. Stavropol-1 Naberezhnye Chelny-5.

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