WARREN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 1253 Atlanta Highway, NE Warrenton, GA 30828


Mr. George Lee Counselor

(706) 465-3742 (P) (706) 465-0901 (F) Mr. Trevor Roberson Principal

Our Mission Warren County High School, a member of the Warren County Charter School System, will provide its students with a well-rounded education that gives them the necessary skills to achieve their goals and provide the foundation for them to become lifelong learners as well as socially responsible contributors to our global society. Our Vision *Teachers, staff, parents, students and community members will value students and share in the responsibility for providing a supportive learning environment within our schools. *Teachers will be lifelong learners to support the chief priority of our school— student learning. *Students will be taught using multiple instructional strategies targeting unique learning styles. *A variety of assessments of and for learning will be used to demonstrate mastery of content and deficient areas. *A viable, challenging, prioritized, aligned, and paced curriculum will be provided for all content areas and courses at each grade level. *The school system will be the catalyst in Warren County to promote acceptance, respect, and understanding by embracing and celebrating the cultural diversity within the school and community to promote school and community unity. *The students will graduate as productive citizens. Belief Statements *All students can learn. *All staff will participate in professional learning opportunities on a regular basis and work collaboratively with others in order to grow professionally. *A variety of instructional practices and technological tools must be employed in the teaching/learning/assessment process. *Different learning styles and the varied needs of the students must be considered when planning and implementing the curriculum. *Teachers will help students feel safe, supportive, and respected. *Parents must be encouraged to participate in their child’s education through regular communication. *Teachers must inspire and encourage all students to learn and to take responsibility for their learning. *Success requires the establishment and communication of clear goals. *Students will be involved in the self-assessment of their learning.

“Warren County High School is a Title I school which solicits input from students, parents, teachers, and community stakeholders, and is also an equal opportunity provider and employer.”

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Page 1 of 1. WARREN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL. 1253 Atlanta Highway, NE (706) 465-3742 (P). Warrenton, GA 30828 www.warren.k12.ga.us (706) 465-0901 (F). Mr. George Lee Mr. Trevor Roberson. Counselor Principal. “Warren County High School is a Title I school which solicits input from students, parents,. teachers ...

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