Minutes of January 14, 2017 Meeting

"Get involved, have a voice, and serve the Lord with your brothers!" Officers: Chaplain - Chuck Romero (P) Grand Knight – Ron Koehler (A) Deputy Grand Knight – Ted Fields (P) Chancellor – Lupe Guerra (P) Recorder - Earl Mallard (P) Financial Secretary - Lawrence Lindley (P) Treasurer - Gene Marak (P) Advocate – Jeremy Rodman (A)

Lecturer - Randy Schreiner (P) Warden - Tom Lindley (P) Outside Guard - David Elder (P) Inside Guard – Kevin Breuer (A) Trustee 3rd Year - Leroy Predmore (P) Trustee 2nd Year - Jeremy Rodman (A) Trustee 1st Year - Matt Towsley (A) Membership Officer - Ted Fields (P)

Members present – Rusty Miller, Michael Osmanski  Visitors : District Deputy James Judge  12 total members present including officers Opening: 1:05pm - The Lord's Prayer was offered by DGK Fields followed by the Pledge of Allegiance Minutes: Read and accepted for August 10, 2017 meeting Applications and Balloting for Membership: None Membership:  Ted is still working on new members.  Correspondence: Thank you from Octoberfest committee Treasurer Report: Treasure Marak was absent Checking has a balance of $2092.88  Checks written: $50-VBS, $202.06-Ted (State Convention), $155.50-Supreme per capita, $532.50-Oklahoma per capita, $150Cub Scouts, $103-State liability insurance  Deposits made: Dues - $50 & $75, interest $0.60, .51, .10, .26, .11, .10, &.09  Bills Presented: None Savings has a balance of $5,476.73 Financial Secretary Report: None Old Business:  

Boy Scouts – Leroy Predmore motioned not to pay for Boy Scout charter, Osmanski seconded, Council approved Wives Knight Out – Randy Schreiner will check with the PUB and all it was decided to be for adults only. Still tabled

New Business:

    

Visitor – District Deputy James Judge of Woodward presented information to the council on several different things. 1. State would like to see a recruitment drive for each council with insurance rep present. 2. July 1 online membership available 3. Jan. 21 2nd & 3rd degree in Perry 4. Feb. 24-25 bowling tourn in Tulsa 5. March 3rd Men’s conference in Norman 6. April 27-29, State meeting Norman Fish fry – Feb 16th, need as many as possible to help, several knights have stepped up to help Lawrence this year. Confirmation breakfast – Feb 24th, be there by 7am to cook and serve by 8. Chuck Romero is chair of this and needs some help. Please volunteer Grand Knight – Ted Fields moved to this position due to Ron Koehler being unable to fulfill the duties due to health. Lupe Guerra was nominated and elected to take the Deputy Grand Knight position which leaves the Chancellor position open if anyone would like to fill that position contact Grand Knight Ted Fields. March 29th, Holy Thursday will be in need of a 4th degree Honor Guard, contact Chuck or Ted please May 11-13 – Tootsie Roll Drive will be held, Earl will chair this again this year.

Good of the Order: Corey Beasley, Ron Koehler, Chuck Romero, Ted Fields, Mallard children, Barbara Mallard, Louis Guerra, Simon Guerra family, David Elder’s parents, Gene Marak, John Padilla, Osmanski’s daughter, and Leroy and Alta Predmore. A Moment of Silence was offered. Closing: A Hail Mary was offered to close the meeting. Adjourned

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Corey Beasley, Ron Koehler, Chuck Romero, Ted Fields, Mallard children, Barbara Mallard, Louis Guerra, Simon Guerra. family, David Elder's parents, Gene ...

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