March 27, 2016 Easter Sunday Sunday Mass: Vigil 4pm; 9am, 11am Daily Mass: Mon - Fri: 9am Morning Prayer 8:45am Eucharistic Adoration Thursdays 6:30 - 7:30pm Confessions Available First Saturday Mass: 9am

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Phone: 781-944-0330 Fax: 781-944-1266

Reconciliation: Saturdays 3:153:45pm and during Eucharistic Adoration. Baptism: Celebrated the 3rd Sunday at 1pm. Call to register for Baptism Prep. Anointing of the Sick: Notify the office when a person is seriously ill. Extraordinary Ministers are available to bring the Eucharist to the homebound. Marriage: Call at least 6 months in advance of your wedding.

March 27, 2016

St. Athanasius Parish, Reading, MA

Please pray for our military and civilians who defend our freedom, especially: The 26th “Yankee” Brigade, and 1st Lts. Ryan & Nolan Johnson, US Army, Patrick Cavanaugh, PFC Christopher Lewis, Lcpl Brenden Amico, and Cpl. 3rd Class Christopher Donohue

Saturday, March 26 8pm Easter Vigil Sunday, March 27 9am Family Mass 11am Mass for the People of St. Athanasius Monday, March 28 9am Mass Tuesday, March 29 9am Enrico Marotta Memorial Mass Wednesday, March 30 9am Carolyn Johnson Thursday, March 31 9am Mass 6:30pm Adoration Friday, April 1 9am Adeline Whittier Memorial Mass Saturday, April 2 9am First Saturday 4pm Enrico Marotta Anniversary Memorial Sunday, April 3 9am Mass for the People of St. Athanasius 11am Pasquale & Anne Ventola 1pm Confirmation

Remember those in need of prayers, especially: Maryann Lucerto, Margaret Sumner, John Cadigan, Mary Lou, Dianne, Bill, Scott , Dan Hallidy, David S. Attachi Family, Olga Calautti, Stephen O’Neill, Kathy Oliveira, Cindy O'Connell, Paula, Joanne Curran, Jimmy, Charles Morrison, Frank F., Frank DelGreco, Barbara Coffin, John F. O’Brien, Ruthie, Richard Rossi, Robert D, Thomas D, Andrew D, Richard D, Phil T, Jen M, Fran P, Bryan M, Marion M, Anna Windels, Mary McNerney, Larry Y, Denise S., John, Mary G, Shirley N, Carol & Frank, Deborah, Patricia Maines, Justin L., Paula, Mike, David, Bubba Toussaint, Joan D, Nana K., Remo, Katie Willenborg, Denise, Josephine, Sammy, Guarino Family, Joan B, Kevin G., Edie Barbieri, Brian, Sue, Eleanor Long, Joe O. Dennis Jancsy, Cathy M., Cynthia L., Jill, Marianne G., Dillon R., Mr. Blunt, Denise B., Ann Swift, Molly, Rob, Guy, Denis Hebert, Babies Max and Nate, Mike P, Paula P, Jeff M, Andrew R, Audrey Acquaviva, Justin L, Marge Q Jen M., Norma M, Julie, Pat K & Family, Marie Brown, JDF & Family, Patrick & Brianna, Rick Q

Altar Candles in Memory of Eileen O’Donnell & Cecilia Sullivan Bread and Wine in Memory of Louis Adreani S CRIPTURE


These names will stay in the Prayer Corner until Sunday, April 3rd. Call the office or email [email protected] to add or renew your loved ones on the list.


27 SUN Acts 10:34a, 37-43/Col 3:1-4 or 1 Cor 5:6b8/Jn 20:1-9 or Lk 24:1-12 28 Mon Acts 2:14, 22-33/Mt 28:8-15 29 Tue Acts 2:36-41/Jn 20:11-18 30 Wed Acts 3:1-10/Lk 24:13-35 31 Thu Acts 3:11-26/Lk 24:35-48 1 Fri Acts 4:1-12/Jn 21:1-14 2 Sat Acts 4:13-21/Mk 16:9-15 3 SUN Acts 5:12-16/Rv 1:9-11a, 12-13, 17-19/Jn 20:19-31

M EETINGS & E VENTS Tuesday, Mar 29

Knowing Jesus Speaker Series

7:00 PAC

Prayer Shawl

9:30 PAC



Confirmation Practice

7:00 Hall

First Saturday Mass


Bottles & Cans Drive


Thursday, Mar 31

W EEKLY O FFERTORY Mass Attendance: 766 First Collection: $7370 Easter Sunday: Clergy Benefit Trust

Saturday, Apr 2 2

March 27, 2016

St. Athanasius Parish, Reading, MA


Chipping Away at the Faith We take for granted that in life we grow a little at a time, whether that is bodily for a young person or with some talent we possess through practice or even in our maturity within our relationships. It is the same with our understanding of the Faith. Even our Easter readings relay the fact that the Apostles were still learning the meaning of Jesus’ words: “…he saw and believed. For they did not yet understand the scripture that He had to rise from the dead.” St. Thomas, of course, having not seen the Risen Lord that first Sunday, refused to believe until he had seen and touched Jesus personally. Our faith and understanding grow and mature and develop, though, as is the case with natural growth, this can be imperceptible because it is due to God’s grace. For me this often happens in very practical ways. The Triduum—the days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil—is complex and involved to celebrate, though very rewarding. Every year our team tries to do better than the last in its execution and every year I understand it more deeply. There are, also, “impractical” ways we grow in our faith. This Lent, in our Knowing Jesus Christ course, we challenged ourselves to know the basic elements of the Faith more deeply and to consider how its truths affect (or don’t affect enough) our lives. This is a different sort of challenge, but one that we are called to undertake our whole life long. In a sense we “chip away” at knowing and living the Faith little by little over a lifetime. However, our individual faith can have a different kind of “chipping away” going on that can be just as imperceptible. Our culture has taught us that faith is more a matter of personal taste rather than an adherence to Truth, whereas in the Biblical sense the word “faith” contains very much within it a sense of dedication. In Greek it means “trustfulness”; in Hebrew “steadfastness.” This full meaning of faith is what allowed the Blessed Mother to remain at the foot of the cross with Our Lord when others such as St. Peter had scattered. After the Resurrection, though, trust in Jesus Christ gave St. Peter the strength to travel to the heart of the Roman Empire and be martyred for proclaiming the truth of Easter. Our faith in Jesus Christ’s victory over death can be mixed with doubt just as St. Thomas’s was. Maybe it is more accurate to say that while we may accept the fact of the Resurrection (even tentatively since we are, in fact, here in church on Easter!), we may not fully live its implications in a daily way. To know and to live the Faith more deeply is persistent work, but with the help of God’s grace, no more difficult than any other thing we dedicate ourselves to. We need not go as far as St. Thomas required in touching Jesus personally. Maybe our next step---even our first step—is just to allow Him to touch us personally. The day of the Resurrection isn’t a bad place to start.

May Our Lord richly bless you and your loved ones this Easter Season! 3

March 27, 2016

St. Athanasius Parish, Reading, MA

In Loving Memory Of…


Louis Adreani Edward Ambrose Eva & Ellis Porter Amirault, Schofield, & Silva Families Baltier-Murphy Family Alla & Bastiani Families Eleanor & Tom Farrell Collette & Albert Beckman Grande & Beninati Families Robert McNaney Bill Brogan & Brogan & Spear Families Dick, Michael, & Stephen Canty Bud & Millie Sanders Cassidy & Lyndell Families Ida Cedrone George & Helen Panosian Ralph & Angela Cefali Joseph A. Cloonan Frank, Steve & Mike Shea Colorusso & McCurley Families & Katie Enos Conrad & Vuolo Family Joan Corbett & John Austin Corbett Ben Antonellis Shirley Coveney & Helen Concannon Coveney Craven & Scott Family Diane & Robert Croce John Cronin Frank Cummings Victor & Josephine Cusolito Marilyn Tyrrell Joseph Delai & Thomas Meaney DelGreco & Caterino Families Edwin & Jaqueline d’Entremont D’Entremont & Leonard Families Crosslin, d’Entremont, & Mehigan Families DeLacy, Murray, & McNerney Families Carol & Robert Deroo Don & Peg Jackson Manuel & Odette Rezendes Russell Doherty, Sr., Fr. Paul Galivan Dr. Jerrold Bernstein Peter Doherty Anna & Joseph Casey, Kenneth Morse, & Eli & Mary Doucette Marjorie Duggan & Helen Driscoll Ferguson & Macklin Families Thomas & Marguerite Hickey David E., David L., & Emma P. Finnegan Frances M. Folsom Mr. & Mrs. George Whittier Mr. & Mrs. Frank Goddard Mr. George Grande Guariglia & Eble Families John & Bertha Casey

Mrs. Patricia Adreani Ambrose-Porter Family Ms. Kathleen Amirault Mrs. Patricia Baltier Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Bastiani Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beckman Sophie & Guy Ms. Mary Bishop Mrs. Rose Brogan Their Loving Family Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Cannon Terrence & Patricia Cassidy Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cedrone Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Cefali Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cloonan Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Colorusso Mr. & Mrs. James &Dolores Conrad Mr. & Mrs. John Corbett Mr. William Coveney Mr. & Mrs. David Craven Ms. Evelyn Croce Mrs. John Cronin Mrs. Mary Cummings Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cusolito Mrs. Noreen Delai Mr. & Mrs. Peter DelGreco Mr. & Mrs. Gary d’Entremont Roger & Noreen Mr. & Mrs. William D’Entremont Mrs. Rosemarie DeLacy Mr. & Mrs. Richard Deroo Mr. & Mrs. Russell Doherty, Jr.

The Doherty Family Mary Doucette Mr. & Mrs. Neal Driscoll Mary & Paul Ferguson The Finn Family Mr. & Mrs. Richard Finnegan Mr. & Mrs. Frank Goddard, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George Grande Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Guariglia, Jr. Edgar & Margaret Havey 4

March 27, 2016

St. Athanasius Parish, Reading, MA

In Loving Memory Of…


James & Catherine McFadyen Joseph & Jean Gould, Vito Bono, Joseph & MaryJean Heithaus, & Paul Monahan Jean Hoyt Pat Hurford Helen & Ralph Imbriano Phyllis & Herb Hall Charles Scott Julia & Guido Russo Veronica & John Kaper Jackie & Mario Izzi Mary, Lawrence, Philip, & Daniel Kearns Pasquale & Anne Ventola Kevin Kelly Ken & Jackie LaCroix George & Mary Hanley Rose Kennedy Thomas & Katherine Leahy Vita Amari Lorraine & Joseph LeBlanc Leo, Lucy & Bob Bertoncini Clara Scalesse Maggiore & herlihy Families Maguire & Contrada Family George Manzelli, Jr., Eileen McElroy, Charlie Smith, The Manzelli Family, & The Church Family Enrico Marotta , Josephine Amobile, & Ecla Marotta Pacifero & Josephine DeGuglielmo Joseph McGillicuddy Kay Bartlett Peter & Kate McHugh McNamara & White Family Richard J. McNeil, Jr. Tassinari, McNeil & Elia Families Jean Hoyt Vincent & Sally Miraglia, Geraldine Mattie, Arlene Buckley Monagle & Guanci Family Mary Bourque & Laura Morrison Sully, Moscariello & Simonelli Families Kevin J. Mulvey Nawoichyk & Richard Families Dorothy Freeman & Joan Brennan Don & Donnie Neary Nowicki & Marazzo Families Frederick Nelson Richard Nelson Gerard O’Brien Harold & Katherine O’Brien John & Marion Flaherty Florence & Bernard O’Rourke Daniel O’Rourke Carnella & Arthur Montuori Dorothy & John DioGuardi Mary & Daniel TobinPeters & Benjamin Families Pierce & Wobecky Families

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Heithaus

Mr. Mark Hoyt Mr. Robert Hurford Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Imbriano Mr. & Mrs. Tod Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kaper

Ms. Ellen Kearns Dianne, Robert & Nicole Kendall Mrs. Barbara Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Dennis LaCroix

Dr. & Mrs. Brian Leahy Mr. & Mrs. William LeBlanc Mr. & Mrs. Douglas MacAllister Mrs. Joseph Maggiore Mr. & Mrs. Charles Maguire Mr. & Mrs. George Manzelli

Mrs. Enrico Marotta

Mrs. Eileen McGillicuddy

Daniel & Mary McNamara Mrs. Gloria McNeil Mr. & Mrs. James McTaggart, Jr. Maureen Miraglia William & Janet Monagle Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Morrison Irene M. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Mulvey Mr. & Mrs. John Nawoichyk Joan, Doug, & Lori Mr. & Mrs. Brian Nowicki Mrs. Delia Nelson Lisa Allison & Andrea Mr. & Mrs. Robert O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O’Rourke

Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Peters Mr. Janet Pierce 5

March 27, 2016

St. Athanasius Parish, Reading, MA

In Loving Memory Of… omerleau & Cyr Families John ,Theresa, & Richard Rizzo Michael Trucketta Dr. & Mrs. Francis Tanabe Edgar Robichaud Rudolf Robichaud David, Louis, & Nancy Roffi Edmund & Kathryn Spang James Rogers Joe Ronan & Nora Angelo Jeannine Ryan Jean Francesconi Alfred & Dorothy Santosuosso Anthony & Catherine Lombardo Robert Savio John Wall, Carly Imbierowicz, & Arnold & Eileen Schmidt Joan & Frank Madden & Jason Proteau Donald Savage William J. Silva, Sr. & Martha Silva Joseph Simard Starr & Emerald Family Helen P. Murphy, Jackie Walsh, Helen Murphy, Margaret Sumner & Francis Murphy Dyan Espindle Robert A. Duncan Tavoletti & Marks Families Helen & Tony Rickley Mr. Benjamin Terriciano Mrs. Josephine Todisco Mr. & Mrs. John Lyman Mr. & Mrs. Ben Terriciano Mrs. Leonord Dragone Sally & Harry Butler Josephine Thomas Lisa Thomson Anthony Rickley, Peter Doherty, & Salvatore Moscariello Rene & Emma Surette James Vatcher Ester L. deHernandez Christopher Williams Dorothy Blasius, Marie Wolff, Josephine Dooley, & Rose Russo Frank Sullivan Martin & Mary Crosby, Helen Spear

From… Mrs. Edna Pomerleau Marie Rizzo Mr. & Mrs. Philip Robichaud

Mrs. David Roffi Elinore Rogers The Rogers Family Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ronan Mr. Thomas Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Santosuosso Lucille Savio & Richard Lombardo Mr. & Mrs. Martin Schmidt

Nancy Seigal Bernard & Yvonne H.P. Silva Mrs. Georgette Simard Susan & Jerrold Starr Mr. & Mrs. Neil Sumner Mrs. Janet Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Surette Mr. & Mrs. Steven Tavoletti Mr. & Mrs. James Taylor Mrs. Carol Terriciano

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Thomas Mr. & Mrs. William Thomson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Philip Vaccaro Anne & Lorraine Mrs. Lorraine Vatcher Mr. & Mrs. Felipe Vaquerano Mr. & Mrs. John Williams Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Susan Wolff Mrs. Francis Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Richard J Crosby

EASTER MEMORIAL OFFERING GIFTS TOWARDS EASTER ALTAR PLANTS & SHUT-INS PLANTS From the following Parishioners… Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Amico Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Coco Mr. & Mrs. Manoj Damodaran Mr. & Mrs. Michael DiBacco Mrs. Max Dluznieski Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Feudo Mr. & Mrs. Robert Filipek Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Frazier Mr. & Mrs. Paul Joyal Mr. & Mrs. Robert Judge Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jutras Mr. & Mrs. William B. McElhiney, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ottariano Mr. & Mrs. Robert Owen Mr. & Mrs. Donald Port Grace Serratore Mr. & Mrs. John Shea Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Steven Wadzinski Mr. & Mrs. David Walsh 6

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ur ministry includes assisting families before a death occurs. Call today for your free pre-planning kit including: our free booklet, money saving certificate, information on payment plans and specific information on Sacred Heart Cemetery in Andover.

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Caring for the Well-Being of our Boston Priests

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March 27, 2016 - The Boston Pilot

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