BULLDOG M a r ch 21, 2015

Barrington Middle School

Students Discover the Power of Listening Blue Team students in M s. St. Jean?s r eading classes have r ecently com pleted a pr oject called Reading Stor ies: A Listening Pr oject. Students inter view ed people w ho have str ong ties to Bar r ington about their r eading lives. Seventh and eighth gr ade students w or ked in pair s or in gr oups of thr ee for the pr oject, conducting and r ecor ding their inter view s, w r iting and r ecor ding the intr oductions, and editing the audio files. This pr oject w as inspir ed by Stor yCor ps, a podcast on National Public Radio? in par ticular the stor y of Stor m Reyes w ho, as a child living in m igr ant w or ker cam ps, w as denied books until a bookm obile cam e to the fields. Also pr oviding inspir ation w as a 1995 or al histor y pr oject by a gr oup of Bar r ington r esidents celebr ating the 200th anniver sar y of the Bar r ington Public Libr ar y. A self-published book called Tr aditions and Tr ansitions: Ever y Per son is a Book w as the r esult, and now, 20 year s later, Reading Stor ies: A Listening Pr oject is a new gener ation?s contr ibution to or al histor y. M s. Doyle, Bar r ington M iddle School?s technology integr ator, REACH teacher M s. Palm er, and M s. St. Jean w er e co-teacher s for the pr oject. M s. St. Jean said, ?As a r eading teacher, I w anted my students to discover stor ies about books and r eading that w er e w aiting to be told? w aiting for listener s. W ith the help of Amy Inglis, dir ector of the Bar r ington Public Libr ar y, and M s. Ather ton, a longtim e teacher in Bar r ington, w e found over 30 people w illing to shar e.? The thr ee teacher s and their students w ill be hosting a r eception to thank and honor the inter view par ticipants on Wednesday, M ar ch 25, at 6:30 pm in the auditer ia of Bar r ington M iddle School. The pr oject?s w ebsite w ill be unveiled and light r efr eshm ents w ill be ser ved. The public is w elcom ed to attend.

IMPORTANT PARENT NOTICE On Thursday, March 26th at 10AM, BMS will be participating in a non-traditional emergency drill. This drill will be a lock down. Teachers will discuss expectations with students before hand. If your child has an appointment from 10:00 to 10:30 on the 26th, please dismiss them before-hand, as they will be unable to be dismissed during this time.

Cal endar Mar ch 20 & 21 BM S DRAM A CLUB PRESENTS ALADDI N JR. (mor e info on next pg)

Mar ch 25 The Listening Pr oject Reception- 6:30PM

Mar ch 26 Lock Down Dr ill: 10AM - 10:30AM


Mar ch 28 Bar r ington Chamber of Commer ce Expo at BM S 9AM - 2PM Cr eative Ar ts Festival @ BES 10AM -2 PM

APRIL3 Gr ade 7 & 8 Social, hosted by the Blue Team: 7 - 9 PM @ BM S

Apr il 4 BM S Talent Show: 6:30 PM in Auditer ia

APRIL7 BM S Spr ing Pictur e Day

Apr il 9 Cur r iculum Fair @ BM S

Apr il 10 Teacher Wor kshop- NO SCHOOL

SPRING Spring Intramurals have started and will continue thru April 24th. All students grades 5-8 are welcome to participate. Students will report to the gym at dismissal, and will need to be picked up at 4PM. Each day features a different activity (see schedule). Students may participate in all activites, or just the one's they are interested in. It's a great way to stay active and have fun with friends!

schedul e March 2nd - April 24th 2:05- 4:00 PM (participants need to be picked up at 4:00 PM)

M o n da y - Net Games with Mr. Benincasa Tuesda y - Rock Climbing with Mr. Morrill W edn esda y - Table Tennis with Mr. Morrill Thur sda y - Ultimate, Sabakiball, and Omnikin with Mr. Morrill Fr ida y - Floor Hockey with Mr. Benincasa

STUDENTS CORNER Student Corner highlight student activities, articles, book reviews, and more!

BM S Student Council m em ber s, Sophie M oor e, M adelyn Hookw ay, and Cassidy Gibb, w er e pr esent at the last School Boar d M eeting on Tuesday, M ar ch 17th. They shar ed infor m ation about Student Council and the pr ogr am s they suppor t. After w ar d, they opened the School Boar d M eeting w ith the Pledge of Allegiance.

Th e Bl ac k Deat h by Sadie Hamel and Zach Walker

On March 10th, Mr. Durell, the Social Studies teacher on the Green Team, started teaching us about the Black Plague. In class, Mr.Durell created a story for us about a family trying to stay alive during The Plague. When we first entered the class the lights were off and he started his story, slowly, one by one, he handed about a third of the class roses; representing we are dead. The Black Plague was a disease epidemic that took place in 1348 and ended in 1351. The disease was carried by fleas on rats. It made its way through Europe in 1348. It started in Italy and moved its way around Europe and Russia. London was one of it?s last stops before it was over. Because it was so far away, the plague took four years to reach England. By the end of the epidemic, 25 million people were dead. That?s one third of the population. It spread like a wildfire in a forest. In the end of the lesson Mr. Durell did a great job teaching us. He is a very good teacher and shows us fun ways to explain to us different concepts, especially the Black Plague.

BMS STUDENTS RECOMMEND MORE GREAT READS! Check out these recommendations... Your new favorite read might be waiting below! * grade-level recommendations based on content and language included *

TESSA MILLETTE / Adventure, love & betrayal


SMALL AS AN ELEPHANT, by Jennifer R Jacobson

THE CITY OF BONES, by Cassandra Clare

This is a story about Jack and his love for elephants. All he wanted was to see Lydia, an elephant at York's Wild Kingdom; but his mother didn't want to. They argued and argued, and Jack knew he couldn't win this battle. When he wakes up on morning number one of their vacation in Maine, she's gone. He knows he has to find her, but where would he start? Maine is so much bigger than his neighborhood back in Boston.

This is a story about a girl named Clary who is out at the Pandemonium club and witnesses what she believes to be a murder, though no one else can see any of these people. Soon after her mother disappears and Clary joins forces with the Shadow Hunters (half angel / half human demon slayers)

The part that grabbed me was the suspense. Why did his mom leave him? The whole time I was reading I was on the edge of my seat and I kept falling off! This book is definitely a page-turner.

People who liked Divergent might like this book. (7th & 8th )

I wouldn't recommend this to people who get emotional when kids are traumatized. People who like suspense and cliffhangers would enjoy this book. (5th - 8th)


AUDREY AMMANN / Historical, Science Fiction DUST, by Arthur Slade This is a story about a small town in southern Canada along the United States and Canadian border, named Horseshoe. Not only is the town stricken with drought and the Great Depression, children have begun to go missing. At seemingly the same time, a mysterious stranger appears with the promise of rain. I recommend this book because the mystery and purely ominous tone of Dust made it impossible to put down. The characters and setting were so well put together that I read the entire book in one sitting. This book could really be for anyone. It covers such a broad spectrum of themes that a wide variety of people will enjoy it. (7th & 8th)

I liked this book because it had a lot of action and it never let up.

SHADOW & BONE, by Leigh Bardugo Alina was just a plain, normal, nothing special soldier; but when the life of the only person that ever loved her is threatened, strange things start to happen. I recommend this book because once you pick it up, it's impossible to put down. If you want excitement, read this book. I rate it 10 / 10. I would recommend Shadow and Bone to any 7th or 8th grader who likes action, romance and mystery.

JADYN CUNNINGHAM / Gothic fiction FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC, by V. C. Andrews This is a story about a family that is great and happy till a tragic accident happens. The family has to go live with the rich, "kind" grandparents so the mother can get back on her father's will; but the children are put in the attic and have to pretend not to exist. What grabbed me is the fact that the author made it

so detailed. I couldn't stop reading!

SPENCER MURPHY /Sports mystery

I recommend it because the book is just so interesting to read, and you have to find out what happens next!

LAST SHOT, by John Feinstein

I believe that people who are interested in reading family mysteries, and people who like ... suspence, would enjoy this book. (7th & 8th)

SIGNE KULA / Dystopian THE HUNGER GAMES, by Susanne Collins District 12 is one of the districts that Panem, the capitol controls. There is a game that offers royals and riches, if you're brave enough to play. May I add that there is only one winner? With the major suspense after every chapter, how can it not grab you?!? I recommend this book to dystopian lovers. (7th & 8th)

DYLAN MURPHY / Adventure CRAZY DANGEROUS, by Andrew Klavan This is a story about a 16 year-old boy who wants to fit in. He gets involved with thugs who steal cars, but then he meets Jennifer ... I would recommend this book because it is a fast-paced story that grabs you right in the beginning. People who like suspenseful stories will enjoy this book. (7th & 8th)

ADANA MASTROFINE / Fantasy GRIMM'S LEGACY, by Polly Shuman This is a story about a girl named Elizabeth who wants a job at a library, but this library is different. The things in this library are magical. The Grimm collection is a section that Elizabeth cannot go in. Why? This is a very interesting story - the mystery of the library, the love in the air ... People who like fantasy, or mysteries, will enjoy this.

This is a story about a boy and a girl who win trips to a Final Four Basketball tournament and hear a man who blackmails a player to lose the game. They decide they are going to try and figure out who it is. This has more than one story going, keeping it always interesting. People who like basketball, sports or mystery might like to read this. (6th - 8th)

CARL DOANE / Sports Non-fiction WHEN MARCH WENT MAD, by Seth Davis This is a story of the 1979 NCAA National Championship, with Larry Byrd and the 33 - 0 Indiana State Sycamores VS Magic Johnson VS the 25 - 6 Michigan State Spartans. Read the stories leading up to the big game! I just wanted to learn about the game that changed basketball. I recommend this to basketball fans, and people who like sports or non-fiction books.

CASSIDY GIBB / realistic fiction IN A HEARTBEAT, by Loretta Ellsworth This is a story about two girls, both struggling for survival although one has already lost the battle in a competitive skating competition, a fatal mistake. Eagan is "pronounced dead at the scene". On the other hand, Amelia is in need of a new heart due to illness. Amelia finally receives Eagan's heart. Now things are changing to Amelia. Everything traces back to Eagan's heart. I honestly recommend this book because I couldn't put it down! Loretta's writing style and technique throughout the novel was spectacular. Definitely worth reading! I recommend this to people who like a story based in a realistic scene; taking place in the lives of everyday adolescents. (6th - 8th)

ALYSEN BROWN / Realistic fiction

SIERRA EATON / Historical Witchcraft

IF I STAY, by Gayle Forman

THE SACRIFICE, by Kathleen Benner Duble

This is a story about a girl named Mia. Where she lives there is a snow day, so her parents take the day off and they all go out together. While they are in the car they get in a car accident. Mia can see everything that's going on around her, however she is not in her body. She has a tough decision to make. Should she stay? Or, should she die? Her grandparents and boyfriend help her through the situation.

This is a story about a girl named Abigail Faulkner who lives in Salem, Massachusetts where witches have been found. Abigail's family gets caught in the middle of this situation. There are people fighting for the truth. I recommend this book because it's a book that really grabs your attention. What grabbed me and kept me reading was the ending of each chapter, because it leaves off with a cliffhanger.

There's a lot going on in this story and it is very interesting. What made me want to read it was I saw the movie trailer. I recommend you see it too. This story is aimed toward girls (7th & 8th)

Who might like to read this? People who are interested in witchcraft and who like to read how they talked back in 1692, and people who like when chapters end with a cliffhanger so they get into the book a lot. (6th - 8th)

AUTHOR RETURNS TO BMS! by Mrs. Perry, BMS Librarian

The Red team was all ears!

Last spring Paul Durham, a new and local author of the fantasy adventure series "The Luck Uglies" came and spoke with our then 5th graders. They enjoyed his presentation! Several students went on to read his book hoping there would be another one soon. Now an author with national recognition and awards for his first book, Mr. Durham returned on March 19th to speak with both the 5th and 6th grade teams. He spoke from the heart and with humor, sharing his journey as a writer and talking about his books The Luck Uglies and The Fork Tongued Charmers. With each team there was a fun activity related to one of the books, and an enthusiastic question and answer session. Afterward, he sat and signed books for all who had ordered them or brought one they already owned. He also came to the 6th grade lunch to sign for those who had to leave for their next class before he got to them. Paul Durham has begun working on the third and final book in the series, and hopes to return again next spring. We hope so too!

Three volunteers demonstrate how problems were resolved in the Village of Drowning

Mr. Durham shared the banana "mystery message" trick

The Luck Uglies masks

This was the Yellow Teams first meeting with the author... so many eager to ask a question!

Library Calendar of Events

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